1. PrimeSteak

    Search Bar woes

    So I'm making a dynamic search bar for the final project I'm making for CS50W (A library management system). Aaaand I'm stuck. Funnily enough, getting the results from the input I have via an onkeyup event listener and sending the value of it to the server for query results and those results...
  2. W

    Freelance python developer - Looking for work

    Position Wanted: Looking for some python dev work, I mainly do web development and I am proficient with the flask framework. I can work on Django as well. Currently working mainly on data (science) driven platforms and enjoying it. Employment type: (Contract/Permanent etc.) Contract Salary: Can...
  3. E

    Building a datascience bootcamp for Africa

    Over the last couple of months I have been enrolled in an international data-science bootcamp. Having had a keen interest in the field for quite some time, while I have found the opportunity great, I have noticed a lot of flaws in how some bootcamps seem to operate. For starters, 6 months is...
  4. J

    Microsoft offers free Python course

    Microsoft offers free Python course Microsoft has introduced a YouTube video series called Python for Beginners that aims to teach aspiring programmers the fundamentals of the Python programming language. The series is presented by Microsoft senior program manager Christopher Harrison and...
  5. E

    Software developers needed (Cape Town)

    We at Elipsys Global are a fast growing, young team looking for more developers to join in. For the past 3 years we've developed systems that attracted large organisations. Your skills Bachelor’s degree, with a major in Computer Science or similar (your experience can override this requirement)...
  6. T

    Python vs JavaScript for Full Stack

    I want to become full stack web developer/engineer. Javascript is becoming an all rounder, but is it as efficient? Maybe one day want to work with AI and things too so Python would definitely help there.
  7. V

    Junior to Mid-level Java and/or C/C++ Software Developer (R25K-R40K p.a. CTC)

    Company overview We are a fast growing and dynamic telecommunications software development company with around 40 staff members consisting mostly of highly experienced and skilled solution architects, software developers, and support engineers. We specialise in high performance robust Telco...
  8. S

    Taskflow requires Python developers

    Taskflow is a team of young enthusiasts with compelling ideas, visions and dreams. We are a team of specialists with an unwavering commitment to quality, efficiency, innovation and integrity. We are looking for a Python developer based in Gauteng (or willing to relocate) to join our team of high...
  9. DrJohnZoidberg

    My pet Python... project for Plex.

    Few month ago I decided I wanted to learn Python, so I set myself up a project. Lately it's been consuming most of my spare time as I cram to get as much as I can done to get a stable release out. While not there yet it's at least starting to take shape and is useful without being too buggy...
  10. M

    Fullstack developer looking for freelance work (AngularJS/NodeJS/Go/Python & PHP)

    I'm a fullstack developer with experience in the early stage payments and adtech startup industries. My main strengths are in AngularJS (frontend JavaScript), Python (Flask), Golang and PHP. I also do some NodeJS but not as much as I would like. I can develop WordPress plugins as well as...
  11. N

    Job/internship Wanted: Self-taught Django dev | PTA-East/Centurion

  12. L

    Snr PHP Developer - Superbalist

    Do you love the idea of working for a high-energy startup? Are you obsessed with new technology and emerging businesses? Well then you’re who we want! SA’s #1 Design Destination, Superbalist is looking for a Senior PHP Developer to join our team. Job Location Cape Town (Head office) Job...
  13. NeonNinja

    Top sites: Programming languages used

    1. Google – Java (Web), – C++ (indexing) 2. Facebook – PHP 3. YouTube- Flash, Python, Java 4. Yahoo– PHP and Java 5. Microsoft– .NET 6. Wikipedia – PHP 7. Blogger – Java 8. MSN – .NET 9. Twitter – Ruby on Rails, Scala, Java
  14. S

    Advice on Programming Strategy for Scraper

    Hi, I am looking to write a internet scraper, and have considered the following languages: Python C++ Java The scraper will need to: - Retrieve HTML code from a page - Select a link, name and description from a section of the page - Ask for user confirmation (non gui - maybe gui...
  15. R

    Number of developers for PHP vs Python

    I'm well aware of the differences, benefits and disadvantages of using PHP vs Python. What I'm interested in finding out is the number of skilled South African developers for each language, and whether there are a significantly higher number of developers skilled in one vs the other language...
  16. S

    Python Programmng

    Hi all. I've been slowly teaching myself a variety of computer languages, but enjoy Python the most. I'm still a noob, but enjoy the learning. I'm also seriously thinking about a career change, maybe not now, but perhaps in a year or two (I'm in no hurry). Would Python be a good language to...
  17. N

    mod_python hackers...

    Hi all, I have forced myself to move from Perl to Python over the last couple of months. I'm not 100% there yet, but I am now in the "final" phase - moving from mod_perl to mod_python. Still early days, but perhaps there are one or two things some others here will be interested in. My...
  18. M

    Giant Pythons Invade Florida