1. P

    [wanted] Xbox One Games

    Looking for pre-owned xbox one games. Im in CT however willing to pay for shipping if you are from elsewhere
  2. under_sky

    PS4 Need for Speed Rivals problems

    Hi i was just wanting to ask has anybody else noticed graphical errors on EA's behalf when it came to this game, i find many area where it just looks like the car is floating above the surface? Also a car sinking into the materials in the game as follows
  3. A

    Sony PS3 320GB + Games + Controllers etc.

    [SOLD] Sony PS3 320GB + 12 Games + Controllers + Singstar etc. --Item name: Sony PS3 320GB + 12 Games + Controllers + Singstar etc. --Age and condition: 18 months, excellent condition --Do you include packaging: no --Warranty: no --Reason for selling: wife says so --Price: R 2300...
  4. F

    Best Gaming Theme Song

    My choice is DOOM 3 Theme song :) Here is a link: Whats yours?
  5. S

    Bioshock Infinite and Crysis 3 keys

    Bought an AMD card and it came with Bioshock Infinite and Crysis 3 keys. Note that both keys are for digital download only, no box. Bioshock is a Steam key and Crysis is an Origin key. Here are the prices Bioshock Infinite = R400 Crysis 3 = R300 Price is negotiable.
  6. S

    DOTA 2 Give-away

    Hey all. I have 25 copies of DOTA 2.....all free. If you would like one or have a friend that would like one feel free to contact me. Search me on BF3 or Steam TheOnlyDefiler
  7. M

    Google Play Games leaked ahead of Google I/O

  8. E

    First Generation Xbox Games

    So I recently bought a first generation xbox and I'm looking for sites that i can download games from. Preferably torrents as I'm having a little trouble downloading directly from websites. 1000 internets to anyone who can help:D
  9. K

    GTA 1, GTA 2 and Wild Metal - FREE Downloads Series from Rockstar

    This takes me back :D
  10. N

    need help with getting a new laptop

    Hi all, let me start by saying i'm new here but I have always been a huge fan of myBB. I am looking to get my first laptop, I have always been a desktop kind of guy but I need to go mobile. I need some help with finding a laptop hopefully not more then R8000 with some decent specs. my...
  11. D

    Where to buy a new laptop?

    Hi Guys, Im looking to purchase a new laptop. I'd like to be able to play games on it as well has have some good performance, so preferably a Core I7 with about 4-8GB RAM and a dedicated graphics card. Anyone know the best place to buy? I can go and look as the usual places like Incredible...
  12. LazyLion

    It's official! supports Mac OS X.
  13. S

    Paralympic Games 2012

    Does anybody have any recordings of yesterday (6 September 2012). I am looking for it, so if anybody can help me.
  14. C

    CS : GO for Arma2 arrowhead?

    Hey guys :) Not sure if this allowed but anyway I've got a spare CS : GO key i would like to trade for Arma2 + Operation Arrowhead(Together they form Combined Operations). Lemme know via Pm if you are interested or flame me here :P
  15. S

    Good old Toxic Bunny returning to the gaming scene

    Hey everyone, Saw this last week and lots of people like it. is doing a HD version of the game for release in the 4th quarter 2012 Check out the face book page at This is going to be awesome for old fans as well as new...
  16. NeonNinja

    Any Wi-fi compatible games?

    Like checkers, chess etc, to play with buddy over WLAN?
  17. D

    Cable Theft in Birchleigh North Kempton Park

    Hello I applied to telkom for an adsl line 1mb in Nov 2011. Now I received a phone call in Feb 2012 saying that there is no adsl infrastructure in our area. However the dude that stays across the street is sporting a nice 4mb line. I phone telkom supplied them with all this info. (There is...
  18. Nod

    FlightGear 2.6.0 Released

  19. S

    Online Games and Wireless Internet Experiences

    I am considering going wireless for my next internet connection. What are your current experiences with playing onlinegames and your wirelessinternet. I specific i would like to know what kindof pings youre getting for first person shooters, and secondly wouldlike to know how stable the...
  20. M

    Any other Software I could Use??

    Hi People, I want to record my game play for various games at 1366 x 768 at least. I know about fraps, but It only lets me record 30 seconds, and I don't want to use a pirated version of fraps. Ive tried hypercam and it didnt work. Is there any other program I could Use to record game...