1. Beylie

    How do I add new Sherlo remotes to my Paradox system?

    I was hoping someone could help me with step-by-step instructions on how to add 2 new Sherlo remotes to my setup. I have the following information in a PDF that the installer (who is not involved anymore) gave me: I want to add 2 new 6 buttons Sherlo remotes in the same configuration as...
  2. G

    Network setup for remote office with PCs on site

    Hi all looking for some advise on a setup , at the moment we are working remotely we are a small company 10 user, We have most of our data in Gdrive and our gmail, But we have one challenge we have operation software that runs on the local network and is a bandwidth hog.. we have not manage to...
  3. RedViking

    ShopAndShip Online Store (Review)

    I thought I would give a review for this shop. I was looking for a remote for my Aircon. Samsung didn't have the original remote anymore (too old) and did suggest a Universal Remote they sell. But I found a universal remote from ShopAndShip (bought two so free shipping) for R315. Same remote...
  4. P

    Hisense Smart TV A6500 remote slow response

    Hello fine people, I have a new Hisense A6500 smart TV where the TV takes approximately 1/5th of a second to respond to me pressing buttons on the remote, which can be frustrating when browsing or trying to type things in to the on screen keyboard - as you can imagine. Does anyone else...
  5. D

    Logitech Harmony 950 remote

    Item: Logitech Harmony 950 remote Age: 8 months Warranty: 4 months left Condition: Excellent condition Packaging: Yes, original Location: Pretoria East or Arcadia (working hours) Shipping: Can be arranged (collection preferred) Price: R2800
  6. D

    Logitech Harmony Smart Control (Hub + Remote)

    Item: Logitech Harmony Smart Control (Hub + Remote) Age: 8 months Warranty: Remainder of 1 year warranty with Logitech US Condition: Great Location: Pretoria East or Arcadia (working hours) Shipping: Can be arranged (collection preferred) Price: R1500
  7. D

    Logitech Harmony 950 remote

    Logitech Harmony 950 remote Condition: 10/10 Packaging: Yes Full Warranty: No Shipping: Yes ex Pta at buyers expense and risk Asking R3000 (non-negotiable) Reason for selling: Need cash WhatsApp me on 0813131991 for pictures Call/SMS 0605052599
  8. K

    Universal Remote Codes (All in One Remotes) with DSTV and Mede8er.

    Hi Guys, Please can someone help with remote/URC codes for a DSTV U4 Single View Decoder (I think the stock remote is a B3/B4 remote).... as well as the codes for a Mede8er 500x2 Media Player.... I'm desperate, been trying for hours and hours. I bought a 8-device All in One URC 2981 Rev...
  9. P

    Can anyone help me programme my Rii i25 mini remote

    Hey there. I've just purchased a Rii i25 mini remote. It looks like it's a very nice remote, but for the life of me I'm struggling to program the IR buttons. I bought it on Takealot. In the ad it said it had 24 programmable buttons. But when I activate the learning function, only 4 buttons on...
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    How easy it is to hack your home’s gate remote

    How easy it is to hack your home’s gate remote Many garage and gate remote systems are not very secure.
  11. A

    Help with Ellies Universal remote control.

    :confused: Hi, My name is Andras and I am new to the Forum. I have a +/- six year old Ellies BPUNIR 2 slim line remote, used once way back. It's in new condition with new batteries.The instructions leaflet (you guessed it!) is missing. I'd like to set it up for an old Phillips VCR also in...
  12. X

    Neighbours VW Vivo's Remote sets off my Ellies Remote Doorbell :-)

    Hey, This so weird people, but when I did a quick Google search right now I came across similar instances of this happening (abroad though). Stumped! Cannot figure how this is possible at all? Say that maybe I can open her car with my Ellies Remote - hahahaha - no probably not! Oh... and her...
  13. C

    TV Link eye trouble - tv 2

    Good day, We have a SD PVR and currently I use tv 2. I have a tv link eye and it always worked perfectly and I could watch tv and change channels freely. It then stopped working and did not pick up the remote anymore. I then thought the eye is faulty and bought a new one. However, the problem...
  14. W

    Looking for a video calling (pref skype) meeting device

    Hi there everyone, I'm hoping that somebody has gone through this exercise before and will be able to point me in the right direction. Essentially I am looking for a device that I can connect to remotely (over the Internet) and then be able to partake in meetings. Requirements...
  15. D

    Adventurous Android Infrared Owners

    hi guys, I've created a new Google+ group for owners of both an Android device with infrared hardware and some some sort of DSTV decoder. Please check it out at Thanks, DrakeSW
  16. R

    Anyone out there do Helpdesk/Remote support?

    Hi Guys, I am currently a field engineer. For about 3 years I have been driving around all day, getting my hands dirty and doing work for clients onsite. I have been offered a position where I will be based at the office - Assisting users over the phone and helping via RDP/Teamviewer. I...
  17. Z

    Dstv remote not working?

    My remote control has stopped working. It worked earlier today, When I push the button I see the green light on the decoder flash. Meaning that the decoder is receiving the command. But nothing Happens. It's a sd remote says space on the bottom. My gut feeling is that it's a...
  18. R13...

    So some **** tried to jam my car remote

    I was at the JHB Park station, as I leave the car I try to lock the car and nothing happens. I listen for the clicking sound when the door locks but this time nothing happens. I had walked a couple meters off, so I turn around and walk on over next to the car and try again and nothing still...
  19. S

    Please recommend an Air Fly Mouse from Amazon

    I'm looking for a good Air Fly Mouse / Remote to use on my HTPC setup in the living room. Budget is R500 / $50. What do you recommend? I will be ordering off Ideally, it should be able to wake my HTPC from sleep, control the mouse pointer, and have a decent keyboard. It should...
  20. HitmanV

    Using the Unrestricted APN

    Hi all Here is my situation: I have a webcam (aircam) and a 3G modem (Planet WNRT-617G) and the CellC Black Nokia USB dongle (CS-19) with a pay-as-you-go cellc simcard in it. I applied for the unrestricted APN and got it (it took 3 weeks) i know this because i can ping its 3G IP address when...