1. S

    Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus Custom ROM: Suggestions please.

    Been yonks since I bothered with Flashing ROMS, but my 8GB GGPP has so much bloatware, its useless, even with moving whatever apps I can to the 16GB SD Card I have. So its time. Downloaded Odin, and gonna get started with rooting. Trusted ROMS you guys and gals are using - I am also...
  2. M

    Rooting: where angels fear to tread?

    Android is new to me, my first phone with Google powering it is a little Huawei Y300, as an interim device, until I buy my next 'real' phone. OS - Android 4.1.1 Kernel version is 3.4.0-perf-gf909b34-00170-ga479003 Huawei build number Y300-0100V100R001C16B191 Rooting: if I could...
  3. NomNom

    Samsung Galaxy S3 - Recommend me a ROM

    Hi there Can anyone please recommend me a ROM for my Samsung Galaxy S3 (International Edition), I have tried Cyanogenmod and really liked it but it was a little too buggy and battery hungry for me, I am currently running on a stock 4.3 ROM but it's really slow (got used to Cyangenmod's speed)...
  4. H

    Rooting and Flashing Custom ROM on The Sony Xperia P

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping to root and flash a custom ROM on a Sony Xperia P. It seems however that most ROMs for this device are unofficial ROMs, or otherwise experimental or unstable. Can anyone recommend a ROM to use with this device? Unofficial ROMs are welcome, as long as the ROM has...
  5. G

    Android 4.1.2 Stock Rom for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

    Hi everyone, So I am looking into repartitioning my S2 internal storage space, but I need a stock rom for my phone to use on Odin. I looked at Sammobile, but the HOTFILE download links are screwd and times out all the time. Anyone have an alternative download link for the latest 4.1.2 or...
  6. H

    The Official Cyanogenmod Thread

    Hi everyone. I'm surprised this thread does not exist as yet, so I thought it well to create it. Please feel free to post any Cyanogenmod-related content (queries/ information/ other) here, regardless of the device used.
  7. H

    Rooting and Flashing the Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100)

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping to apply an after-market ROM on my Samsung Galaxy S2, since Samsung is taking ages to release an updated ROM for this model. Can anyone shed some light on this process - the amount of information on the Internet is vast, so a tried-and-tested approach would be great...
  8. K

    Samsung Galaxy note 2 original south africa ROM

    I rooted my galaxy note 2, but now i want to go back to the default OS that it came with. Tried searching the net, but they all say you have to download the ROM for the country you are in. And i dont seem to find any rom for South africa. Please help...
  9. K

    Custom Android Firmware Unofficial

    I was wondering the following: 1) How many people have tried custom firmware on their android device? 2) Have you broken it while loading the custom firmware and fixed it? 3) If not tired, considered it? 4) Source of custom firmware? I have loaded custom firmware on my LG Optimus 3D...
  10. M

    New S7 Slim rom!

    Finaly there is a reason to flsh a rom for the S7 Slim, because... it is CM9/10! :D When I have a few minutes spare over the next few days I'm so going to flash this!
  11. S

    Anyone flashed a custom ROM on their S3?

    I've been using the S3 for 2 months now and have grown to love some of the touchwiz functionality like swiping a call-log entry left to right therefore triggering the dialer. Smart Stay. Smart dialler from sms etc etc. Right now Im mulling over flashing stable CM9 or a CM10 nightly. Care to...
  12. M

    New Rom - S7 Slim - Pirate 2.0

    There is a new ROM available for the S7 Slim, I'm going to link to the article and then rewrite it in sane mode to be understood by one and all. NOTE: Obviously where you read "LINUX" you just skip that section if you are on another OS. LINUX: Make sure you have the latest android-sdk and...
  13. N

    CM 7.2 RC1 Now Available And here I am waiting on CM9. I guess for an old phone like mine, it might be curtains at 7.2.
  14. M

    MIUI for the Samsung Galaxy SII

    Is anyone running any MIUI rom? I'm tempted to install but I'd like detailed instructions. Do I need to do the usual wipe factory bla bla bla and then just install the rom with CWM or are there other things I need to do before I install as well? Also, on the MIUI site, they say the unofficial...
  15. B

    Darky is dead, DarkyROM is reborn - Samsung Galaxy S I9000

    Quoting Joël aka Darky: So, fellow users of DarkyROM, are you going to continue using DarkyROM, or are you considering moving to another? If so, which one? Also, which custom ROM are you using on your Samsung Galaxy S I9000 OR which is the best Samsung Galaxy S I9000 ROM?
  16. HapticSimian

    You are a NOOB on XDA Developers

    Any self-confessed geek who's had a phone worthy of fiddling with in the past few years should be familiar with XDA Developers - the place where all the wonderful folk who grace us with custom ROMs, rooting guides and funky splashscreens congregate. I've personally noticed, however, that many a...
  17. M

    How I rooted and flashed my HTC Magic

    I rooted and flashed my HTC Magic (previously 1.5 with Sense UI) to Android 2.2 (Froyo) in a few simple steps. No need for goldcards, nor changing of Radios nor SPLs. It’s the easiest and quickest method to flashing your phone. All in all, it took me less than 15 minutes and that includes the...
  18. A

    HTC Hero ROMs

    Not sure if this link has been posted before ... lots of ROMs for the Hero
  19. G

    Flashing Omnia JBHH1 Rom

    Hi I've read numerous threads on flashing the Omnia's rom, but I either missed the crux or I am doing something wrong, cause I can't get the new JC rom to flash. Keep getting "Incorrect Software Version" error... Anyone willing to give me step by step guide as the JBHH1 is just not...