1. QuintonB

    SAPS gets a network boost

    SA Police to get network upgrade The State Information Technology Agency (SITA) is working with the South African Police Service (SAPS) to modernise its systems through the SAPS National Network Upgrade Program.
  2. LazyLion

    Cops ran chop shop in capital South Africa's Finest... lol.
  3. Jan

    Sunday Times journos not on SAPS payroll: Hartley

    Just received this press release from Ogilvy: A document submitted as part of the FUL court application to have controversial police official Richard Mdluli removed from office has included the unsubstantiated allegation that a story was published in the Sunday Times of 23 October 2011 by...
  4. jes

    SAPS declares war on piracy

    SAPS declares war on piracy Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa called for strengthened partnerships in dealing with the “scourge of piracy”
  5. DreamKing

    Cele: Cops brutality reports isolated cases how many "isolated" cases Cele? Damn you!!!!! :mad: we are facing unlawful arrests, assaults, abusing of power against unarmed civilians by SAPS EVERYDAY !!!!!!!! :mad: For exampe, can you believe...
  6. A

    Another ‘blue light convoy’ assault Just heard about this. Yet another disgraceful incident. Banana republic :rolleyes: