1. RedViking

    Getting old, nearing death, what does it feel like (for the forum elderly)?

    This is probably a sensitive topic and I don't know how else to ask these questions realising it might upset some. That is not my intention. What does it feel like to know you just have a decade or so left to live (maybe 1 or 2 more)? And you are getting older and "uglier", younger generations...
  2. Matt91

    T-Day (retirement reform changes)

    So this morning I got this in my inbox from HR, just trying to understand exactly what this means as my HR lady's explanations are pretty terrible and she's just confusing everyone with her answers being all over the place. As far as I understand it, all member contributions to the company...
  3. K

    Moving away from Liberty Retirement Annuity

    Hi guys My girlfriend and I are relooking at our RA's with Liberty, we are juniors in this, please bear with this. My girlfriend has been paying R1200 toward her RA for the last 10 years, if I do the math, thats around R144000 cash, but looking at her investment statement, the total investment...
  4. PhreakBoy

    My decision to move my RA and the calculations

    I was undecided whether to start a new thread or whether to comment on the existing ones regarding EAC / OutVest, but figured this is a separate topic. I trust no one minds. TL;DR in blue Approximately 15 years ago I had changed jobs and got in contact with a FA from the big green company. I...
  5. I

    Old Mutual RA lost over a million rand in one year.

    Hi all - not sure if this question has been asked before - but I have a terrible performing RA with Old Mutual. They've spilt unit trusts between Allan Grey Equity, Nedgroup Investment Value A fund and Old Mutual SA Quoted Property. Last year alone our payments of nearly 600k were essentially...
  6. B

    Invest Overseas or in South Africa

    What to do ?? Here or overseas Is South Africa going to offer enough return on investment?? And is it stable enough to produce the growth we need ?? Or is it easier just to simply place our money in Global Investments
  7. B

    How to lose your Insurance Investment Money

    We all probably have taken a Investment Policy with an Insurance Company. Whether it is a Education Policy, Retirement Annuity, Tax Free Savings or Unit Trust or Endowment. All the same we took it in good faith with the idea as expressed to make at least 10% return as the Salesman implied...
  8. shooter69

    Leaving your funds in retirement fund after resignation is a very bad idea

    Background : I worked for a company for 2 years and we had a compulsory Funds at work fund with Momentum. about 5 months ago I resigned and joined a new company with a new pension fund. I decided to leave my retirement fund in tact so it can grow. (Worth R94k at the time of resignation)...
  9. N

    NOOB'S GUIDE : Investments (esp. Retirement Annuities (RA)) for 2017

    So I was reading through this : Best Retirement Annuities (RA) for 2016 This thread gave me some idea of which companies to look at and stuff, BUT, it think it's more suited to those who are already...
  10. S

    Online Brokerage Accounts

    Can anyone recommend a good South African online brokerage account that: 1. Will allow me to invest in ETF's that are managed by foreign-registered companies (this is key) 2. Has—ideally—low to minimum admin fees Just as a background, I am an American, South African permanent resident and...
  11. M

    Preservation Funds

    Hi guys, hopefully somebody can help me out here. I am 32 years old and I am resigning from my job to move to the UK (my girlfriend got a job there). I need to put the money from my provident fund into a preservation fund. The Sygnia Skeleton 70 fund looks like a good bet. I would manage...
  12. R

    Where do I invest my Retirement Discovery or Old Mutual

    I have had a retirement Annuity for the past 10 year with Old Mutual and a life policy, I reviewed the RA last week and found it had not grown at all. I have now stopped contributing to the Old Mutual RA and Life Insurance and gone with Discovery Retirement coupled with their Life Insurance...
  13. D

    Withdraw pension and reinvest

    Morning All, As a general rule is it better to move my pension (from my previous company) into a preservation fund, or to with draw it (taking the tax knock) and invest it myself into another fund - I'm thinking Satrix? Regards, Deacon
  14. ronz91

    South African Mr Money Mustache?? early retirement guru

    Hey I am a big fan of Mr Money Mustache and he is immensely popular with a large following. His lifestyle fits my way of thinking and preferences. Most of his principles are applicable to me but his strategies need modification due to him being American. Anyone know of another early retirement...
  15. J

    are you going to stay a developer til you retire? other plans perhaps? your view pls

    are you going to stay a developer til you retire? how many years til you are 65 then? other plans perhaps? is the norm to be a developer, try and prove yourself and perhaps move into a technical lead or business leader? perhaps start your own business? if so, have you given yourself a...
  16. C

    Retirement fund

    In the few years that I worked in the UK i got the portion of my taxes that would have gone to my retirement there, paid into a private stakeholder pension plan. The idea being that if you are not going to retire in the UK then you can take the money with you when you leave. Now that I am...
  17. B

    Retirement Annuity Fund

    Hi there A life insurance salesman has almost convinced me to get a Retirement Annuity Fund to obtain the tax benefits. But I have just had 2nd doubts about getting the Retirement Annuty Fund as I do have possible long term plans on emigrating one day in the future. The Retirement Annuity...
  18. medicnick83

    Gibbs Retirement

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rumors have it, Gibbs is considering retirement from international cricket. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best news I've heard all day.