1. QuintonB

    Android and iOS - top 10 apps

    Top 10 Android and iOS apps June 2012 Quality Index ranking reveals the top recently released apps available on Android and iOS
  2. QuintonB

    Totally: the app that counts (and so much more)

    Totally: The calculator app you need The calculator you want at a restaurant, from a South African developer
  3. B

    Selling IPHONE with no IPHONE Tech support??

    On 26 April 2012, I upgraded my Vodacom contract to an IPHONE 4S. Then last Thursday morning, after charging my phone the screen went all bonkers. To the extent that I could not do anything. So I decided to drain the battery and recharge it. After this action, the screen started flickering...
  4. QuintonB

    Windows Phone to get FNB App

    FNB App for Windows Phone in development A Windows Phone 7 version of FNB’s banking app is in development
  5. jes

    Mac rumour control ahead of WWDC 2012

    Mac rumour control ahead of WWDC 2012 Apple’s 2012 worldwide developer conference is hours away and this is what the rumour-mongers expect from the event
  6. M

    IDC says WP will overtake iOS by 2016, Android to falter too

    Source I'd like to smoke some of the stuff they are.
  7. jes

    DStv iDrifta mobile TV gadget unveiled

    DStv iDrifta mobile TV gadget unveiled MultiChoice has announced a new mobile TV gadget for Apple iPod, iPhone, and iPad
  8. M

    iPhone iOS 5.1.1 update

    Can I just do the update without losing anything?
  9. V

    R7500.00 - iOS Maybe it is just me, but charging R 7,500.00 for a beginners iOS course is ridiculous. It is just a 8 hour course. How much can they teach you? Has anyone been to these courses? Feedback would be great. However, for those interested in...
  10. D

    Best IOS image for GNS3

    Hi there Looking for the best image for base routing and adv routing for GNS3. When I say best ,the lowest memory consumption and CPU usage. Currently I am using 3725 adv enterprise 124-25c this caters for ipsla and BGP with all the bells and whistles but wacks my CPU at around 70% for...
  11. M

    iOS, Android and developers not doing enough to protect kid's privacy

  12. M

    iOS apps crash more than Android apps

    iOS apps crash more often than Android apps, study shows Source
  13. M

    [Rumour] Apple OLED TV set to launch in April or May, Siri and iOS on-board

  14. M

    Nielsen sums up Q4: iOS leaps forward, but Android still leads

  15. jes

    Smartphone data usage in South Africa

    Smartphone data usage in South Africa How much data do the various smartphone platforms consume?
  16. QuintonB

    Over one billion apps downloaded in a week

    Over a billion apps downloaded in a week A recent study found that 1.2 billion Android and iOS apps were downloaded in the last week of December
  17. D

    iOS / Android app developers

    Does anybody know where I can find decent local iOS and Android app developers? I have a few app projects in the pipeline and I'd like to outsource these.
  18. P

    iOS Developers

    Hi Guys, I have been approached by a company looking to expand their presence onto the iPad by making a simple catalog application. I have design experince so have mocked up and designed the app but would love some ideas if you have any for iOS development houses to approach in South Africa...
  19. jes

    Most popular mobile OS in South Africa: October 2011 report

    Most popular mobile OS in South Africa: October 2011 report Most popular mobile OS in SA: October 2011
  20. S

    Android / iOS Data Consumption

    Hi All, At the end of my contract term I am considering switching to an Android from my BlackBerry 9780. I enjoy the BlackBerry, (had only Nokia's previously, so I guess even BB OS is a step up from Symbian). Since I have got my BlackBerry I have literally set up everything to push to me...