1. L

    Inverter for Laptop

    Hello I just moved to a new place and sadly someone stole the cable and now we don' have power. It's been 3 weeks and it doesn't look like Eskom is going to come anytime soon. Currently, I use a gas stove and I have a solar lights. What can I use to power up my laptop, 2 cellphones and...
  2. P

    Correct Use Of Inverter

    Hi All I recently got a Mecer 2.4KVA/1440W Inverter, together with 2 100AH Depp Cycle AGM batteries. I have a few questions about the correct way to use this system. Currently my inverter is plugged straight into the wall (via surge protected plug), and then I have a surge multiplug connected...
  3. M

    Inverter/Battery solutions for online teaching

    Hi all, I know exactly zero about how ups/inverter/battery works so I need you to help me figure out the cheapest yet most effective way to stay online (and streaming in-class {Skype/Zoom}). I don't need to run anything other than 2 PCs and the router for roughly 3 - 4 hours, but a couple of...
  4. A

    Mecer 5kva inverter battery drain

    Hi everyone, I have a Mecer 5kva inverter that gets charged using Eskom mains and no solar panels. I installed it in early 2019 and it worked perfectly during load shedding and could even last 18 hours. However, since the beginning of 2020, it barely lasts 45 mins. Electricians have said I need...
  5. The_Librarian

    Inverter/regulator and software to use

    This thread is to help others getting good, working software for their inverters/regulators should there be a need for logging of performance stats. Please help others by mentioning your brand, and the correct software to download with the full URL.
  6. C

    Mecer 2400VA UPS + 2×100Ah batteries in enclosure

    Item: Mecer 2400VA UPS + 2×100Ah batteries Age: < 1 month Price: R5k Warranty: No Packaging: No (in steel enclosure) Condition: Excellent Location: Durban Shipping: If you want. Extremely heavy Collection: Yes Link to similar item: Mecer 2400VA Inverter + 2x 100AH Battery (8 HOUR BATTERY LIFE)...
  7. A

    Inverter setup - whole house

    For the last 2 weeks I have scoured the mybroadband threads, as well as the internet in general, but even though I found some extremely useful pieces of info on inverters and batteries and the like I have not gotten any answers on the questions I have for my currently ongoing backup power...
  8. J

    Assistance on inverter requirement

    Hi all, bit of a newb on this topic, hence want to reach out to those with knowledge. we recently purchased a place and want to put a inverter in place to take us through the (many) load sheddings to come. unfortunately we cannot put any solar in (complex rules) nor any form of noisy...
  9. S

    Inverter Beeping all the time

    Hi all My inverter beeps constantly during loadshedding and I am wondering if anyone here can tell me why and what I can do to stop it. The beeps come at different times and at different speeds. Sometimes long constant beeps and some times short beeps. Sometimes beeps outside of loadshedding as...
  10. Z


    What is the best inverter for at home that will give me min 4 hours of run time. I will be running my PC, fibre/router and 2 screens. I am looking for something that isn’t too expensive but decent quality.
  11. D


    I have installed a hybrid solar inverter 24v 3kva and 2 x 200ah gel batteries following your advice. The inverter has a 50A PWM solar charger. I need to buy pv panels so I can connect them to the system. How many panels should I buy? Do I connect them in series or parallel? Please help me...
  12. L

    AC to DC or keep on DC power

    Hi, As we move into loadsheding season I’m looking for options to power 3 laptops, a PC and fiber router. I can go the inverter route and charge a 24V battery when ESKOM generously provide power then convert this back to AC as needed. BUT, this just seems wasteful of energy as all the devices...
  13. F

    Inverter maintenance - Must I turn it on from time to time?

    Thanks to Covid-19 the economy is down the drain and we haven't had any load shedding for a while. As winter is around the corner, it looks like loadshedding will restart in the near future so I would hate to have dead batteries or something. Because of the downturn, my inverter has not turned...
  14. J

    Solar requirements for my house

    Good Day, I would like to know what i would require if i would like to make all my light in my house run off a solar system. Panel size Amount of panels Charge controller size Battery bank Inverter Size All lights are LED lights. 30 W Lights are outdoor lights that run average 12 Hours at...
  15. ActivateD

    My on grid-tie system

    As promised I said I will do a post about moving most of my house onto solar and battery. This is phase 1 and I will be doing phase 2 and maybe phase 3 next year. For phase 1 my requirements were simply and here are the list of things I wanted to be on solar/battery: All lights (including flood...
  16. M

    I'm looking at getting a pure sine wave inverter but looking for recommendations first.

    Hi, first off I'm not technical at all but am trying to find a way to power my husband's CPAP machine (for sleep apnea), and 2 standing fans. As far as I know CPAP machines require pure sine wave and fans respond better to this as well. So I'm looking at getting this: Axpert Type Pure Sine...
  17. O

    Solar battery to use

    Hi I hope you're all well. Please help me with advice. With Eskom 18 months loadshedding coming I'm considering getting solar battery to connect as backup for lights, tv's and laptop's. How much battery AH do I need to keep going for 4 hours? I intend to switch off fridges and not use electric...
  18. K

    Hybrid Inverter System

    Good day, All I would like some advice on a Solar System. I've researched some solutions and have narrowed it down to a Hybrid Inverter System which will suit my needs. I, in turn, don't have enough knowledge on which hybrid inverter would be a good choice for me. The system I'll like to...
  19. W

    Inverter nightmare

    Bought an Ellie's 1200w inverter which includes 2 batteries. Searched for an electrician and found one recommended by friends. He said he knows what to do. He put in an extra distribution box and related the plugs through there. First time I switched on the washing machine everything tripped...
  20. Tim_vb

    [Sale] RCT 2000VA Line Interactive UPS

    Item name: RCT 2000VA Line Interactive UPS - 1200 W, LED display - SA Plug Socket Age and condition: 3 year - Great condition refreshed batteries last month Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: House is now on backup power Price: R1 000 Negotiable: Yes Location: Sandton...