1. N

    ACER 23 " Monitor and MSI netbook atom 3 year old

    Item: MSI U100 Netbook Intel® Atom™ N270 1.6GHz processor 1GB Ram WIN 8 160GB HDD Power charger Carry Case Age: 3 Years Warranty: None Packaging: NO Condition: Second Hand (small black mark on screen , ) Location: Crown Mines , JHB Reason: Unused Shipping: Yes, for your cost and to arrange...
  2. Johnatan56

    Portable netbook/ultrabook

    Hi, my sister requires a netbook to take with to class that is portable, can run office and maybe a video at the same time. Battery life is important in that it has to last about 4-5 hours. The size requirement is about 11" or so. I am not familiar with cheap budget laptops and ran around...
  3. ronz91

    Running Ubuntu on a netbook or other low-end computer

    Hey guys Are there any issues running Ubuntu, preferably 15.10 on low-end hardware, as I have been considering buying some really cheap hardware and installing Ubuntu on it to get to know the OS better. I am a heavy Windows user but I have always wanted to explore the Linux ecosystem. Any...
  4. Rinkhals

    Mercer Netbook battery wanted

    I've been asked to source a replacement battery for a Mercer Xpression M1110 netbook. Is this a rebranded item? I can't seem to find anything on the net. Who could supply such an item?
  5. Bar0n

    Replacement charger needed for Gigabyte Q1000 Netbook

    I am in need of a replacement charger for my netbook, seems the one I currently have has a loose wire somewhere (it works if I wiggle the bit by the transformer). I know some of the MyBB members sell hardware on the side, and if anyone (reputable members ;) ) has stock of this charger at a...
  6. W

    Free insured door to door delivery - price you see is the price you pay

    Free insured door to door delivery until the end of June 2014. Lots of great deals, now at an even bigger saving. Asus Netbook for only R2,499.00 delivered Click here to view online. Web Direct MLT House 2c Park Road Gardens Cape Town Tel: (021)824 1776 Cell: 083 297 3302...
  7. W

    Price reduced - Only R2,499.00 for the Asus Netbook X101H

    ASUS® X101H White Netbook SKU X101CH-WHI074S OPEN BOX - EX DISPLAY - LIKE NEW - FULL WARRANTY ASUS® X101H White Intel® Atom N2600 1.6Ghz Dual Core 1GB DDR3 Memory (1x 1GB Onboard) 320GB 5400RPM 2.5" SATA HDD 10.1" LED Backlight WSVGA Screen (1024x600) Intel® Chipset Intel®...
  8. NeonNinja

    Looking for cheapest netbook/laptop with 3G The best I've seen thus far. Any aid appreciated.
  9. NomNom

    How do I copy a recovery partition?

    I've getting a Netbook soon and I want to know if there is any way to copy/port the recovery partition to a new hard drive. The Netbook I am getting comes with a 250GB hard drive and I want to replace it with a 500GB hard drive, but I also want to copy the recovery partition from the new...
  10. NomNom

    Cheapest Netbook/Notebook Avalible In SA

    I know of a guy who has a budget of R2500. So far I have offered him the following options: And there are two Notebooks at Game going for R2999 and there is one at Makro for R2999...
  11. jes

    The implications of always on connectivity

    The implications of always on connectivity Network providers and corporate IT departments need to prepare themselves for the growth of always on devices – they are here to stay and will only get more mainstream and more popular
  12. jes

    Tablet PCs predicted to cannibalise netbook and notebook sales in 2011

    Tablet PCs predicted to cannibalise netbook and notebook sales in 2011 Canalys predicts a 14% growth in the PC market for 2011 mainly thanks to pad shipments, but also says pads will steal netbook and notebook sales
  13. jes

    2011 - The year of the tablet

    2011 - The year of the tablet 2010 was the year of the netbook. 2011 will be the year of the tablet PC. We look at what users can expect.
  14. T

    Which distro for netbook?

    I'm going to ask a few noobish questions, please excuse my ignorance! I have a Benq Joybook Lite U102. 1.6GHz, 1 GB RAM. I use it mainly for MP3 playing, music vids, email, browsing and for powerpoint presentations (connected to a projector). Meaning that I need the VGA port to work. What...
  15. jes

    New Dual Core Intel Atom netbooks announced

    New Dual Core Intel Atom netbooks announced Intel announced the availability of netbooks based on its new Dual Core Intel Atom processors
  16. N

    GIGABYTE Atom Series Booktop M1022C - With Docking Station only R2999.00

    Hey Everyone! As our first post on the MyBB Dealer Section, and by getting more involved in MyBB in general - we have a new special for you! A Gigabyte 1022C netbook - with docking station, for only R2999.00 Special is valid until the 7 May, and would make an awesome Monthers Day present...
  17. K

    Chrome OS: Netbook Specs Leaked

    $300 seems a bit pricey for a "browser" Link
  18. T

    Netbook Help

    Good Day All!! I need some serious help choosing a netbook. I have spent all day doing research and none that I am finding are satisfying my requirements. Here they are; Atom N or Z series 2Gb Ram Wifi - preferably N 3G is a must! Bluetooth 2.5'' HDD bay, can upgrade myself if...
  19. d0b33

    Ubuntu Moblin Remix 9.10 Live CD

    Now you can get the Intel netbook project with Ubuntu goodness Ubuntu-Moblin-Remix 9.10
  20. K

    OSX on netbooks

    Anyone here running OSX (Leopard preferably) on a netbook? Which one? How is it working? I'm giving the Dell Mini 9 some serious thought. It is apparently 100% compatible.