1. A

    Agents & Landlords: Tenant enquiring about interest on deposit

    Hi all, Tenant served notice on my residential cottage. Has requested 'statement of deposit, including interest earned'. Lease doesn't cover same and I've never had such a request (for interest payment) before. Is there an obligation (legal, moral, etc.) to pay interest on a cottage deposit...
  2. D

    2k admin fees on lease. Reasonable?

    Hi folks, I got a flat to rent in Kempton park and out of the blue the agent told me about a R2000 admin fee that wasn't not advertised on the listing. I brought the issue to their attention but they wouldn't budge. Have I been living under a rock? Is the R2000 justifiable on a R5500 flat.
  3. Alrua

    Lights and Water avg.

    Hey all, Sorry if this is in the wrong forum location, as I am not exactly sure where to ask this. So I spoke with a work friend and was shocked to hear for two people we pay 4k -3.5k a month on lights and water etc. Rent itself is 5k. **Update** 2020-01-01 101810 Electricity (Nov 2019)...
  4. L

    Looking to rent space on mast towers around Tshwane

    Hi, we are looking to rent space a mast towers around Tshwane, for a wireless network. We tried calling ATC South Africa, however customer care is seem like they don't even know that they suppose to rent put space. Called Vodacom, they too don't have clear answer. We are looking...
  5. R

    Is a landlord legally responsible for insurance on a rented property?

    I am negotiating a lease for an agricultural smallholding. There is a fair bit of infrastructure on the property - main house, large polytunnel, water pumps, chicken houses, fruit trees, etc. The landlord says he is only insuring the house and none of the agricultural part of the property. What...
  6. epah

    City Bridge won't give back Deposit

    Good day guys. I need help getting my deposit back From City bridge properties. These people own The Collosseum apartments in Johannesburg, Val Du Charron in the western cape and other businesses. In January 2016 I rented an apartment at the Collosseum and because I wasn't working at the...
  7. S

    Car rental rates

    Where can one get affordable monthly car rental within JHB? By affordable I mean for my sake +/- R4000/pm
  8. NeonNinja

    Rent or buy?

    Pros and cons of each? Which do you prefer, why?
  9. N

    Where to live in Jhb - Near Sandton

    Fellow forumites, I am in need of assitance, I am possibly moving to Jhb for work, specifically Alice Lane in Sandton. I know Jhb to some extent, but not wrt where to live. I would like a nice,safe, residential area, not too much hustle, bustle and traffic. Maybe like a...
  10. T

    Electrical grounding / audio problem (for PC, Guitar, Headphones, Dishwasher, et)

    I'm just going to throw this out there, does anyone have any tips or pointers for the following electrical problem: I'm currently renting the downstairs section of a double storey house in an urban residential area, but the wiring is old, and the house mains run to a hollow-core steel / alloy...
  11. M

    Durban Rentals

    HI I have been offered a transfer to our Durban office in Umhlanga I need a place to rent for approx. 4-6k, preferably 3 bedrooms Any suggestions would be truly appreciated
  12. B

    New Cape Town Startup Looking For Feedback

    [Intro] New Cape Town Startup Looking For Feedback Aweh My name is Ruark and I'm one of the founders. We're a startup based out of Cape Town, South Africa who recently were accepted into the Google/Samsung backed 88MPH accelerator program. We're a mobile app that borrows a little...
  13. Archer

    Home loans with rental income

    Quick question - trying to get pre-qualified for a loan so I know the ballpark the banks think I can afford. So in your experience, what percentage (if any) of rental income will banks allow you to put into your gross income? And what about if part of that rental would be from my current primary...
  14. bromster

    Recommended Modern Rental Accommodation in Cape Town

    Hey All, Can anyone recommend nice complexes in CT to suit a single person. I am looking for a decent size place, at least 65m2. It is very hard to find places to rent with modern finishes. My criteria are: - Budget [edit] R5-7k excl Elec. - Modern - Off-street parking - Not tiny -...
  15. S

    How much do the operators pay in rental for a base station site?

    So a friend has asked me to do some investigations. One of the big 3 operators has approached him to put up a base station on his property. They require a 9x9m piece of vacant land, of which he has plenty. His property is slightly on the outskirts of a big Johannesburg suburb, between 2...
  16. J

    where in CT to rent Breaking Bad S3 and S4

    Anyone know where in Cape Town to rent Breaking Bad Season 3 and Season4? I rented S1 and S2 from Video 2000, but none of the branches ( I phoned 11 branches) have Season 3 or 4. Only place I could find was DVD Nouveau, but its always rented out due to the series and shops popularity and...
  17. A

    Landlords/agents and deposit held in trust

    I have some questions around the deposit held in trust, and hoping someone here can answer. Relates specifically to a leasing arrangement where there is an agent involved, and the deposit is held in a s78(2A) trust account. Is there meant to be both an Agent Fee and a Monthly Admin Fee, both...
  18. IridiuM

    High IQ roommates wanted :)

    Wazzup guys! Is there anyone out there looking for a place to stay in Pretoria East? Bought myself a mansion :D a few years ago and I'm sick of chilling in this crib alone. Got 4 rooms available. Undercover parking. Uncapped Internet of course, main line, backup line and 3g. DSTV premium...
  19. G

    Good letting agents

    I want to rent out a flat but don't have time to spend time with chasing rent and dealing with dead beat tenants or all the other little time consumers involved with being a landlord. Can any of you suggest a good letting agent that you personally have experience with? Joburg area btw...
  20. K

    Rentals in Durban revisted

    So I'm not moving to Richards Bay anymore :) The job is in Durban so I have to find a place to stay in Durban. I've been looking at Morningside and Glenwood mostly, Glenwood seems to be a little cheaper but some agents have told me Morningside is much nicer. What do you guys think? I'm...