1. rapidblue

    Best budgeting app - YNAB - 2 months free

    I've been using YNAB (You Need a Budget) for a number of years now and it's BY FAR the best envelope budgeting app available (and envelope budgeting is the only way to go if you really serious about your money)... They offer a free 34 day trial and now, using the referral link below, they...
  2. S

    Standard Bank Root Account for Developers

    Stumbled upon this: "Root is a lightweight bank account designed to be accessible through code. With our API you can build your own interface and control your money programmatically."
  3. H

    First job. Financial advice needed with regard to savings/investments.

    Hello, I have recently started my first real job (Software Industry). The details are as follows: I'm a 23 year old guy, based in Durban. Living with my parents. Cost to company: Gross salary: R17500 Cell phone allowance: R600 pm Deductions: PAYE: +-R2170 (Just realized it hasn't been...
  4. H

    Cheapest way to move money into SA (paying bond form overseas salary)

    I've searched but got no clear ideas on this. Has anyone got recent experience moving relatively large sums into SA? Context is, working in Aus, want to send lumps back a couple of times a year into SA account to pay a bond in SA from. Options that have come up are: paypal moneygram or...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Which is the best "different" investment to put your money in?

    Which is the best "different" investment to put your money in? Most people buy shares, annuities, bonds, and properties as part of their investment plan, but which is the best "different" investment to get into? Wine, large game, cheese, rare coins - what would you suggest?
  6. Y

    Anyone knows how I can make cash online?

    Hi, I am a Journalism student looking to earn some money. I have one job on Upwork but I am looking to increase my earnings. I am able to do things like reply to emails, write short articles on sport particularly cricket and soccer and can also do Virtual assistance work like replying to...
  7. Y

    Anyone knows any hacks to cash out paypal balance with minimim charges

    Hi, I'm a student and do some work on upwork to make some extra cash. I earn $1 per article I do. I had to work my ass off for it to accumulate to over R1000 and now I find that SARS and co want to take their chunk should I cash out via FNB. Also, I was looking at using Payoneer, will it...
  8. F

    Financial help

    Hi If anyone can give me some advice it would be great. I currently have 2 loans which I payback in total R6500 a month for the next 5 years. I also owe about R80k on a credit card. I own a bond free property worth about R2m. Is there a way I can pay off my loans and CC using my...
  9. A

    EQ Trader or Future Equities any good?

    Hi Guys, Has anyone used or using EQ Trader of Future Trader of the platform, another arm of Easy Equities. Are they credible and as good as other platforms, your views/opinions would be apprecaited, Thanks,
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    Where are you putting your money in 2017?

    Where are you investing your money in 2017? Local shares, international stock markets, property, bonds, Bitcoin, forex, gold, Italian cheese?
  11. P

    Getting rid of a car and getting a 2nd hand for cash

    Hi all, I'm in the fortunate/unfortunate position to get rid of my iX35 (which I still owe R103,000 at the bank, at a R3600pm payment).... However, I've been made an offer from a dealer that I cant resist, to settle and buy the car. I will have about R60k to R80k to spend on another car...
  12. T

    Credit Record

    I want to find out how a credit granting company looks at your credit record? Do they only look at your credit score? So lets say I go to FNB and apply for a classic credit card and i meet the salary requirements: Credit record has no judgments, do you need to have a Fair, good, very good or...
  13. NeonNinja

    Where is the money? (Bank)

    Money in transit. Interbank transfer, when it doesn't reflect immediately?
  14. M

    A list of some of the cheapest auction buys you've ever witnessed?

    I'm interested in knowing what are some of the cheapest buys on auction (house/car repos). I've heard of ridiculous bargains such as a Yaris for R25k, but I've never witnessed this first hand. What are some of the cheapest buys you've ever witness at an auction or online bidding?
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    How much Vodacom CEO Shameel Joosub gets paid

    How much Vodacom CEO Shameel Joosub gets paid Vodacom’s annual report reveals how much Vodacom CEO Shameel Joosub and other executive directors earn.
  16. O

    The evils of Estate Agents and Ending Rental Agreements

    Hi, Recently, we bought a house and ended our rental agreement with a certain estate agency as we took residence in our newly purchased house. As part of the process, an agent did an inspection of the townhouse we rented and noted that the carpets were dirty - in my and my wife's opinion...
  17. bchip


    Hi guys Last article for the year, its got a xmas twist on it, in preparation for the holidays coming. Title: A Grinch for Christmas There was a lot of advise given by the forumites here on the ideas how to develop the site...we listened...
  18. T

    Settle credit card debt vs fixed saving

    Hi all, Plea: Please don't bash my financial decisions up to this point. I know some of the things I did wrong, especially the amount of credit card debt I currently have. This came through unforeseen spending while planning a wedding and honeymoon. I'm looking for suggestions and if you're...
  19. N

    Do you like loyalty/cash back rewards

    Do you like loyalty/cash back rewards? Do they do anything for you? Why would you reject or accept a card? Which do you prefer, point rewards or a cash reward? Do you use your cash backs? What would be your ideal cashback scenario? The past couple of month I rarely used...
  20. D

    KPMG Graduate Programme Salary

    Hi everyone. I have applied for the KPMG Graduate Programme for 2016. I am currently busy with my Honors. I currently work a 24 hours per week as an assistant lecturer and my net salary is R7449 pm.