1. N

    Why do people always want more money no matter how much they have?

    Why do people always want more money no matter how much they have? Are you happy with your scenario? What would you change?
  2. N

    How much does it cost to raise a kid into adulthood

    As title says, How much does it cost to raise a kid into adulthood? It seems there are a lot of different opinions out there. What would you spend on your children or do you just wing it?
  3. G

    Long Term Investments on Steam

    This thread is for anyone but it is mostly for the people that simply do not have the cash to buy those glittering new (mostly pre alpha) games. Please note that this is quite a long term investment (As no one apart from Valve knows when they will discontinue something). Situation 1: "I...
  4. X

    Exchange Foreign Currency

    I visited Denmark and Thailand quite some time ago. Although I have not exchanged the currency back to South African Rand. It's been over two years now and wondered if I could exchange the currency now. What are the rules/laws regarding this. Is this money useless to me now? Any help with...
  5. A

    Books on finance

    Hi Guys, I'm new to investing (beginner/novice), and looking for good books to Purchase to help me through getting started. I understand some of the basics, so not a very entry level book. A book that can explain shares and unit trusts, preferably in South African context, as I think this...
  6. I

    How does one withdraw funds from a Paypal account in SA?

    I received payment from the UK via my PayPal account, and although I have used it to make purchases (via a linked credit card), I have never received money. How does one go about withdrawing/transferring money from a PayPal account into one's bank account (I am with Standard Bank)? There is a...
  7. NeonNinja

    Money is so dirty!

    Feel so "eew" having to handle it almost everyday.
  8. R

    Easiest ways to increase my earning capacity as a mechanical engineer in SA

    Heys guys Have been thinking about this lately. What are the simplest ways to increase my earnings as a mechanical engineer. Even if this means branching out into different positions that aren't necessarily engineering. Most advisable degrees to complete in addition to engineering degree...
  9. T

    Tom Dennen Introduction

    Born, Boston; HS, St. John\'s Prep, Danvers; 5 years across U. Notre Dame, USAF, U. Southern Maine. I am an Unravel Specialist. I focus inter alia on learning more about Gordian knots, oiling 'Pandora's box' hinges, even change dog's breakfasts into gourmet feasts if the reason's good enough...
  10. O

    Sharing ideas...

    HI to everyone :-) Been to this forum quite a few times and only registered today. Lurking is not a hobby, it's an art :p Not going to write too much here about myself or what I do but suffice to say I have been travelling for many years now (over 25 countries since 1999) and only recently...
  11. A

    Kids pocket money

    Do you have kids (especially the smaller ones)? I was always forgetting to give them the money or have the right change when they wanted it so I made this web app Still a bit rough but I am using it for my own kids. Any feedback welcome.
  12. O

    Have you calculated your daily commute?

    So I have always know the ball-park figure of money I spent on commuting to work and back home, but never really worked out the daily rate until today. This includes petrol, E-toll, Gautrain ticket and Gautrain parking, have not put a figure to "wear and tear" on the vehicle though... and it...
  13. NeonNinja

    How long does a cheque deposit reflect? (FNB)

    Paid on the 19th. 2 days later, nada...
  14. Espee

    Best modes of transport in South Africa's major cities. Value vs efficiency.

    The rising petrol price has driven many people to search for alternative ways to commence their daily commute. I'd like for people to discuss which modes they find affordable as well as reliable in cities such as Cape Town, Jo'burg and Durban. I have recently started working in Cape Town...
  15. M

    What are some ways to make money for a hobby?

    When I get home and on weekends, I'm usually looking for stuff to do. I want to do something to keep myself busy, and in the process get paid as a bonus. What are some legit ways to make money as a hobby?
  16. F

    Using ATM to get fresh money

    Hi there. I was thinking, what happens to the money that is deposited into ATM's? Is the money that was deposited most recently the first to be withdrawn? How does it work? I've always pondered the possibility of depositing money into an ATM and withdrawing the same amount, but...
  17. antowan

    Do you trust that e-Toll funds will be spent on the roads generating the tolls?

    In response to this thread: Do you have faith that the toll moneys will be spent on the actual toll road generating the toll traffic?
  18. M

    My first year of working and the fact that I had nothing to show for it

    Thought I'd share my experience of my first job and the neglect on my part of saving. Hope it can help others entering the working world look more closely at their financial situation. Looking back at my first year of working, one regret I have is that I didnt save any money. My bank balance...
  19. NeonNinja

    How students can make cents these days?

    Well, got a lot of free time in my hands. What are ways in which one can make cents? 20 year old 2nd year I.T student. Out of 5 week days I only attend 3 1/2 full days. Have techy knowledge (expired A+ & N+, got 70-640 + 70-680). Can do graphic design (Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc), and of course...
  20. B


    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has used the RAINFIN site to successfully borrow or lend money? It seems like a great concept and also very popular overseas. I don't see a lot of advertising though. Thank you.