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    Jellybean OTA update for S2 just arrived!

    This morning I saw a prompt on my S2 asking me if I wanted to receive a software update. It turns out, it's the long awaited JB update for S2. One question though, I know if you flashed an overseas ROM, you had to get a new sim card if you were with MTN as the APN settings didn't work on the...
  2. J

    Jelly Bean coming to Galaxy S2 and Note soon?

    Samsung Galaxy S II and Note getting Jelly Bean soon? The latest Android update rumoured to arrive for older devices soon
  3. S

    Galaxy S II, iPhone 4S or Blackberry???

    Hi all, hoping to get some guidance here... I know there are a lot of these kind of threads, but hey, I rely on input from this site to make many important decisions... :wtf: I know the iPhone Lovers will say iPhone, but I need to know why??? I have a 10.1 Tab and it works beautifully...
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    Galaxy S2 - Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 feedback

    I have had Ice Sandwich 4.0.3 (XXLPB) on my Galaxy S2 for a week or so now. Its amazing! The graphics are SO smooth now and everything looks much more polished. The issues I had before with first ICS (and after in brackets): 1) GPS didn't work (Working) 2) Battery life was BAD - max 8...
  5. N

    Please Help With Drifta & Samsung Galaxy S II

    Hi, I am hoping someone could give help me out connecting to DStv Drifta from my Samsung Galaxy S2. I got my Drifta yesterday and setting it up and getting it working on my PC & 2 iPhones was a breeze, but when trying to get it working on my SGS2, it just won't work. I download the app...
  6. T

    Telkom 5102G Router WiFi issues! Help!

    Hi guys, we have a Telkom 5102G Router with WiFi but I always have trouble connecting with it. I have 2 Kindles and they connect fine and then I had a Nokia 5530 which sometimes connected and I got me a Samsung Galaxy S2 yesterday but I am unable to connect it via WiFi to this router. At work...
  7. Inevitability

    Galaxy S2 - controlling Depth of Field?

    n00b photographer here... just wanted to know how to set/control the depth of field using my Samsung Galaxy S2. i notice that if i take a closeup, it automatically reduces the DoF (see below). But if I wanna do a pic where the subject is a distance from the camera, I don't know how to get it to...
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    Samsung Galaxy tablet, Galaxy S2 pricing and availability announced

    Samsung Galaxy tablet, Galaxy S2 pricing and availability revealed Android tablets and Galaxy S2 smartphone
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    Samsung Galaxy S II scores twice the iPhone 4 pre-orders in Korea

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    Samsung Galaxy S2

    Thanks to the power of google, I managed to find the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S2 on If you browse their site, you won't find this page, but google has indexed it.