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    Porting from MTN to Vodacom

    Hi all, I want to open a new contract with Vodacom and port my number from my MTN contract to the Vodacom one. Problem is that the MTN contract is in my mothers name while the Vodacom one will be opened in mine. I need to know what sort of process must happen as well as what documentation...
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    Porting issues on a new Voda Smart S iPhone Contract through Autopage

    Hi Guys, I got my hopes up on Friday (18 Oct) when it took all in all 10 mins to hand in all my documents and get handed my new iPhone 5 from the Autopage shop at Vodaworld. I had cancelled my MTN contract on the 16th already and the consultant told me the port would take 2-24 working hours...
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    8ta Port Inquiry

    Anyone know if there's an altenative way to port to 8ta? I really don't wanna go to a Telkom direct store & would prefare not to deal with the call centre as they normally complicate things more. It was rather easy porting from MTN to Cell C but after the recent throughput issues from Cell C...
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    Piss Poor 8ta Port/MNP service!

    Right. So I've been planning to port from MTN/Nashua Mobile (contract) to 8ta (Prepaid for the interim) for over a month now, my contract was expiring, and I like the per minute pricing compared to MTN Anytime 200/350. So, I call the call centre, they tell they cannot do any porting, I need to...
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    Warranty void if using different sim card.

    Hi All So i applied for the Galaxy S (145pm all incl and no pay-in) with Cell c. They were quick, approved everything, tested the phone... Signed of everything, was excited. Then he gives me the last form which is the warranty. It states: The phone can only be used with a Cell C sim card...
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    Porting from MTN to CellC - penalties?

    My son is on a MTN contract, R25 per month for R50 airtime (MTN Anytime 50 topup). No phone was included in the deal. He is one year into the two year contract. He wants to port to CellC (favourable deal - 100 minutes anytime, 100MB, 120 SMSes @ R 69 per month). MTN quotes a penalty of...
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    Are you phoning a Telkom number?

    Is this a Telkom number? Geographic number portability makes it difficult to know whether you are calling an on-net or off-net number.
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    Port into existing Vodacom contract?

    Hi, My Dad passed away three weeks ago and he had (through our company) a Vodacom contract that still has 10 months left. Instead of canceling the contract (or just let it run its term unused - both options costly) I'd like to 'take over' the contract by porting in my MTN (Nashua Mobile)...
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    Vodacom MNP problem!

    I've been trying now for 8 days to get 2 of my Virgin Mobile numbers across to Vodacom, so I can use 3G. Why because they are very nice easy numbers. I got sms confirmations to both of the numbers stating it's approved and would be complete Friday 11th September, that never happened. I've...
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    Are you generally happy with MTN ?

    I am with vodacom and am considering porting to Mtn. 3 reasons : 1. Vodacom half owned by Telkom 2. Telling me I'm on the right contract (Weekender) when I don't use up weekend minutes and bill is R600+.(nice one). 3. Nokia n82 R300 pm on Mtn.( R1400 + R400 pm on Vodacom). 4. The uneasy...