1. Pooky

    Linux for MSI Wind Netbook

    I have a rebranded MSI Wind (Proline U100) and am looking for a linux distro which is REALLY simple and FAST and EASY PEASY to use. It needs to email EASILY, browse the web EASILY, and "JUST WORK :D". It also needs to support the wifi and card reader and have drivers for everything. What...
  2. N

    NETBOOK, which one?

    Hi Im in the market for a new Netbook, and I have come across a few priced between R4300 - R5500. The specs of these are 1.6 atom processor, 1 GB ram, 120/160 gig harddrives, Windows XP. These are from brands like Packard Bell, Acer, Lenovo etc. But I recently came across a Netbook with the...
  3. rpm

    Buying a netbook with Linux

    Buying a netbook with Linux
  4. DblD

    LG x110 Netbook with build in 3g

    Got my self one of those 'toiny' netbook's. Now I'm trying to figure what is best solution for using its build in 3G card for internet connection. My situation is this... * have MTN contract, with secondary sim card linked to my primary account * netbook with build in 3g card, (think...
  5. P

    A netbook with Linux? Here are six options

    Full story here:
  6. bwana

    Borked my Acer Aspire One this morning

    Went to wake my AAO this morning and much to my dismay there was no life apart from the green power light. Turns out that I had a corrupt bios and the instructions in this thread saw me right. As the thread says flashing the bios in the manner described might void your warranty so keep...
  7. squirrel

    Dell Announces The Inspiron Mini 12 Now we're talking! This looks awesome.
  8. rpm

    Netbooks are here to stay

    Netbooks are here to stay