google chrome

  1. jes

    "OK Google" voice search added to Chrome desktop

    "OK Google" voice search added to Chrome desktop You can now trigger Google voice search with a spoken command from the Chrome web browser
  2. QuintonB

    Surprising FNB web browser notice

    FNB website notice shock FNB website notice sends browser faithful into flat spin
  3. jes

    Google vs EU in privacy battle

    Google vs EU in privacy battle Regulators in Google’s largest European markets are taking joint action to try and force the company to overhaul its privacy policy.
  4. jes

    2012 Browser Wars in review

    2012 Browser Wars in review Chrome vs Firefox vs Internet Explorer vs Safari: 2012 was an interesting year for the desktop browser
  5. J

    Gmail crash explained

    Why Gmail crashed Gmail’s crash on Monday was due to a change the company made in the back-end, according to a Google engineer
  6. QuintonB

    Google Chrome's 26% speed boost

    Google Chrome is now 26% faster Google confirms Chrome’s speed boost
  7. J

    Google Chrome 23 brings battery-saving features

    Chrome 23 will save battery power Google releases the new version of Chrome and tackles battery draining issues
  8. J

    Hacker wins big money for Chrome vulnerability

    Teenage hacker scores $60k for Chrome vulnerability A teenage hacker has won $60,000 in a Chrome hacking competition
  9. jes

    Browser Wars: September 2012 stats

    Browser Wars: September 2012 stats Internet Explorer and Firefox usage continue to decline in South Africa, while Chrome and Safari gain
  10. J

    Android gets a Chrome update

    Chrome gets post-beta update for Android Post-beta Chrome update adds new security tweaks and bug fixes
  11. J

    Chrome edging slightly closer to Firefox

    Chrome edges closer to Firefox Web browser market share stats show Google Chrome’s gradual growth
  12. J

    Worldwide market share of web browsers

    Firefox hold on, while IE and Chrome slide Market share of web browsers show Firefox’s traction, while Google Chrome trails
  13. J

    Google Chrome extention swaps babies for bacon

    Google Chrome extension swaps babies for bacon Google Chrome extension hides baby pictures cuts out and replaces your friends’ Facebook baby pictures
  14. jes

    Browser wars heat up in the mobile space

    Browser wars heat up in the mobile space The browser wars are heating up again, but this time the fight is for dominance of the mobile Internet.
  15. M

    German Information Security office names Chrome the most secure browser

  16. S

    Why Microsoft Apologies only to Customers not Google after removing Google Chrome

    On September 30th, 2011, an incorrect detection for PWS:Win32/Zbot was identified and as a result, Google Chrome was inadvertently blocked and in some cases removed. Within a few hours, Microsoft released an update that addresses the issue. Signature versions 1.113.672.0 and higher include this...
  17. jes

    Chrome 14 ramps ups Google’s browser game

    Chrome 14 ramps ups Google’s browser game Google continues its assault on the browser market with the release of Chrome 14
  18. D

    Afrikaans Spell Checker for Google Chrome Hack!

    Hi guys I recently got really frustrated with Google Chrome not having a Afrikaans Spell Checker. So after some googling I found a method where you can override the dictionary of another language with a Afrikaans one! I choose to override the German dictionary, here is how you do it on...
  19. Derrick

    Expect some clarity on Google Chrome OS sometime Thursday afternoon has confirmed that Google will be demonstrating Google Chrome OS to the world sometime Thursday afternoon (morning in the US). What exactly will be revealed remains a mystery but the speculation online has been that a downloadable version will be released this week. This morning...
  20. rpm

    Google Chrome 8 and the cloud

    Clouds for Google Chrome 8 Cloud services are the chief focus of Google's Chrome 8 version