1. jes

    South African iStore gets new Apple look

    South African iStore gets new Apple look Apple has launched a refresh programme for the storefronts of Apple Premium Resellers (APR) and Core Group reports that their store in Eastgate Mall is the first “new look” APR on the continent
  2. K

    New iStore at Eastgate...

    Hey Everyone I saw on the iStores Facebook page that the new iStore at Eastgate is selling Office Mac for R699 :D Just wanted to ask when the specials will end because i wanna get my A$$ down there! Thanks :)
  3. R13...

    iStore Prices

    So I went to the newly opened iStore in Eastgate and took look a around mainly to find a cover for an iPad 2. I notice the shop sells the Bose MIE2 headphones. The headphones are priced at 1399 at the store. I bought the same set of headphones on the other side of the mall (@IC) for 899. How...
  4. jes

    iPhone 4 to be sold at iStores from R6,999

    iPhone 4 to be sold at iStores from R6,999 iStore in South Africa will now sell the Apple iPhone 4 from R6,999
  5. C

    iPod Shuffle

    I recently won a iPod Shuffle 2GB 4Gen (lucky meeeee!) Now I'm wandering what all the iPod lovers have to say about managing one's playlists. Do you guys think that I should rather use iTunes than Windows Media Player on a regular basis? Also on another note, where would I find the best...
  6. S

    Terrible Service from iStore and the Core Group

    Less than a month ago I bought a new brand new 15 inch MacBook Pro from the iStore in the V&A Waterfront, a couple of days after starting to use this wonderful machine on which I'm now typing my adaptor started acting up, only working (the little green light on the charge cable actually turing...
  7. V

    Where did you buy your laptop? Did anyone get a DiscoveryCard discount?

    I see that the 'iStores' offer a Discovery discount of 10% - which is huge on a R18999 laptop. Of course, my major concern is that the iStores are part of Core - and Core = evil (right?) According to, you get a 10% discount, even if you're on Blue Vitality. I think the...
  8. P

    Microsoft poaching Apple retail staff

    First they ripped off the whole Mac OSX user interface, then they started to set up iStore like retail outlets - looks like M$ is now poaching Apple sales staff for those new stores. Link.
  9. C

    Excellent Service from the iStore at the V&A Waterfront!

    A while back I bought an iPod Touch from After three weeks the home button stopped working. I sent it back to iGear, and after almost two months (!) I got my replacement. Lo and behold, this one was borked as well (unresponsive touch screen). This time I decided to do the...