1. jes

    Top broadband networks in SA: October 2011 edition

    Top broadband networks in SA: October 2011 edition Latest Ookla Speedtest.net results reveal which broadband networks in South Africa had the highest average speed
  2. C

    Battlefield 3 and iburst issues (not receiving invites)

    I have trouble receiving invites for co-op and party invitations. When sending invites my friends gets a popup saying they have been invited (expected). But when they invite me I do not see anything. I’m using iburst USB dongle to connect to internet and I can play the game without issues...
  3. P

    iBurst Billing Confusion (Please clarify)

    Hi There Below is a summary of my invoices from iburst: B2856653 2011/10/07 258.68 B2856654 2011-10-03 198.00 B2939949 2011-11-01 64.26 B2939950 2011-11-01 796.00 On 7 Octoberi applied for iBurst pro10+ On 12 October i bought a R100 iCall Voucher On 24 October i applied for VAS Uncapped...
  4. P

    iCall Voucher expiration

    Does iCall vouchers expire? i Bought a R100 Voucher with more than R80 left on it, and i am worried that it might expire.
  5. P

    Data usage report

    I have used maximum of 1gb anytime data this month, and when i say maximum i mean it. All my download software is set to download between 00:30 and 07:30, i have checked it and it works perfectly. HOWEVER, my bandwidth usage reports said that i have uploaded 1gb and downloaded 4gb. please...
  6. B

    100% Packet Loss, but DNS and GTalk Working?!

    Hi there, I am currently having very strange issues with my iBurst connection - I esssentially can't browse because I don't receive answers from web pages. As usual, the call support staff are useless. I have tried the following with my iBurst Dekstop 1Mbps modem plugged into my router...
  7. P

    rapidshare, Skype video bittorrents

    Hi Iburst Users I have been using cellc´s 5gb/pm package and my year ends december 2011, now I am looking for alternatives. I am certainly not looking for any contract now, so it has to be prepaid or month-to-month. Looking at ADSL seems expensive in terms of Price-to-speed ratio comparing...
  8. B

    midnight to morning data

    I change to pro 10+ package at begining of this month, there is about 10g midnight to morning data. So I use it to download during the night, from 24:00 to 7:00, but when I check the account summary, its doesn't count in the midnigt data, the midnight data still 10 g, it was used at the anytime...
  9. jes

    SA best wireless broadband deals (October 2011)

    SA best wireless broadband deals (October 2011) MTN, 8ta, Cell C, iBurst, Neotel and Vodacom have all cut their broadband prices recently. Here are some of the best deals.
  10. jes

    iBurst’s new broadband pricing examined

    iBurst’s new broadband pricing examined iBurst today unveiled new broadband packages (including two uncapped offerings), slashing the price of their previous services
  11. NomNom

    iBurst Slow Speeds???

    Hi there I know of someone who is getting really slow speeds on iburst wireless in the Durban area, is there currently a network problem? Is anyone else getting this slow speed? She is running at about 6kb/sec.
  12. U

    SIP on Cell C, experience feedback please

    Hi Cell C experts, currently using Iburst Wireless, mostly for VOIP via SIP to local and international SIP providers. I am getting more and more frustrated by the constant connection loss and slow speeds in the IBurst network. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on you using SIP via a...
  13. P

    Best Wireless Providers and Bang For Your Buck?

    I've had an Iburst modem for two years now and fall JUST within their coverage area with downloads speeds of -+300kbps. I'm moving quite soon but don't know where I'm moving to yet. A couple days ago I checked Cell C's website out and saw that I'm well within their 'coverage area' and decided to...
  14. S

    Need 10m antenna cable for iBurst Desptop Modem

    Hi. I have an iBurst desktop modem, and an iBurst flat panel/directional antenna. I would like to mount the antenna on the roof of my building to help improve signal strength. For this I would require about 10 meters of antenna cable. Where would I be able to get such a cable, and what...
  15. jes

    Who provides the best broadband speeds in South Africa?

    Who provides the best broadband speeds in South Africa? The latest broadband speed test statistics reveal which services reign supreme in the SA Internet market
  16. L

    Cannot connect to masterserver.hon.s2games.com (Heroes of Newerth)

    Hi I am trying to get to http://masterserver.hon.s2games.com/ (Authentication server for HoN) using my wireless iburst UTD modem via my browser. I receive the response below (ERROR. The requested URL could not be retrieved). I DO NOT get the same error when using my Vodacom 3g connection...
  17. H

    iBurst on Windows 7 64-bit

    I own a USB iBurst modem. Getting a Desktop replacement so that I can just use the ethernet is not an option. I have downloaded the Windows 64-bit drivers (v340) from iBurst's website, but I can't seem to actually get the driver running. I've run it in Administrator Mode - the only thing that...
  18. G

    Which software to use for iCall?

    Hi, Does anyone know what software I can get to use iBurst iCall in a similar manner to Skype (Voice calls)? Purchased a voucher but I'm clueless from here on in... Thanks in advance.
  19. C

    Cancelling iBurst through @lantic

    Hi all One of my good friends have iBurst, which they got through @lantic. He became quite unhappy with iBurst, and decided that he will get uncapped ADSL as soon as the 24-month iBurst contract expires. The contract expired, and he tried to cancel iBurst a few times now since March...
  20. E

    Why did I ever get into bed with iBurst?

    About two years ago I fell in love with the idea of having this little black USB device with its flashing green and blue lights that I could stick into the back on my PC and it would give me impressive download speeds without a landline. - Amazing! Things had been great, I could browse, flirt...