1. T

    Office 365 Error

    Hi there, I have searched the web without any luck so hoping someone here has some guidance. I am trying to add an exchange account to office 365, if I add through outlook it opens some weird address with a bunch of numbers and if I try through control panel I get the following error: "name...
  2. Neuk_

    iOS Outlook App

    Does anybody make use of the Outlook app for iOS? I have been using it for years, since before it became Outlook but now have the following issue with my work mail account... "You have 10 phone partnerships out of the maximum allowed 10 partnerships. After you reach the maximum, you can't...
  3. J

    Do you use Microsoft Outlook?

    Do you use Microsoft Outlook for your daily email?
  4. SashenG

    Syncing iPhone with Outlook

    Hi All, Trust you all are well, I need some help with syncing my emails. Currently I'm on a hosted domain with Axxess, I simply want to edit my calendar on Outlook 2016 and need the changes to sync to my phone and vice-versa. From what I've researched , Outlook 2016 doesn't support...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Outlook 2016 for Mac adding requested features

    Outlook 2016 for Mac adding requested features Outlook for Mac is adding several highly-requested features for Office 365 customers.
  6. S

    Office 2013 Home & Business - 16 retail license keys available - R300 each

    Office 2013 Home & Business retail license key (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook & OneNote). 16 x original retail license keys printed on a blue credit-card-sized card. Used previously, but not anymore. Can be legally activated on a different PC, as long as the license key is no longer used on...
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Outlook for Android Wear is here

    Outlook for Android Wear is here Microsoft has released Outlook for Android Wear, enabling smartwatch users to read emails and reply from their wrist.
  8. N

    Outlook: Tips and tricks thread

    This thread is all about learning new tips and tricks from Outlook: First order of business. Why does Outlook differ on each machine? Tip: You can send/receive files by pressing F9 ...and did you know you can send up to max of 2GB per file on Outlook?
  9. R

    Convert ost to pst

    The new person came to work. Should open his .ost file with the old mail in Microsoft Outlook 2003. From matching programs found only AER3 but it did not give the desired result.. Can someone tell me what else can Ost file to convert to pst?
  10. D

    MS Office Outlook 2010. Problems with account.

    Is there any possibility to get a working access to the account of MS Office Outlook 2010 if you lost the user password? There is a password of the administrator but if change this password, there is a dumping of the password in outlook. Windows Server 2008 OS.
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Microsoft to scramble Outlook emails

    Microsoft steps up Outlook email protection Microsoft aims to ensure your emails cannot be intercepted and read by spying governments
  12. M

    Mozilla in Trouble - No Outlook for Linux?

    Few people realise that most users around the globe have either little or no Internet access. http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm Having limited nconnectivity at GPRS/Edge level or with a jurassic dial-up modem, together with exorbitant pricing and also intermittent connections, calls...
  13. R

    MS Outlook 2010 Tracking settings

    Hi, I am using Outlook 2010 with a Live.com email address and I often schedule appointments in my calendar then send out invites for that appointment. When people accept the appointment then I can see in my appointment by the tracking option, but that seems to have disappeared - I can no...
  14. M

    A Capable Notes Application?

    Lotus Organizer and, subsequently Outlook, are what I have been using in Windows for years. The most important feature being a Notes app that can also sync with my smartphone. Not to mention MS OneNote............... Currently, I run ZorinOS 7 32-bit and I have Thunderbird 17.0.6...
  15. T

    Outlook 2013 (0365) Rules Management

    Hi Guys, Okay this is the scenario: One of the partners here at our firm is a rule junkie, creating individuals rules for all his sectioned clients. (a couple of hundred). Now obviously the standard size by default is 64KB, which I increased via powershell to the max, 256KB. And still he...
  16. U

    Stop Outlook from Receiving Emails from deleted account

    Hi there an additional email account was created in Outlook - and whilst the emails were downloading, the user deleted the added email account. Now outlook keeps saying that it is receiving (in the bottom right corner) but the emails are not showing. how can you stop Outlook from...
  17. U

    Integrating Calenders - Outlook.com / Blackberry

    Hi there I have recently begun using Outlook.com - along with its calender, which I have also setup on my Windows8 laptop - so it's working great. What I cannot seem to figure out (if possible) is how to integrate the calendar on my Blackberry torch with my outlook.com / skydrive...
  18. C

    MWEB email on my Galaxy S2

    I have setup my Gmail and my Mweb accounts on my handset. Emails from both accounts do come through to my phone. My problem is this : The Mweb emails disappear from my handset. It seems that they appear on my handset moments before my ADSL line downloads them, but as soon as they are...
  19. J

    Outlook reaches 25 million users

    Outlook hits 25 million users Microsoft’s revamped email service celebrates a user base milestone with the release of a new Android app
  20. carstensdj

    Outlook instant/auto search (Help please)

    Hi there, My Outlook 2007 doesn't seem to auto search when i search for an email in the search bar at the top. I have looked on Google and followed the instructions to re-index my mail. I have also auto archived it, but when i search, i still have to push ENTER for it to actually search...