1. Kevin Lancaster

    MP3 is dead / MP3 is free from patents / Long live MP3

    MP3 is dead The MP3 format is dead, according to a report by Engadget.
  2. M

    C and C++ on Windows Desktop, Internet protocols, Machine control, Poker.

    Job description: Senior Software Developer. Location or telecommuting: Anywhere in SA. Telecommute OK too. Permanent or part-time: Either. Junior, intermediary or senior: Senior. Availability: One month. Experience: Electronics, 30 years software development, from Basic, to...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    MP3, iPod replacement is here

    MP3, iPod replacement is here “You can recognize the movie you’re looking at, you can recognize the song you’re hearing, you can zoom in, zoom out. It’s great – but it’s not music.”
  4. L

    USB not working properly

    I have a new 32gb USB that I loaded music onto, I tried to play it in my car (where I have done so before) but some songs played while others were just skipped over as if the radio couldn't read the USB. Also one song was labelled as one thing but another song played. That has never happened...
  5. R

    Linux media player

    I have tried them all, including Amarok and all the other regulars. Not satisfied, I did more searching and then installed Clementine. Anyone needing a proper media player will just love Clementine.
  6. NeonNinja

    Toyota (Corolla) owners [USB]

    So my father upgraded his Corolla from 2010 to 2011, and the new one comes with the USB port. But each time I insert the USB with 5 MP3's in the root folder, it displays error 1. I tried it with FAT, NTFS and 5 x with FAT32, with 1 MP3 / 1 WMA, still displays "ERROR 1." So, how doe someone go...
  7. U

    Looking for a song to download (legally - will pay for download)

    Hi all I am looking for a particular song which I would like to download - I would like to obtain it legally, and will pay for the download. Any advice will be great :) Thank you Song Title: Yamao toko no uta Artist: New Christies Minstrels
  8. jes

    Look & Listen relaunches its online MP3 shop

    Look & Listen relaunches its online MP3 shop Music retailer Look & Listen has relaunched of its online digital music store
  9. droplet

    mp3 maintenance

    i am looking for a good program to embed album art in mp3s. a winamp plugin would be the best win for me. any suggestions?
  10. Everyones-a-Wally

    Spotify - free music? Anyone tried them? No such thing as a free lunch? Or is the use of the word free legit? Ok, I could have answered my own q: Seems you can get around it with VPN (or if you have a euro cloud server to play with). Perhaps I'll...
  11. jes

    Amazon MP3 launches for BlackBerry

    Amazon MP3 launches for BlackBerry Research and Motion (RIM) and Amazon launch Amazon MP3 for BlackBerry
  12. M

    GUVERA - A free, legal, mp3 download site

    Not sure if you guys have seen this in SA. This company was started up in Australia about a year ago and had been named in Billboard's 10 Best Digital Music Start-ups. It displays adverts in the background wallpaper (not pop-ups) from reputable companies (McDonalds, Coca Cola etc). and uses...
  13. S

    THE BEST MP3/Music cleaner?

    *EDIT* MediaMonkey gets the job done easily and efficiently *EDIT* Hi guys, I have been collecting my music for about 5 years now and my collection is a bit messy. I have some doubles, some songs where there is wrong info. And some songs with bad 'tags' and I want a clean collection. I would...
  14. RustyPrincess

    Audio Books

    Where can I get audio books in an mp3 format?
  15. I

    File shows on DVD but not on computer

    Hi everyone. Ok a friend gave me some music which she put into different folders. All folders ran fine and showed on the DVD player hooked up to the TV. But when I ran the disk on my computer the one folder showed as being empty even when it showed as having about 6 songs on the the DVD...
  16. H

    Legal mp3 advise

    im looking for a site to buy legal mp3's anyone know of some good trusted and reliable sites i can check out? I have come across, but im abit unsure :confused:....
  17. E

    MP3 FM Modulator

    FM Modulators. They have USB, Line-In and SD Card in. The price is R159.00 The first 7 buyers will receive a free 1GB Micro SD with SD Adapter to use with the device. The link can be found here: V003 FM Modulator
  18. P

    MP3 Music Organizer

    This looks like just what I need... Has anyone used it?
  19. E

    Valentine Gift Ideas from Esquire

    Hi All As Valentine’s just around the corner over the next few days we focusing on some great gift ideas with a theme “Fall in Love with Technology” Today we doing some great pricing on the Esquire MP3 , Esquire iFlux video player and also our extremely popular FM Car Modulator at some...
  20. E

    Hercules DJ consoles on special this week @Esquire

    Hi all Our Weekly Product Spotlight page this week is focusing on the latest Hercules DJ consoles which we imported from France that have become extremely popular with Novices and Professional DJ’s around the country since we launched them last year. Also this week we focusing on Hercules...