1. P

    Request for faulty laptops & old phones & notebooks

    I am requesting for faulty laptops, Phones and other second hand electronics. Stuff you no longer want. You want to get rid off. Your support will be greatly appreciated and highly valued. Calls or WhatsApp 0711175405
  2. MogenNaidoo

    PC Repairs During Lockdown

    Hi all, I think my PSU requires repairing. I believe the capacitor may have blown as I hear a loud "pop" and the PC won't turn on at all. I inspected the motherboard and nothing seems to be out of the ordinary, so I presume it must be the PSU. It's a 1000w PSU and would prepare to repair rather...
  3. pjherstelwerke

    Where to buy/download Tata Xenon manual

    Hi I am trying to find a workshop manual for a Tata Xenon 3.0 4X4 with engine number DICOR06HSZ 2008. My internet searching has not pushed me any closer to my goal. I have been working on this vehicle and need to the torque settings on the main and big end bearings and also on flywheel. Any...
  4. M

    HDMI Cable Repairs

    Hi everyone I have some long HDMI cables with the terminator broken. It seems a shame to throw them away so can anyone recommend someone/company in JHB that repairs such things. Many thanks Tim
  5. O

    Webasto Sunroof Repair

    Hi All I need help with sunroof repairs. Where can I get sunroof parts? I have tried Google but all I get is companies who want to do it for me. Thing is dust debris caused driverside rail to break. I just want to buy that rail and fit it. Quotations from repair companies ranger from...
  6. OnlyOneKenobi

    Canon DSLR Repairs \ Cleaning?

    So it looks like I might have stuffed up the fresnel focusing screen of my EOS 750D a bit, and now some "streaks" or "scratches" appear when looking through the viewfinder. I suppose the damage is not too bad as it doesn't affect anything other than looking through the viewfinder - so I know...
  7. RedViking

    Orange ZA doesn't cover Warranty - Disgusted

    Hi, I bought a phone (LG G4 - surprise!) via a year ago, as you know they have closed down. We are now referred to CTDI,, +27 (11) 237 7800 for warranty and returns. CTDI organised and fetched my phone for repairs under warranty last...
  8. M

    Roku 3 Repairs

    Good day. Does anybody know where one can send a faulty ROKU 3 unit for repairs? I'm based in Durban but don't mind posting it nationally to be repaired. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks :D
  9. G

    Returning a Used Cars within 7 day.

    Hi guys I bought a car over the weekend but it turns out there is a problem with the transmission. I know they'll probably offer to fix it and all, but I've lost faith in this car and just foresee me dealing with issue after issue with this car. So what the deal with the 7 day return? Are the...
  10. Zoomzoom

    Aftermath of renovations:- How do I?

    How do I: Clean Plascon Polvin PVA from copper pipes safely and effectively? Clean Plascon Polvin PVA from matt floor tiles which are also black? Clean residue from installation of new windows from the glass? There is some kind of sticky glue type substance on the windows. Clean residue...
  11. G

    KIA Sportage service and repairs in Cape Town

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent mechanic or garage in Cape Town (preferably northern suburbs) that can service and do repairs on a Kia Sportage. Hoping to find one that is highly recommended and specialises in Kia's.
  12. M

    LCD Monitor repairs in Sandton Area?

    Hi guys, I have a bunch of LCD monitors from different brands. Where can I send them to be repaired? I know LetMeRepair used to do that but they are gone now. Any other places?
  13. S

    Does anybody know any reliable Printer Repair & Servicing companies in Durban?

    We have lots of printers in our office that need to either get repaired or have it's yearly service. Are there any good companies in Durban that I can send them to? I've tried the main Samsung Centre for the samsung products however they almost always never assist with servicing and their...
  14. K

    Help with providing a quotation for insurance claim

    Good morning all The most unfortunate thing happened to me on Monday afternoon: Lightning struck my area affecting my PC and rendering it completely useless (Refuses to switch on). I have begun the insurance claims process and I was told that I will need to get an assessment report done and...
  15. L

    Car warranty repairs taking too long??

    Has anyone ever taken their car for repairs under warranty? What was the time taken to fix/replace parts? What was the longest wait for repairs? What is the acceptable turnaround time to fix under warranty? BTW, I took my car almost two weeks ago to a dealer and they still say they are...
  16. S

    Samsung 2333 Monitor Repairs (Out of Warrant)

    Hello I have a Samsung 2333 Syncmaster monitor, which flickers and randomly goes black. I am looking for a place to have it repaired. So far the only place I have that picks up the phone is a place Samsung gave me the number for. in Parow. Anywhere else? I am in...
  17. S

    Xbox 360 Phat Flashing

    Hi All, I have been scouring the internet (Gumtree/Junkmail) for someone who could flash my Xbox 360 Phat. Please send me the details if you know of someone in Fourways or Krugersdorp. As you will see from my profile is that I'm quite new here. SO please excuse for any mistakes that...
  18. R13...

    Samsung repairs

    I have a dead Note II 16Gb from what appears to be the Sudden Death Syndrome but the ****s at cacell are trying to pass it off as physical damage so I need somewhere I can have the phone assessed and a report provided as to the cause of the damage. Is there any such place in GP? I don't get...
  19. W

    Component Level Repairs (gfx card)

    Haai.. i have a GFX card that was damaged in trasit, aka it was not in the computer when the D***head i mean friend dropped or mashed it against something.. basically there is a diode that is wrecked... does anyone know of a place that does component level repairs like this? duq
  20. K

    Lexus Touchscreen Repairs

    We repair non responsive Lexus touchscreen. We dissambe it fix it and assamble it - R2500.00. All work comes with a 12 month warranty. The repairs take a hour to three hour depending on extent of damage. Call 0127713326 or 0763820951