1. Jan

    Linux devs beat big companies at fixing security bugs

    Linux developers faster at fixing security bugs than Microsoft and Apple Linux developers take less time to patch security vulnerabilities than the teams at large software companies — including Microsoft, Apple, and Google. That is according to Google's Project Zero, a research initiative that...
  2. UrBaN963

    The Linux Learning Path

    So I've decided to up my Linux knowledge. Previously I had successfully installed Ubuntu and gotten drivers etc. working. Basically called it quits there. I'd like to embark on the journey though, I'd like my Linux knowledge to match my Windows knowledge as I feel it would be both interesting...
  3. Nod

    75% of Steam's Top 1000 games work on Linux now

  4. Bl@nk

    Does anyone have a ups that turns off the Linux computer when power fails

    Hi everyone, I have been struggling trying to find software for my current ups setup . I'm wondering if anyone on this forum has a ups that turns off the computer when the power fails. Preferably one with a schedule so you can set it to turn off and on at set times. I'm thinking i must just buy...
  5. TruTeq Careers

    Technical Support Manager, Centurion

    This position has been filled - thank you. TruTeq Wireless is in the market for a technical support manager to run with a team of strong and capable technical support engineers. We are a private company that is based in Centurion (Gauteng) which specialises in the design, development and...
  6. TruTeq Careers

    Infrastructure & Deployment Lead, Centurion

    TruTeq Wireless is in the market for a successful candidate in a technical lead role on infrastructure solutions and the deployment of new releases. We are a private company that is based in Centurion (Gauteng) which specialises in the design, development and implementation of software...
  7. B

    Mobicel Excite

    Can I install Linux on Mobicel Excite, if so How
  8. B

    Mobicel Excite Laptop

    Can I install a Linux distribution on Mobicel Excite Laptop
  9. A

    Linux smartphones - experience to share?

    I've had it with the moralistic imperialism of Google and Apple, so I'm casting about for a phone / portable comms system that's more independent. Options are limited, and invariably require compromise on specs and features. I'm looking seriously at Linux Smartphones. Of the few out there...
  10. Ryan Innes

    Cyber Security Analyst (Linux) - Cape Town

    We're looking for someone to join our clients team in Cape Town, below are daily duties: Responding to alerts triggered within the specialized systems and performing investigations to find potential malicious behavior. This may include malware analysis. Providing clients with clear concise...
  11. F

    Ex-IT Manager seeking a new opportunity

    Hi I'm an ex-IT manager (focused on Sysadmin & Netadmin tasks). Previous employment was with a reputable brand-name SME for over 12 years. Self-trained (no formal qualifications) Ideally looking for part time or consultancy/freelance work, but open to short-to-medium term formal/full-time...
  12. W

    Ubuntu Installation, removing Windows

    Good day, I'm looking for some assistance on my first installation of Ubuntu. I am finally taking the plunge into Linux. I was planning on dual booting it but would prefer to be forced into only using Linux allowing me to learn faster. I've managed to flash the installation onto a clean...
  13. U

    Afrihost Hosting Alternative?

    Can anyone recommend an alternative to Afrihost for hosting a basic linux server with something like cPanel? The team over at Afrihost keeps blocking my emails from even sending if it includes the word "payment" in the email. Kinda getting fed up with it now calling them every other month...
  14. D

    Sys Admin/jnr DevOps

    Systems Admin / Junior DevOps Southern Suburbs, Cape Town Great role for someone that has a passion for IT and Cyber Security combined! A role for a junior person to grow their career! For the skills, the requirements are below: * Good Linux knowledge is a requirement, the candidate must be...
  15. RiceZA

    Ubuntu 20.04 LTS The many major performance improvements to GNOME Shell, Mutter (the window manager) and other graphics elements can be keenly felt in this release. UI animations and windowing is now more fluid, lighter on memory, and a little...
  16. G

    Do you know your way around Linux?

    Work with the best and brightest selling into and supporting some of the greatest companies in the world. We build, deploy and support cutting edge ADCs across the globe. Providing the highest level of support of any ADC on the market and working closely with the likes of AWS, MS Azure, Red...
  17. hmadhi

    Dell Latitude E7440 i5 8GB RAM 256SSD

    Item name: Dell E7440 Age and condition: 2014 Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Need to upgrade Price: ZAR3999 Negotiable: Make an offer Location: Victory Park, Jhb Shipping or collection: risk/cost on you Specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4310U CPU @ 2.00GHz 8GB RAM 256...
  18. J

    Major security flaw discovered in Linux sudo command

    Major security flaw discovered in Linux sudo command Apple security researcher Joe Vennix has found a security bug in the important sudo command in Linux. The sudo command, which is short for “super user do”, is widely used in various Linux distributions to separate administrator-level...
  19. W

    Mac vs Windows for programming, computer science degree at Unisa

    Good day, Apologies if this question has been asked before. I’ve been reading the forums but there are mixed reviews. I have completed some small Python projects using my girlfriends mac and have been accepted to study computer science through Unisa next year. I’d like to buy my own laptop...
  20. E

    Software developers needed (Cape Town)

    We at Elipsys Global are a fast growing, young team looking for more developers to join in. For the past 3 years we've developed systems that attracted large organisations. Your skills Bachelor’s degree, with a major in Computer Science or similar (your experience can override this requirement)...