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  1. K

    ABSA Proof of Payment Direct Print Option Removed

    It seems like the option to directly print a proof of payment after you did an EFT is no longer available with ABSA's Internet Banking. The only way to get it now is to have it emailed to you, which attracts a banking fee. Can anyone else verify that they are seeing the same?
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    South Africans are wary of Internet banking

    South Africans are wary of Internet banking Banking on the internet has become a mainstream activity, but a study says many South Africans still believe that visiting a branch is safer than online platforms.
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Standard Bank apologises for systems failure

    Standard Bank apologises for systems failure Standard Bank has apologised to its clients for technical glitches that lasted several hours on Monday
  4. Jan

    Absa online banking outage (30 June 2014)

    Absa Internet banking down again The Internet banking services of Absa bank have once again gone down at month-end.
  5. jes

    Absa Internet banking downtime: again and again

    Absa Internet banking downtime: again and again Customers are complaining about an outage of Absa’s Internet banking, with the bank saying it isn’t experiencing issues on its side
  6. jes

    Absa suffers Internet banking downtime (29 June 2012)

    Absa suffers Internet banking downtime (29 June 2012) Irate users have taken to Facebook and Twitter to complain about interruptions to Absa’s Internet banking services
  7. Eniigma

    Nedbanks Approve-IT system

    What do you guys and girls think of Nedbank's new Annoy-IT, um I mean Approve-IT service on their internet banking? For those who don't bank with Nedbank, basically whenever you start to do a sensitive transaction, say add a new beneficiary or transfer money from a savings account to your...
  8. B

    ABSA Phishing Scam - Scariest I've seen

    ABSA Phishing Scam I received this phishing email which is the most legit phishing email I've ever see. Looks so real. All the links are legit, except for the attachment which opens a malicious website, but the average user wouldn't easily pick that up. They'd click on the attachment thinking...
  9. S

    ABSA Internet Banking

    :mad: What the hell are you doing ABSA? I can't pay my accounts. I can't see my balances... This seems to be happening now on a regular basis. Do you want me to change my bank to someone that knows what IT stands for? This is getting pathetic now. Don't blame high user volumes. Get faster...
  10. M

    PayPal Services on Online Banking (FNB)

    Logged into my internet banking and its not a rumour anymore. PayPal Services on Online Banking! PayPal Services via Online Banking is a first of its kind in South Africa and is exclusive to FirstRand Group clients! With this exciting new service you can sell products over the web and...
  11. Peon

    Dual-WAN Absa bank issue

    Hi Im currently sitting with an interesting issue. I have a corporate client using a BiGuard 30 Lite Dual-WAN router with two desktop modems. When anyone on the LAN attempts to login to the ABSA bank accounts over the internet, they get kicked out of the web page. Meaning they enter their...
  12. S

    Standard Bank - Internet Banking Chaos

    I'm quite new to local internet banking. I've just had it set up on a Standard Bank account, but I can't say I'm impressed. The branch told me i could use it to amend a stop-order, but after I've been through the trouble of setting it up I find this is impossible. Apparently, you have to...
  13. CathJ

    Standard Bank Internet Banking

    I just noticed something on the new Standard Bank internet banking site... Before, when you did an EFT, the confirmation page showed you which account you had paid the money into; which meant that you could use that page as a proof of payment. Now, though, it only shows what account it came...
  14. P

    Internet banking shortcut