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  1. RedViking

    Affordable Keyboard - Mechanical or not?

    I have had a Microsoft Keyboard for the last decade. It does the job but it is not nice. Keys are 'sticky' and feels "heavy" when pressing. The letters on the keyboard starts fading etc. etc. I want to get rid of now. Forever. Any replacement suggestions? It doesn't have to be perfect or "the...
  2. C

    Logo design process

    Hi Guys, I just want to check with designers out there, is it the norm for a company to advertise corporate identity services (including logo design), and then simply slap three images from 'free image sites' onto a PDF, type my company name under the image and call it their concepts? I...
  3. K

    Abobe Photoshop Free Trial

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  4. psradebe

    [S] Wacom Intuos Draw Blue Pen Tablet

    Item name: Wacom-Intuos-Draw-Blue-Pen-Tablet Age and condition: 4 Months (Unboxed and used for a week) Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes (Remainder of the 1 year warranty) Reason for selling: Bought for my graphic design business, prefer using mouse. Price: R1100 (Cryptocurency...
  5. K

    Mobile Application Designer/ Graphic Designer, Pretoria

    Mobile UI/UX Designer Offices in Pretoria East Permanent Position Our client, an Entrepreneur with businesses in various industries is seeking to employ a young, creative, innovative individual to create and maintain various Mobile Applications. Responsibilities Using both graphic and...
  6. Z

    Free Website Design and Development

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  7. L

    Graphic Designer wants to study Web development - Tips?

    Hello! (first time posting to My broadband, btw.) I have my degree in graphic design and I want to begin part-time studies in Web Development next year. (I have adequate of HTML and CSS.) If possible, I'd like to get some kind of qualification out of the course involved. Any suggestions?
  8. AfriMan

    Rockstar Web Designer

    If you've been looking out for that amazing opportunity that will change your life, it could be here in the Afrihost family! We're looking for a Mid-level to Senior Web Designer with a passion for creativity and excellence. What's it all about, you ask? Coming up with amazing layouts...
  9. S

    Career Advise

    Hi guys, I am pesently a CMS Web Developer & looking at a career change. I would ideally like to work for a company like Vodacom, MTN, Major bank, any company where there are opportunities for growth. I have the following: Qualifications 1. Certificate in Project Management 2...
  10. sensual_sloth

    Acer vs Mecer laptop

    Ok so now i was all for going to buy the Acer Aspire 5738PG (touchscreen) as it is on special at the moment when I happened upon the mecer advert in the paper and then googled and found this site with a thread on Mecer Xpression 2010 - W765CU ... Which one would you suggest is the better...
  11. R

    Another Core i7 Build (with a twist)

    Hello MyBB Gurus.. please assist me with this latest build i have as I don’t have enough knowledge about the latest and greatest out there and I don’t have much time to read up as i need to have these done soon I have 3 PC's I need to build 1 x machine is for a director who wants Intel’s i7 to...
  12. S

    Best Graphic Design courses in JHB?

    Hi. Following on from my previous thread - Best Web Design / Web Development courses in JHB?, I am also looking for a good course in graphic design. I already have decent skills in Photoshop (since school days) and have the creativity to excel, but right now I need a kickstart. I am...