1. Kevin Lancaster

    Playing games makes you smarter, social media makes you dumb

    Playing games makes you smarter, social media makes you dumb New research shows that using online social networks reduces academic achievement, while playing online games increases scores.
  2. M

    XBOX 360 Elite, Kinect, 2 contollers, games + HD-DVD Player and some HD-DVD's [S]

    Item: XBOX 360 bundled with Kinect, games, 2 controllers and an HD-DVD player with some movies/series - see picture attached to thread. Age: 5 Years old Warranty: N/A Packaging: Yes Condition: As new Location: Fairlands Reason: No longer being used Collection: Yes Price: 4000
  3. N

    Best FPS Game for Map Editors

    Hi everyone/anyone, I'm wanting to create a vitual gallery for an art project. What I'd like to know is which game I should be looking at? I'd need to be able to stick my own images onto the walls. I've already looked at Quake 3 Arena - does someone have any other game(s) with a better...
  4. M

    Leapfrog LeapPad 3 games

    I just got my little one of 5 years old a LeapPad 3 for her birthday/Christmas present. I managed to download the 1 free game. What now? Are my only options for additional games to purchase them on cartridges at R200 to R300, or purchase them from the Leapfrog site at $5 to $20 a game? Any...
  5. J

    Rand coming to Steam - there goes the neighbourhood?

    Just saw a mail saying that prices will now be quoted in Rand. Do you suppose this will be on the fly conversion? Or actual South Africa related pricing? (Example: I wanted a game that was charged in Euro's, Pounds and Dollars. I bought it in dollars, and due to the rate at that time...
  6. S

    Seeking D&D Table Top players Cape Town

    Hi there not sure if this is the correct thread or forum even, A friend and I are looking to try our hands at a Game of Dungeons and Dragons (table top version) we are from Cape Town (Southern Subs) mid 20s and would be greatly appreciated if there are any players that will have the patience...
  7. A

    Upcoming LANs

    Hey guys. Since the fall of Liberty LAN and Organised Chaos, the LAN scene has been a bit dark and lonely. So I decided to make this thread for anyone to post info about LANs that are taking place in your area! Doesn't matter where you are in SA and it doesn't matter what platform. If you're...
  8. B

    Augmented Reality Survival RPG/Hack 'n Slash Mobile Game

    Please help share/fund my Augmented Reality RPG/Hack 'n Slash Indiegogo Campaign Hey guys I just started my Indiegogo campaign last night. It's an augmented reality survival RPG/hack 'n slash survival. You defeat each wave with the selective use of traps,wards,spells and perks. After each level...
  9. K

    Pigs CAN Fly by Bacon Bits

    Hi Guys Check out my new game Pigs Can Fly! You're a pig that can fly! Navigate through a maze of mines, eat food to earn points, collect all the letters to unlock items to customize your pig! All artwork and development done by myself...
  10. D

    What games do you miss the most?

    Personally, I miss the following the most: Age Of Empires (especially using cheats and getting that car in AoEII) Stronghold Red Alert Warcraft 1 and 2 the original duke nukem I know some of these are lame.. but they just remind me of when I was growing up..:whistle:
  11. R

    Telkom Internet ISP - League of Legends latency

    Hi gents, I am currently on Telkom Internet ISP, and everything works great - except for one game. League of legends consistently has a latency of 260-290ms every day and every night. If I switch over to other trial accounts, such as Web Africa, Afrihost or Cybersmart then I enjoy a...
  12. R

    Telkom Internet ISP - League of Legends latency

    Sorry - wrong section.
  13. A


    Hey guys! Check out Smite! It's a really cool take on the MOBA genre! 3rd person skillshot! Lots of action! A couple different game modes! Very challenging! Heros are base on Mythological gods : Greek, Roman, Norse, Hindu, Chinese, Mayan with more that 50 gods currently available and more...
  14. S

    Star Trek Online and AfriHost and LAAAAG!

    Hey Afri-*, I have a 4MB/s uncapped AfriHost account and have been trying to play Star Trek Online. The lag is INSANE and makes the game completely unplayable. Last night I switched to my capped (1 GB) account and the experience was the complete opposite. No noticeable lag and smooth...
  15. D

    Watch_Dogs AMPED!!! But will it run?

    So Ubisoft ... AGAIN released the official specs for Watch Dogs... (its sitting on like V4 now... Seems they couldnt make up their minds) But time and time again, their CPU requirements are insane.... Not everyone can afford Haswell. So for a lot of us sitting with Sandy Bridge (Because it...
  16. M

    Yay, other gamers!

    Hi everyone; So I knew of mybroadband but it was not until this day that I actually saw the forum had a gaming section... -.- You'd think I live under a rock..heh..well...I kind of do. But this is not Patrick. Okay so instead of talking about a whole lot of nothing, here's the thing...
  17. V

    Anyone know of a shop in Pretoria that sells old(ish) PC games?

    I am on a mission to try and find Fallout 3 GOTY Edition for PC, but it would seem I have waited too long. Been to quite alot of shops and malls to look for it, but have been unable to find it so far (only found for the PS3, no PC versions). Any advice as to which shop in Pretoria may have...
  18. H

    STEAM Keys - Trade Thread.

    Post your steam keys you want to trade here! I'll start off with my list. -A Virus Named TOM -Alpha Prime -ARMA: Cold War Assault -ARMA: Gold Edition -ARMA Tactics -Bastion -Beast Boxing Turbo -Brütal Legend -Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box -Carrier Command: Gaea Mission -Command &...
  19. T

    Offical Anime Debate!!

  20. Y

    What is the best game for playstation 4?

    What in your opinion is the best game on playstation 4