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    Cmon Iburst

    100 days are over and still not an inkling of change at Iburst. Is there any chance we can find out when to expect changes or is this just a case of hoping we will forget and live with it. Shaun we all love you but ultimately I am feeling let down by the product here!!!:mad:
  2. G

    Packet Loss (BitTorrent Protocol)

    Recently i have discovered that i might be experiencing packet loss on my iburst router, i was lagging in a local game 45 ping in mid day no rain no wind then as my mom went on skype i stopped lagging, straight as she got off i started lagging again :erm: i just want to know am i high ? if...
  3. V

    iBurst are a disgrace

    My 75+ yo mother phoned me the other day all excited telling me she had just signed up for a 24 month iburst contract. After picking my jaw up off the floor, I found out that she had been called by Atlantic (her isp) sold a bunch of BS about "lightning fast" internet by their sales reps and...
  4. L

    iburst, Billion & VPN's

    I have an iburst broadband account with a desktop modem, I had a dlink router which hosted the pppoe settings to connect through the iburst modem and onto the iburst wireless network. I now need to change my dlink router for a billion one (dont ask why) and am looking for advice, The new router...
  5. T

    Connecting iburst modem to asus 520g router

    Hi all, hope someone can help. we used to have iburst shared from pc 1 and that was connected to a asus 520g router to which pc2,3 and 4 were linked. Tired of having pc1 on all the time to have internet access, I decided to plug the iburst modem into the WAN port on the 520g. Did the set up and...
  6. S

    iBurst denies it is about to go bust

  7. K

    More Free Data from iBurst? (Possibly 500MB)

    Go jannie, Double Whammy!
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    Does neotel still suck

    I am considering moving from Iburst to Neotel uncapped, but the threads here seem to show that the service is broken. Is this worth it or should I stick with Iburst?
  9. F

    Siemens Gigaset phone - would it work on iBurst?

    Came across review of this Siemens Gigaset VoIP phone http://www.voipblog.co.za/2009/08/the-siemens-gigaset-de380ipr/ - its got a built in router mode. Would it work with an iBurst desktop modem?
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    Siemens Gigaset phone - would it work on iBurst?

    Came across review of this Siemens Gigaset VoIP phone http://www.voipblog.co.za/2009/08/the-siemens-gigaset-de380ipr/ - its got a built in router mode. Would it work directly with an iBurst desktop modem?
  11. L

    iBurst FAIL

    Shaun, and anybody else interested in getting iBurst. I dunno anymore, seriously! Let me tell you a secret: upgrading/overhauling your systems aint gonna do nothing when you customer services is non-existant. Anyway, I've been using iBurst for the best part of 2.5 years: The other...
  12. B

    Stickies unstuck - what gives??!

    I've just discovered the stickies for utTracestar (fine by me, that app got abandoned ages ago), eyeburst and that other one (I can't recall its name as I don't use it) are MIA - where'd they go?! Why take entirely useful apps away form people that can benefit from them?!
  13. R

    Poynting Omini-A0072 Pigtail

    Greetings iBursters, I was recently donated an outdoor Poynting Omini-A0072 antenna by a friend who no longer has use for it. This is the critter: http://www.poynting.co.za/productdisplay.php?id=160&cat_id=2 Unfortunately, it is missing the appropriate pigtail to hook up to my UTD - I have...
  14. D

    iBurst iCall - iWORST!

    iBurst iCall support has increased dramatically since it's inception. I ranted and raved and when I finally got hold of them, they where swift and helpful! Thanks iBurst. Makes for a nice change.
  15. J

    Can I get ADSL - crap phone line

    I'm not a tech guy so I don't understand a lot of the technical terminology used on these forums. Here's my situation: I live in a flat on the 7th floor in an older building in Cape Town CBD. The quality of phone line in my apartment is terrible. Static when you make a phone call...
  16. R

    UTD on the fritz, iBurst drop the ball yet again

    In other news, my new antenna (thx, Shaun) was hit by lightning after 3 weeks of use, affecting my UTD of 4 years to the point where the connection is pretty much unusable. I had a technician come out (thx, Arthur), and he confirmed my worst fears: my UTD had seen its rear-end. I went to...
  17. Raiders

    Why the CAP?

    Just a bit of a rant, if you will about CAP. iBurst, to my knowledge is the only ISP that has a solution in place for users that wish to not have a "CAP Problem" By this I am referring to the part where once you CAP they only drop your speed. I know of a number of households, preferring this...
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    iBurst launches iCall special

    iBurst launches iCall special
  19. rpm

    iBurst bundled offerings

    iBurst bundled offerings
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    Connecting Sony PSP to Iburst

    Maybe the I'll have better luck here... Want to connect my PSP to my iBurst... http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php?t=143478