1. genetic

    The Photoshop alternative for free - in your browser!

    Photopea is a Photoshop alternative that runs in your web browser. No need to download an app. It looks and feels like Photoshop, supports most of Photoshop's functions and supports PSD files too;
  2. J

    Photoshop is now native on new Apple MacBooks

    Photoshop is now native on new Apple MacBooks The latest version of Adobe Photoshop now runs natively on Apple's new M1-powered MacBook devices. Previously, the program ran on these devices using Apple's Rosetta 2 emulator, which allows the new laptops to run standard macOS applications on...
  3. OnlyOneKenobi

    Creative Cloud - All Apps Plan on Special

    Hi all, For those who are interested. Just noticed today that the Adobe Creative Cloud "All Apps" plan is currently on special until 1 March 2019. It is usually $52.99 per month, but now $29.99 which is quite significant. The Photography bundle (Lightroom, Photoshop and 20GB cloud space) is...
  4. K

    Abobe Photoshop Free Trial

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  5. OnlyOneKenobi

    Photoshopping Services as a side income in South Africa?

    I'm a little curious... I see many online articles that suggest people can make a decent side income by offering photo editing and retouching services online. I might be missing the mark here, but in my experience the average person doesn't seem too keen to pay for a service like this -...
  6. R

    Recommend a laptop that plays nice with Photoshop

    Hi all I've searched the forum and cant find anything recent on the topic. Basically I'm planning on making some money off of my photography hobby. So I will be in need of a decent laptop that can run the latest version of Photoshop. I don't need a professional level laptop, just...
  7. K

    photoshop cs6

    hello could someone please message me and tell me where i can get photoshop cs6 from pleease :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: i really need it
  8. O

    The best online platform for my hobby Photoshop creations?

    So I've been Photoshop-ing quite a bit recently and there's an increasing collection of my meager creations that I'd like to share with the world. I'm looking for a good, free, online blogging/website platform that will be most suitable for this particular purpose. Would tumblr do the job? On...
  9. S


    SovTech is an innovative Johannesburg based tech company and business software provider, and we aim to become the leading technology partner to small and large companies in South Africa. We work across web, mobile, ecommerce, digital marketing, custom software, and SaaS products such as document...
  10. C

    Graduate: Front-End Engineer/ Developer

    PDT is looking for awesome, young & energetic Graduates, who have code running through their veins! You will help design and build beautiful and intuitive user interfaces for our API-driven web applications. You will help us create the best content delivery experience, for both the consumers...
  11. U

    Adobe Photoshop Problem

    When I draw a shape in Photoshop (CS5), I cannot select it? I have tried creating a new layer for the shape, but nothing is working. I have restarted my pc, as well as tried creating a new psd file to see if this will resolve the problem, but I cannot seem to find a solution. Is there...
  12. D

    Photo Manipulation - post your work

    I started using Photoshop about 12 years ago when it was all the craze to take the image of a motorcar and "pimp" it. That was where I started to learn the basics of Photoshop and my skills improved over the years, 12 years down the line I'm older and wiser and rarely use Photoshop the "pimp"...
  13. A

    Graphic Designer + Basic web skills - Salary?

    Hi, We are looking to hire a full time graphics + web guy to do the following: 1) Take product images and make them look attractive 2) Design certain boxes/logos for certain products 3) Upload products/descriptions to our web site. 4) Produce product catalogues of products 5) Other...
  14. D

    Speed Art: Project Z - Noah's Ark

    I just stumbled upon this guys work today. His Photoshop skills is absolutely fantastic, he uses various images from photos to create mind blowing scenes. Here is a video that shows how the final image is created from start to finish. Going to have to work a...
  15. M

    Photoshop CS6 will wow you with the new Content-Aware Move feature

  16. NeonNinja

    Photoshop CS vs Paint Shop Pro X Eraser

    On Paint Shop Pro (earlier versions and X2), when using the erase tool, should I make a mistake I just have to right click to amend that certain area, and this feature is very cool, when you want a swift job of transperancy. Now I've been trying to find/use the same feature on Photoshop (CS 4 &...
  17. A

    JinWook's SRP

    Hey guys. I don't know how many of you are into Photoshop but I'v developed an add on which automates retouching of a models skin. Smooths it out, making wrinkles and imperfection far less visible. Check it out in action here: It would be great to...
  18. S

    Photoshop CS3: Insert new layer from File?

    Hi. I am working with Adobe Photoshop CS3, and was wondering if it is possible to insert an existing .psd Photoshop file as a new layer in my new document? I would like to use this for common files, like logos. If tried Googling, but most of the answers go like this: open up the file...
  19. LCBXX

    Some hilarious photo editing
  20. K

    Foto effect

    Photo effect What is this effect called? Not the black border, but the guys face. I can't say I like it too much bit it is very striking.