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    Best browser to use with capped account

    i thought i would just post my experiences with different browsers, and by so doing try to help people who have a small amount of cap to work with each month. i use vodacom 3G for my internet, and buy a 2.3GB data bundle that i spread over two months. i have a 3.6 mb/s hsdpa modem that gives...
  2. B

    IE8 Cipher issues

    Hi I have a client who has IE8 installed but cannot access any secure websites. I have so far uninstalled IE downloaded a new copy from the M$ website. deleted the 3 files that is reported to cause the problem and replaced them with fresh copies and still this pathetic :mad:browser...
  3. cryptic1


    Just started using it tonight and man this browser really rocks :D Plain and simple are the first impressions and damn pages load much faster. Faster than Fox I'm afraid (ducks for cover).
  4. rpm

    Browser battle begins

    Browser battle begins