1. Solarion

    Anti-corruption marches were racist, says Zuma

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  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Racist WhatsApp message sent to the wrong group

    Racist WhatsApp message sent to the wrong group Another case of a WhatsApp message sent to the wrong recipients has caused serious problems for the sender.
  3. G

    How to deal with people who want Muslims to apologise for Charlie Hebdo

    Je suis Charlie offers lesson of tolerance Link.
  4. I

    So, wanting to speak to an Afrikaans Telkom support agent makes you a racist?

    Well, I don't normally rant and rave about service providers, but today I came across the best excuse for bad service. After listening to the recorded phone call twice (yes, I record my phone calls) I could still not figure out where I said I don't want to speak to a black person, or any...
  5. Mike Hoxbig

    Margaret Thatcher dies after stroke

    All over the news, will find a link soon. RIP iron lady :(
  6. LazyLion

    Facebook racist opens wounds

  7. G

    Malema won't be punished - for now

    everybody is scared of the little piece of **** http://www.news24.com/Content/SouthAfrica/Politics/1057/de70f3ea6b03489fa4943c8d67813a62/15-03-2010-08-05/Malema_wont_be_punished_-_for_now
  8. G

    Malema linked to R250m mining deal

    http://www.fin24.com/articles/default/display_article.aspx?ArticleId=1518-1786_2575894 so if found guilty he has given permission for SARS to distribute his money to the poor , watching justice factor this morning he confirmed this duplicate thread can somebody please delete this
  9. M

    SA sport still too white?

  10. J

    Avatar hit by claims of racism

  11. d0b33

    "We need segregated buses"

  12. M

    Even babies are racist

  13. D

    White dog comment hate speece

    What good is police if they are the criminals
  14. M

    R10 000 for racist SMS