1. O

    Mac OS X unexpectedly quits when iBurst USB modem plugged in

    My MacBook is a dual boot machine with Windows XP SP3 and Mac OS X 10.5 ( I am in the process of very slowly updating to 10.5.3). Last night I was able to connect to the internet on both Windows and Leopard. But now when I boot my MacBook in Leopard with the USB iBurst modem plugged in or I...
  2. bwana

    Keyboard shortcuts

    I'm not sure how I missed this but I've just found out that in 10.5 you can assign keyboard shortcuts to almost anything now including network Locations, dock positions and even things under Recent Items such as servers. :D
  3. R

    Time Machine ...yawn

    Getting back into Mac now i see so many people raving about Time Machine. Whats the big deal ? rsync has been around and doing the same thing for many years.... Give me a few reasons why Time Machine (apart) from the gui is better the UNIX we all know and love ?
  4. V

    Obvious and not so Obvious Short cuts..

    So I use a whole bunch of shortcuts that I've come across over the years that make life just that little bit easier. Yet everyday someone shows me a short cut I didn't know about.. As such, I'd like this thread to be posts of short cut key strokes that we use that others may or may not know...
  5. V

    Exposé - Mac's greatest feature?

    Interested to hear other people's opinions on a feature I just can't live without... Drive's me insane when I have to use XP and there's no freakin' Exposé!!!
  6. D

    iMAC, the good,the bad and the ugly

    Hello Been thinking of buying a Mac (iMAC) for years now, i was just waiting for my current desktop to die, which it has (Horrrayyyyy!) which means i can now justify buying a brand-new machine. I have trawled the net reading loads of stuff about maybe getting a Mac but i only ever seem to...
  7. |tera|

    MAC for pc's?

    I read V3G and IC discuss it in a thread earlier, it's sounds like something I'd be keen on trying. How much does Leopard cost this way and could you give me a link? Thank you.
  8. L

    Software Update issues...

    Hey there chaps... This isn't the first time that this has happened to me. Once I update all my software and the necessary ones need to restart my MAC 'freezes' at the configuration screen. i.e: The bar will just stop at Configuring 1 of 4 updates, and just sit there for like 6+ hours (left...
  9. V

    new 10.5.3 seed

    Just saw this on AppleInsider: Get those local caching servers ready folks! :eek:
  10. adsl3g

    Mac forums very quiet (Bootcamp prob)

    Too quiet here - no-one has problems?? I have a little niggly thing that is more of a hassel than a problem. When I want to boot into windows with bootcamp (pressing the Option button at startup), I have to unplug my external DVD writer or else the iMac freezes and has to be restarted. I...
  11. P

    OpenPro - Leopard capable PC

    http://www.psystar.com/the_community_has_spoken.html It can run Leopard, Vista, Ubuntu and XP, can be preinstalled. $999 config: Nvidia 8800GT 512MB Core 2Duo 2.6Ghz 2 GIG RAM 150GB 10.000 RPM drive 600W power supply $150 extra for Windows or Leopard. Open Computer Price per...
  12. K

    3g/hsdpa modem + leopard

    Hi guys, Does anyone know how to connect one of these without the software? I tried a friend's vodacom/E220 combo, but the software doesn't seem to be happy in Leopard - when I click 'activate' it just maxes the CPU. Leopards shows the E220 in network devices, also my ZTE USB modem. The...
  13. S

    Leopard 10.5.2 released.

    Not too big, 343 MB What it fixes: Active Directory Addresses issues which could hinder or prevent binding Mac OS X 10.5.x clients to Active Directory domains. AirPort Improves connection reliability and stability Includes 802.1X improvements. Resolves certain kernel panics. Back to my Mac...
  14. S

    Boot camp: Can I access my Mac drive in Windows?

    I just installed Boot Camp, with XP service pack 2. In Leopard I have access to my XP partition, but in XP I do nt have access to my Mac partition. How can I access my Mac Drive in XP?
  15. adsl3g

    Mac OS X 10.5.2 update - Imminent.

    Macscoop [quote] Apple will probably release the second revision update of Mac OS X Leopard very soon, latest developer seeds indicate. Since our report published last week which related the 9C16 seed of the Mac OS X 10.5.2 update which listed almost a hundred of fixes, two other builds...
  16. B

    Time Capsule as a harddrive

    Hi Guys.... i've known time capsule to be wireless backup supply but can you use it as a wireless harddrive ? Like for instance you have a bunch of MP3's, Movies, photos or whatever, you wanna copy it to your wireless time capsule & access it whenever you want, like via your new apple tv lol...
  17. bwana

    Mac OS X 10.5.2 update to bring endless list of fixes

    400mb! - I wont complain if core.co.za wants to host it locally. :eek: