lte 4g

  1. K

    Hauwei Pocket WiFi router

    Item: Huawei Mobile pocket WiFi router Packaging: Sealed Warranty: None Condition: New Location: Cape Town Shipping: Your Risk and cost Collection: Sure Price: R700 Item model E5576 - 606 brand new still sealed good to use with a data sim LTE CAT4 up to 16 users and 150mbps
  2. Sirius

    Cancelling Supersonic and moving to Fibre

    Finally got fibre in my complex thanks to Frogfoot as I am based in Stellenbosch and am currently using Supersonic LTE uncaped as I am WFH. Vox has been the first to jump with a quote to offer a 30Mb for R599 (way cheaper than the R999 I am paying for Supersonic). I will get more quotes from...
  3. K

    Help! Slow speeds

    Hoping @rain_mobile can help. I've been getting bad speeds over the past week and a half even though I have good connection to the tower, it sometimes goes as low as 10kbs, this is the best its been it a few days but still I can't work from home to connect to my work VPN. Please help , I have...
  4. oros

    Is it true that dual sim phones can't run both sims on 4g?

    Hi, recently heard that dual SIM phones can't run 4g at the same time. one has to be on 3g and the other on 4g. Can't be both on 4g. Is that true?Feels counter productive in the use of it, especially if you use 2 different networks.
  5. L

    Need Help Vox fixed Mtn LTe with ZTE mf286c

    Hi, So basically I have a zte mf286c router that I got from Afrihost and reset it and loaded uo the correct apn and stuff from vox. So I am stuck on the green light on the router, but I think problem is that won't go onto the 4g mtn network. I don't know if there is a fix, bypass or whatever...
  6. oros

    Telkom Mobile internet slow again?

    Hi, anyone else also struggling with Telkom lte or mobile Internet being slow again? Mine very slow, especially with midnight data. Seems never to end or improve and telkom either takes too long to fix or never.
  7. G

    Huawei B535-932 and load shedding

    Hi So I recently purchased a Huawei B535-932 router to replace my B315 router. The router connect to a Gizzu mini ups to keep me up and running during load shedding. Since load shedding started up recently I noticed that my B535 router would remain powered up but I would have no signal and...
  8. J

    Huawei B535-932 LTE CPE Router

    For Sale Item name (be very descriptive): Huawei B535-932 LTE CPE Router Age and condition: Brand new (Sealed) Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes Reason for selling: Add on from an upgrade, not needed Price: R1500 Negotiable: No Location: East Rand Shipping or collection: Collection...
  9. M

    HUAWEI B535 RAIN network HELP

    Just got my Huawei B535 router and RAIN Sim, speeds are around 1-7mbps. I am running an ethernet Cat6 cable from the router to my system. I think my router is set on 1800mhz, is there any adjustments I can do for this router to increase speeds or move it to 2600mhz? I have full signal at all...
  10. K

    Daul High Gain LTE Antenna

    Item Wanted: Dual Polarised High Gain LTE Antenna with 10 Meters Cable Condition: Working And the color can be faded age : Don’t matter so long it’s working 100 percent Location: Cape Town Shipping: No Collection: Yes preferred
  11. C

    Will Afrihost offer telkoms 1TB Data for R999 P/M?

    I have noticed that Telkom is offering R999 per month for 1TB the funny part is I am on Afrihost I am paying R999 for 220GB day and 220GB 12am-7 am. I am not saying anything bad about Afrihost I have been using them for a while and their support is better to me and Telkom have the same price for...
  12. R

    4G? I don't think so

    Not worth R10 a month, IMHO. Anyone out there getting at least 10mbps down on rain?
  13. S

    Network quality in low income areas

    Hi I have noticed that the quality of service of Rain is better in high income areas in Durban than lower income areas. Rain's network works best in places like Ballito, Umhlanga, Durban North, Amanzimtoti etc but other areas you are only able to achieve speeds upto max 1MB p/s download and...
  14. JohnnBeGood

    Afrihost MTN LTE Uncapped Package

    Good morning all. Just wanting to ask advice if anyone has tried afrihost MTN LTE Uncapped package ? I'm wanting to know the following. Speeds average ? Stability through CMD pinging ? Consistency of speeds ? Ping stability ? I stay on a farm so uncapped with my 4k TV is what I'm...
  15. M


    Hi all, So I am using MTN's Supersonic LTE which is the best LTE coverage so far since I used to get max 1.5mbps download speed with Telkom's LTE using Vox lol... So I have been researching signal indicators after finding these 4 abbreviations on my device information page... So from what I...
  16. C


    Anyone know how to force Telkom to roam on Telkomsa-R? Reception is so poor on Telkom and only works when roaming on the Vodacom network. Problem is that you cannot select Telkomsa-R manually as it forces you back onto Telkom after a minute or so. Very frustrating! Any help would be appreciated.
  17. Peon

    [WANTED] Mikrotik LHG LTE

    Item wanted: Mikrotik LHG LTE Is packaging essential?: No Desired age and condition: Must Work atleast Location: Can collect if in Gauteng Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes I'm interested in testing a unit and seeing how it performs.
  18. H

    Using an LTE modem on my router

    Hey guys and gals. My router has a USB port for 3g/LTE failover. And ever since I reset the router I'm not getting any internet access. I tried fiddling around in the settings to find out why there was no internet access earlier today, only to later find out that our ISP, Telkom, has had...
  19. O

    Afrihost | Pure LTE | Late router delivery

    It's working day 8 of waiting for my router to be delivered. I contacted the courier, earliest they can get it to me is working day 9, which if delayed further by one day, would make it a full 2 weeks after placing the order. I've been billed already pro-rate for the service, 5 days before the...
  20. S

    RAIN 4G / Pretoria Hatfield

    Hello, I'm planning to recommend Rain R250 / 4G LTE deal to somebody and I would like to hear from people in Pretoria Hatfield how is Rain performing over there ? What's the the average speed are you getting?