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    A damaged iPhone 5 is destined to be a doorstop

    A damaged iPhone 5 is destined to be a doorstop If you have a badly-damaged iPhone 5 and are hoping to have it fixed, you may be better off buying a new smartphone.
  2. P

    2x Iphone 5S 64GB white and Gunmetal Grey

    Item name:2x Iphone 5S 64GB white and Gunmetal Grey Age and condition:2,5 Years Do you include packaging: NO Warranty: NO Reason for selling: Upgraded contract Price: R4500 Each Negotiable: NO Location: JHB Shipping or collection: Collect from JHB or shipping to be organised by you. PM...
  3. S

    Sale: Apple iPhone 5 16GB Black

    Item name: Apple iPhone 5 16GB Black Age and condition: +- 2 years old, good condition, kept in case Do you include packaging: No, but includes all cables Warranty: No Reason for selling: upgrade to iPhone 6 Price: R3500 Negotiable: Yes Location: Sherwood, Durban Shipping or collection...
  4. SmellyCelly

    For Sale: Black iPhone 5 16GB with cracked screen

    Item: Black iPhone 5 16GB (cracked screen) Age: 1 year Warranty: no idea Packaging: yes Condition: cracked screen, but excellent otherwise Location: Johannesburg Reason: I bought a new iPhone 6 Shipping: Would prefer collection Collection: Would be preferable Price: R2500
  5. G

    Iphone 5 roaming issues

    Good Day, I have gone through many of the posts on this site, contacted Telkom mobile, and searched other sources to no avail. So I am posting my specific issue here with the hope that somebody on this site has the knowledge/expertise to help me out!!!! I have a iphone 5 on a Telkom...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    The iPhone 6 is awesome

    The iPhone 6 is epic Still undecided about whether you should trade in your iPhone 5 for the 6?
  7. iWish

    [S] Apple iPhone 5 White 16GB

    Item: Apple iPhone 5 White 16GB + charger + headphones + Moshi cover Age: ± 10 months Warranty: Expired Packaging: Original Condition: Well looked after. Excellent condition Location: Pretoria Reason: Iphone 6 Shipping: Preferably cash Collection: Sure Price: R5 500
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    iPhone 5 battery replacement in South Africa

    iPhone 5 battery replacement in South Africa Some iPhone 5 smartphones have faulty batteries, but, until recently, only those in the US could claim the free repair.
  9. J

    Unwanted soliciting on my lock screen

    Hi I don't know if this has happened to anyone else. As of about a month ago (abouts), I get "messages" directly onto my lock screen. The functionality of the stuff is very much like when you dial the *xxxx# code to buy or access your Service provider's points menu / banking with text...
  10. SmellyCelly

    Best thing to do with cracked iphone 5?

    I have an iPhone 5 with a thin crack across the screen :mad: :mad: :mad: I could rant about how much I hate iPhones right now, but instead I just want to get advise about what to do with it. I could sell it with the crack, but for how much? It's not even a year old yet. Any advice welcome... all...
  11. jes

    iPhone 5: free power button repair in SA

    iPhone 5: free power button repair in SA South Africa’s mobile operators will help fix broken sleep/wake buttons on certain iPhone 5 models
  12. A

    Mint 15 "not trusted" by iPhone

    I am running Mint 15 Cinnamon and connect my iPhone 5 with iOS7.1 via USB. Shotwell asks to import photos and it works just fine. My Quickoffice and File Manager apps on the iPhone shows up as devices in Mint and I can access my files from my Mint laptop. The one annoyance being the...
  13. S

    Carrier Unlock - iPhone 5

    Hi all... A lady friend bought an iPhone 5 (model A1387) whilst working in Chicago... believe it was used on AT&T's network. She's back in SA now and obviously wants to use the phone, but it's obviously not working on Vodacom's network. I need to get it unlocked... Help!! Can I do it...
  14. SmellyCelly

    What's the best iPhone cover to protect while looking good?

    Q: What's the best iPhone cover to protect the phone while still allowing it to look good? I have somehow managed to crack 3 iphone screens, so before I repair mine, I would like to get a decent cover. A: The most protective I could find was the Otterbox Defender. So I ordered it, but it...
  15. SmellyCelly

    Where's the cheapest place to replace a cracked iPhone screen?

    Q: Where's the cheapest place to replace a cracked iPhone screen? A: Ironically, after a lot of research, the cheapest place I found was Berryfix in Sandton. They quoted me R1400 for my iPhone 5 screen to be replaced. Which was R200 cheaper than the second cheapest. If anyone knows of...
  16. B

    iPhone 5 white/silver 32gb

    SORRY SOLD --Item name (be very descriptive): iPhone 5, 32Gb, White and silver --Age and condition:Approx. 1 year, unmarked-like new! --Do you include packaging: Yes --Warranty: No --Reason for selling: Upgraded to iPhone 5s --Price:R5000 --Negotiable: No --Location:Boksburg --Shipping or...
  17. B

    iPhone 5s and 5c Specials

    What you've all been waiting for has arrived, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c! Get your hands on an iPhone 5s for only R8,899 here at BFore: https://bfore.co.za/product/apple-iphone-5s-16gb/ And an iPhone 5c for only R7,579 here: https://bfore.co.za/product/apple-iphone-5c-16gb/...
  18. SmellyCelly

    Cracked iPhone 5... What to do?

    Hi Last night i dropped my iPhone and the screen smashed... What's the best way ahead: - Insurance will charge me 20% replacement excess (which will be more than the repair) - it's my 3rd claim in a year :( - Cheapest repair quote I can find is R1500 - does anyone know of...
  19. P

    iPhone 5 price drop...anytime soon?

    Hey guys, how long do you reckon before the iPhone 5 will go for cheaper than it is currently. I suspect prices will come down as the new 5s/c will be available soon. What do you reckon? My wife got the 4s last month at CellC for a very good price. I would like a slightly larger screen...
  20. E

    This a good or bad time to buy the iPhone 5?

    With the 5C and 5S on the way I'd imagine local cellular companies will go a similar route as other countries where they're discontinuing the iPhone 5 and just selling the 4S, 5C and 5S? If that's the case then I'm wondering if it's a good or bad idea to get the iPhone 5 now? MTN have...