lte 4g

  1. H

    Using an LTE modem on my router

    Hey guys and gals. My router has a USB port for 3g/LTE failover. And ever since I reset the router I'm not getting any internet access. I tried fiddling around in the settings to find out why there was no internet access earlier today, only to later find out that our ISP, Telkom, has had...
  2. O

    Afrihost | Pure LTE | Late router delivery

    It's working day 8 of waiting for my router to be delivered. I contacted the courier, earliest they can get it to me is working day 9, which if delayed further by one day, would make it a full 2 weeks after placing the order. I've been billed already pro-rate for the service, 5 days before the...
  3. S

    RAIN 4G / Pretoria Hatfield

    Hello, I'm planning to recommend Rain R250 / 4G LTE deal to somebody and I would like to hear from people in Pretoria Hatfield how is Rain performing over there ? What's the the average speed are you getting?
  4. T

    Rain Speeds in Glentana/Groot Brak is unusable!

    Rain starts feeling like Telkom, advertising cheap deals with high data caps (unlimited) but then proceed to throttle (insert curse words here) the network. Speeds was decent (30mbps up and down, sometimes peaking at 70mbps with 25 ping) I present you with the speeds over the last few days...
  5. R

    LTE connection but i have LTE-A coverage

    Hi everyone, so i recently got my Huawei B525s-65a LTE/LTE-A router with a telkom Data plan from Webafrica(TELKOM Package) which is month to month. I asked Telkom will i be able to get LTE-A connection because i have coverage in my Area, and they said it will connect to LTE-A,even Webafrica...
  6. C

    Cell C LTE-A

    Hey guys any advise would be appreciated my Service has suddenly stopped working when my data was depleted even when I bought a top-up data bundle still nothing Contacted my ISP to confirm the data is activated they advised to reboot my router and remove my sim for a few seconds and try again...
  7. H

    Huawei B618 Router LTE Port forward

    Hi can someone please tell me if this is possible. I have a Wireless LTE package with Telkom using the Huawei B618 router. I would love to open my ports so that i can join my friends on COD Black ops 4. Is this possible with an LTE connection? And if so how should i do this
  8. Moeketsi Maphela

    Special Import Samsung

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a Samsung special import phone with dual sim but I have no experience at all with special imports. Will the phone be able to support LTE and Samsung pay?
  9. P

    Poynting XPOL-6-10M High Gain 4G LTE Antenna Signal Booster, with Mounting Pole.

    Details: It comes with an added mounting pole I bought myself, and improves the signal and speeds dramatically. One of the most reliable brands available in SA. Age: Around 16 months. Reason for selling: Don't use it anymore as I have ADSL and am planning to get fiber. Location: Wynberg, Cape...
  10. GipsyD

    Adding existing numbers to VOIP Phones and Servers?

    I'm pretty fresh to the whole VOIP scene, so bear with me The company I work for recently bought out a company that was no longer solvent. We bought out their entire office building. Now, this company used to work with VOIP Phones as their main way of communicating with customers and others on...
  11. R

    LTE / LTE A George, Western Cape

    Good Day Everyone, I'm moving to George, Western Cape soon and the only Internet I will be able to get at the moment is LTE. Like all of us, I'm looking for stability and low latency, since I game online a lot. I will be staying in a LTE coverage area, so please advice me the best LTE ISP...
  12. fundutzi

    Vodacom Prepaid Data rates, am I missing something?

    Dear All, For years I would pay +- the rates in table for 30 days of data on the Vodacom network. Why are these prices so much more compared to Telkom? Brief example from table: Vodacom R599: 10GB of data for 30 days Telkom: R555 60GB day, 60GB night for 30 days
  13. T

    NO contract DATA only LTE SIM card

    Howzit guys I have a OnePlus 5T (Two SIM card slot) and I want to use the second SIM card for DATA only preferably LTE. Most of these scummy networks tie the SIM card to the actual device (router - RAIN LTE) but I want access to the LTE network on prepaid using my mobile LTE enabled phone...
  14. M

    Vodacom Speed Test & Results: &

    Hi Forumites!!! There are many members that wonder how their Vodacom Wireless connection performs in comparison with other Wireless Broadband users. If you have some spare time please do the Telkom speed test and give your area and tower you logon to, aslo state if you are using GPRS, EDGE or...