1. C

    Mweb has pocketed 66K from my account

    So since signing up with mweb in 2006 I have paid them a total of R66 000 for internet. And on top of that the fastest line speed I have ever had is 1mbps and it hasn't even been a year. Quite crazy. Just for internet. Something that should be almost free. And now they think that they...
  2. LazyLion

    Wasted Government Money Bemoaned

    Wasteful government spending of R24.8 billion could have been used for numerous projects to the benefit of South Africans, the SA Institute of Race Relations said on Monday. "We have become so inured to seeing examples of corruption and wasteful expenditure running into millions and billions...
  3. LazyLion

    Markets Sluggish After Chinese Data Dump

    Markets have started the week sluggishly Monday as investors pause for breath following a dash that's seen the Dow Jones index in the U.S. record a series of all-time highs. Chinese economic figures over the weekend were largely disappointing and prompted many investors to book some recent...
  4. G

    Share Investing Tips For 2013

    Hey guys / gals Just thought i would create a thread for share investing tips for 2013, could be jse related purchases, etf's etc. I have searched everywhere and could not find any decent sites for sharing and getting hold of good share and investing tips. Therefore this thread. Some...
  5. A

    Financial Advice

    Hello, I'm 18 years old and I'm looking for advice on what to do with my money. I have around 24k saved up in my 'savings' bank account where I earn 0 interest, but there are no bank costs. I have no debts and I'm not planning on buying anything soon. What sort of account and from which bank...
  6. M

    Wonga: Need help. Thinking of using it.

    Hi, I'm thinking of borrowing money from Wonga, less than 1k. I have tried my family, etc. I wanna apply and see if I'll be approved for now, but I just want to know if they give you a final opportunity to cancel before they transfer the funds to you? Thanks
  7. G

    Traveling to UK, need Advice on GBP

    Hello fellow mybroadband-ers, I need some advice from financial(Forex) "knowledgeable" people. I am travelling to the UK in December for a few weeks and just need some advice on the GBP particularly when should I buy (Rand --> GBP) because it is quite expensive at the moment(R14.29 at time of...
  8. NeonNinja

    Fake Mandela bank notes emerge

    Just two weeks after being released, counterfeit Mandela notes have emerged. SABC News has a fake hundred rand bill in its possession. The Reserve Bank and the police say they are aware that the new notes have been counterfeited. The new notes were launched with much fanfare. With new and...
  9. D

    How much can you deposit at the bank without being flagged in SA

    i was reading online forums and they say in areas like USA if you deposit about $10 000 or more they (IRS)may start to investage you secrecly, so i was wondering concerng this in South Africa. Anyone with ideas?
  10. D

    Investing R100 000 - Advice

    Hi everybody - "First Time Caller / Long Time Listener" What would you all recommend in how to invest R100 000 - Long term (1 - 5 year) investment with Maximum return. I'm sure this thread / topic has been raised before - but investment options change with time. Any advice (serious)...
  11. G

    Transfers out of the country

    Does anybody know how much money you can transfer at a time out of the country to a foreign bank account? Any charges I should know about? Thanx!
  12. P

    Transporting Goods

    Hi My boss is asking me to transport goods in my Nissan NP200, I think the cost should include goods weight, fuel consumption, general wear-and-tear and distance traveled. The Nissan website says my car consumes 8l/100km. How much do you think I should be charging?
  13. T

    Money Smart

    Morning, Has anyone used money smart? what are your experiences with the website? if you know any other budgetting software (free if possible), please do list it here Thanx
  14. brandonforcey

    What car??

    I'm looking to buy my 1st car preferably under R130K, 1,6, gauteng.. if 2nd hand (most likely) can't be older then a 2009 model and can't have more then 40k on the clock .. i was looking at the clio iii sport (goes for 125K and has 30k on the clock what u rate guys?)
  15. Q

    Hengelaars Vriend Stole my Money

    I booked a chalet at Hengelaars Vriend fishing resort ( 2 months prior to arrival date. Four days before the weekend, Carla phoned my to say that they have double booked me and that I cannot come anymore. They tried to give me another weekend, but I said no and...
  16. LazyLion

    World's first Super Model Billionaire? Not bad for "just a pretty face"! :D
  17. R

    Uploading Company

    Im looking for a company who I can use to upload a 8GB file via FTP. I just need it once off and will pay accordingly. Does anyone know if a company of that nature even exists. If so, who?
  18. B

    online auctions

    Ok, so i am quite new to all of this form posting, but this looks like the right place to post my thread.. i have made this thread, because i want to find out peoples opionions on 1 cent auctions or pay per bid auctions... i want to know it all..what ever you have to say about it.. i wanna know
  19. J

    International Money Transfer

    Anybody know what the cheapest (and best) way of transferring money into an international bank account is? I asked my bank to transfer the money for me and on the amount of R560, they added Comm amount R100 Overseas Bank Levy R45 Postage R50 VAT Amount...
  20. J

    Get Paid For Advertisement Space On Your Car? Real Or Scam?

    Hi everyone, I will be attending university next year and am busy experience the same problem everybody has in the world, MONEY.:D My question to the community is, did anyone ever make money from wrapping your car? If you did, can you please supply the company that you used as well your...