1. M

    Bitcoin the RISE and FALL

    A look in the bitcoin world. We saw bitcoin rise to an all-time high on Dec 17 to $20,089.00 with a total market CAP of $326b. Dec 28 Bitcoin price tumbled after South Korea announced more measures to regulate bitcoin trading, including a potential shutdown of exchanges, amid volatile...
  2. W

    Openserve Future Fibre

    Does anyone understand how future fibre works? Openserve contacted me more than two years ago and asked me as trustee of our complex if I would allow them to install fibre to which I agreed. Just before that I applied for ADSL with telkom but they cancelled the installation due to fibre being...
  3. Rouxenator

    GM shows pure electric Bolt, 320km range for R350k

  4. NeonNinja

    Hire me; why not? (I.T)

    Ok, I'm actually tired of being thrown about, and CV spraying isn't really doing me any good... Although I'm still young (22), I want to set good ground for my self. CV available on Google Docs, if anyone interested... Looking for any position in I.T or relevant thereof. Overview: Study...
  5. P

    Hey I prefer my Blackberry to my sons samsung S4

    Hello Everyone I wonder and I am not trying to compare but I have an older Blackberry 8520 on edge and it just works and I buy Bis but when I look at my sons samsung its finger touch but it seems u have to use both hands to operate it while mine is one hand thumb but I have to decide what next...
  6. A

    Varsity application

    Hi I think my future is down the drain and its out of my control...uh my problem is that next year i will be in matric and i should apply to varsity but my grade 11 results arent what i had expected especially for mathematics....now the main problem is that i want to apply for theoretical...
  7. Rouxenator

    Monza concept previews Opel's future

    Luckily it has absolutely nothing in common with the Monza we had in SA back in the 80's Read more on : http://www.iol.co.za/motoring/cars/opel/monza-concept-previews-opel-s-future-1.1565958#.UhWp2Runptg
  8. NeonNinja

    Top 5 programming languages in 2018?

    What's the trend? In 5 years time what will be the top 5 relevant programming languages? In these arena's: Desktop (Windows) Mobile Web Cross-platform Database and query
  9. copacetic


    Hello all. I was diagnosed many years ago with clinical depression. In many respects I have a great slot in this world - A wonderful family, a group of friends that are some of the most fantastic people on the planet, in my opinion, and unlike many billions of people, I have opportunities...
  10. M

    Vuzix SMART HD glasses want to open our eyes to the future of augmented reality

  11. Rouxenator

    Symbian will only die in 2016 (sorry for the haters)

    http://www.gsmarena.com/symbian_carla_and_donna_to_come_next_but_not_for_everyone-news-3394.php Can't wait to lay my hands on the Nokia 701 :cool:
  12. W

    South Africa : Diagnostic Report Published

    At the inaugural meeting of the NPC on 11 May 2010, President Zuma stated: The mandate of the commission is to take a broad, cross-cutting, independent and critical view of South Africa, to help define the South Africa we seek to achieve in 20 years time and to map out a path to achieve those...
  13. jes

    Parliament to rule on future of Info Bill committee

    Parliament to rule on future of Info Bill committee The future of the parliamentary committee handling the contentious Protection of Information Bill is likely to be settled on Wednesday, the Speaker's office said.
  14. E

    Delphi and its future?

    I wouldn't be surprised if apps made in Delphi are ported to .NET . However , the Delphi IDE is still being supported by Embarcadero.com alongside other related tools so it's not a dead platform( like VB6 is becoming). From a programmer's POV , should one learn Delphi? From a business's...
  15. Rouxenator

    AMD Bulldozer: FPU -> GPU, Dual Int Clusters = HyperThreading

    Have a look at : http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=3674 (might be old news for some). Seems like AMD is yet again pushing for a lot of innovation. Firstly they will include two integer clusters per core making one core look like two - think of it as hyper-threading using...
  16. R13...

    Malema is a VIP whose life is in danger

    Now I'm starting to wonder about my thinking Malema will never make president (of SA)...
  17. D

    Why are operators investing in LTE?

    http://www.maravedis-bwa.com/Issues/4.35/Garza_readmore.html Insightful article - I find it most unusual that it was written by a woman! I didn't know of any female team leaders (read: team leaders that actually matter) and/or market analysts in this industry... until today. How about...
  18. Rouxenator

    I predicted the future !

    Last year I wrote this : http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php?t=142320 Today I see this news : http://mybroadband.co.za/news/Hardware/6530.html Can I predict the future or what ?! :p
  19. Rouxenator

    More Nokia Touchscreens -> Roadmap 2009

    http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_20082009_smartphone_roadmap_surfaces-news-670.php Interesting things to note are the V5.0 OS phones (Symbian Taco) which is used for touchscreens. RM-331 will be a widescreen touch phone WITH 5MP AF camera and FM transmitter, a better versions will be...
  20. Rouxenator

    What happens after 2010 ?

    It seems the whole South Africa is just focussed on 2010 (has something to do with a faggy sport or something). My question is what happens after 2010? Is there a future vision for all the effort and money that is thown into this whole 2010 thing ? What will South Africa be like in 2011 ...