1. H

    Matrix Eternity NE4 IP-PBX provisioned for SIP and Voip

    Matrix Eternity NE4 IP-PBX provisioned for SIP and Voip [S] Item name: Matrix Eternity NE4 IP-PBX. The PBX has been provisioned for 4 x CO Lines(FXO), 4 x SIP trunks (2 channels each), 10 X Analog Extensions(FXS), 2 X Digital Extensions and 16 Voip Extensions Age and condition: New, Unused Do...
  2. Greencom


    Here is an article i published that may be of interest . http://www.ee.co.za/article/hosted-pbx-well-everything-else-cloud-isnt.html
  3. F

    Elastix 3 multi-tenant

    Good day all Has any one ever used the new Elastix 3 MT PBX and got it working 100%? I have been working on it about 3 day's straight and only have the extensions registered and calling internally. The problem is the trunks, it registers but i cant make any outgoing or incoming calls...
  4. V

    How to use a Softphone in ZA?

    I'm new to MyBroadBand's forums (as seen by this being post #4). I am trying to do research for a start up which I am involved in however I keep getting thrown in circles and the answer is always too vague. I am looking for the best solution for a local pbx and software solution for 5 users. I...
  5. S

    [How to fight against] Massive hacking attempts to hosted PBX

    Our hosted PBX's have been under attack the last week from Jordan. At one stage we were being hit by up to 5000 hack attempts per hour. This reach a tipping point where they almost managed to get through the last leg of our security measures. They were trying to phone a number in Togo non stop...
  6. mh348

    Looking for someone to Setup Elastix (Complete Setup)

    I'm looking for some to help me setup Elastix, I already have an old PC with a TDM800 (8 port) with 3 fxs and 1 fxo module. I originally planned on doing it my self and started about 2 years ago but couldn't get it working with my telkom line so I gave up and disconnected the box. I'm now trying...
  7. A

    dsl telecom

    I want to find out about the way these guys do business. They are based in Cape Town. Does anyone have any info please?
  8. A

    VOIP Setup HACKED??!?

    Hey All, I have a polycom soundpoint 331 unit at home attached to a mypbx soho pbx. One day I was looking through the logs and I see that one day every 30 seconds or so there were phone calls made to various countries around the world all coming from the polycom phone extension and the phone...
  9. J

    VOIP Testers needed

    Hey there. We're in the process to introduce our clients to a new service - hosted voip solutions. We've invested in first-generation equipment and our platform is now open for testing. For the testing environment, you will receive: 1 Geographical telephone number, either Cape Town or...
  10. T

    Asterisk support Cape Town

    Hi guys For about 2 years when we first got our Asterisk setup everything worked perfectly. Hardly ever had problems. Calls outgoing and incoming always worked etc. Then my boss got this idea from some friend of a friend to do an upgrade and change to Elastix. Since then we've only had...
  11. M

    Euphoria (Hosted PBX) - Anyone Using It

    Hi Everyone, I have been checking out Euphoria and Switchtel. Euphoria seems more expensive per extension but IP phones can be rented or leased as part of the package. Both are 30 day notice periods. I have seen positive reviews from users of Switchtel, can anyone out there using Euphoria...
  12. S

    Telkom Line Hunting - How does it work?

    Hey fellow MyBB'ers I've been assigned to sort out the PBX, telephone lines, hunting facilities, and advertised telephone numbers for one of our clients. One thing I'm not fully understanding is how Telkom Line Hunting works. I've read the Telkom website, and understand the basics. What I...
  13. C

    Provide PABX System in china. 208 to 832 PABX SYSTEM

    :) Welcome to CRIVO company! CRIVO Electronics Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was officially set up in 2003, Our company professional manufacturer specialized in designing PABX system. we are studing it and improving our products still, from single system product became to be a...
  14. J

    Vox on Trixbox

    Hi I'm currently using Vox with their equipment. I setup a system running Trixbox and would like to get it running with my current Vox SIP accounts. I need help with the SIP Trunk setup though. I've tried the settings below, but I get a busy tone when dialing the Vox number and unavailable...
  15. B

    Opticon IP 32 Music on Hold

    Hi there, We've got a Telkom Opticon IP 32 PBX in our office, and it plays awful ice-cream van music at our customers. The PBX is question has an external Music On Hold port connected directly to it's main board. They even advertise it's ability to use external Music On Hold. Now...
  16. N

    Samsung SKP-816H PABX

    Hi... We have a Samsung SKP-816H hybrid switchboard and a Siemens HiPath 1120. The samsung has no documentation whatsoever and we can not get the dam thing installed. Does anybody know where we can obtain copies of the installation manuals and user manuals? The pbx is at least 10 - 13...
  17. P

    3CX PBX and Linksys SPA3102

    I am trying to setup 3CX PBX system using a Linksys SPA3102. I got everything to work and can make outgoing calls and calls between extensions. The problem is that I cannot get 3CX to recognise incoming calls. The 3CX activity log does not show any entry when there is an incoming call. It seems...
  18. mh348

    Setting up Asterisk for Home/Small Office use

    Some time back I was thinking of installing a small PBX system with about 6 or 7 extensions but I never got around to doing it. I'm thinking of installing an Asterisk box, but I don't know what the of card to get. If there is someone that has setup one some advice on what type of card to go...