1. G

    Amazon Shipping to South Africa

    Does anyone here have experience with ordering from Amazon and shipping to South Africa? I noticed that they have a way greater selection and cheaper prices than SA store like Takelot, Loot, Makro, etc (even when shipping and import taxes are added). I'm not buying from any small seller on...
  2. G

    First Class Shipping ( USPS to South Africa )

    Hi All, Im looking for anyone who has had recent experience with shipping from the USA to SA using USPS ( Specifically First Class Service ). My sister in America sent me a small parcel 31 July 2019 its now almost end August and i have not received any calls , sms's , emails etc. Called the...
  3. justblazethe1st

    PayPal and International Purchases

    Okay quick questions, i'm going to be buying something on alibaba and i have an option to use paypal and since i have like $50 in there i might as well use it. My question is when it comes down to sending invoice to the courier guys for customs clearance am i going to have a problem?
  4. D

    Shipping from china

    Has anyone had any experience importing from China? From alibaba and other places. How can one decrease the delivery times to under a week, that isn't going to cost an arm and a leg. Looking at selling low cost items on my website, but the DHL shipping is just much too expensive to make it...
  5. J

    [2019] Question about ordering from Amazon in South Africa

    I've never ordered anything internationally before and I really don't understand the procedure. I hear a lot of thieving that occurs in Johannesburg and I don't want to risk anything without knowing the facts. So I hear Amazon uses a private courier- for the standard international shipping...
  6. MJG

    Alibaba shipping vs Local freight forwarder

    Hello. This will be my first time ordering from Alibaba. The supplier can ship the products for much cheaper than someone like Rohlig can. The cost difference is vast and am just wondering if anyone has any experience in this.
  7. T

    Thinking of ordering laptop(xps13) via myUS

    Hello Has anyone ever used myUs to ship an expensive electronic device such as a laptop from amazon? My past experience with myUs has been good as I have shipped a razor keyboard from amazon by them with only paying minor import duties. I am looking to ship an xps 13 9360 from amazon and I've...
  8. T

    Postnet any better than the Post Office?

    This isn't actually a hardware/gadget post, but since this forum seems to do most of the importing I was wondering if there was any benefit to using a Postnet box rather than a PO Box at the Post Office? I'm assuming it still has to go through the same customs office at the airport, and...
  9. A

    USPS Packages ‘stuck’ in Customs

    I ordered 2 products from reputable companies in the US. Its been about 6 weeks aimce it should have been delivered yet whenever the i check the tracking number on USPS it just says out for delivery. I have a suspicion that these packages are just sitting at customs and nothing is happening...
  10. Z

    Amazon US shipping

    Hey guys; Quick question: Do all these options use a courier? ( I noticed that the price charged includes the import duties as well). - Amazon Global Standard shipping - Amazon global expedited shipping - Amazon Global priority shipping Thanks Guys;
  11. Zoomzoom

    Notice to All BidorBuy Sellers

    I have to get this off my chest and if it is in the wrong part of the forum, I apologise but I can't find a better place to put this. So after buying on BidorBuy for a while, I have no complaints about the process or products - buyer beware and know your prices will cover you from most...
  12. ControlAltDelete

    Shipping PC hardware to South Africa via Aliexpress

    Okay so I know there are a ton of threads featuring the same questions but they seem to be 5+ years out of date so please bear with me...
  13. C

    Amazon and Shipping cameras

    Hey guys, About to pull out my hair. After almost two weeks and using about 400 rand to try sort out this I am just about done. I had ordered a Sony A7II as well as two lenses from Amazon (supplied by them too) and it was due last week Thursday by DHL express. Tracking showed that it was not...
  14. D

    Ordered from and package arrived with empty box, how to get refund?

    Hey, I ordered a Lenovo Zuk Z2 from and waited for 2 months for it. It arrived at the post office, went to get it, signed for it and opened it at the post office. The phone box packaging was damaged and the phone was missing. Now I need a refund, I contacted and they said they...
  15. S

    Most reliable courior company?

    Hello! I've researched a number of local courier companies, but would like to hear the opinions/experiences of others who have sent gifts (or even small-quantity goods) overseas. Which courier company (Aramex/FedEx etc.) would you say you had the best experience with?
  16. V

    How does this postal situation work....

    So I ordered a phone cover and some keychains off a website and used paypal to pay for it, i was skeptical of even using our post office because the package doesn't have tracking...10-14 days (UK royal Mail service) In my new found trust I went on eBay and bought a sticker (Don't judge) which...
  17. N

    Cost effective shipping from the USA

    Hi, not sure if anyone is able to assist, but I'm hoping to give it a shot. I came across this site in the USA, Steve Spangler science. They have a monthly science kit club available for kids, with instructions and impressive experiments, which I would like to get for my 5 year old daughter...
  18. J

    Can I have an IPad mailed to me?

    Hello, I just moved to ZA from the USA last week. My wife has an iPad with a cracked screen and I wanted to upgrade to the iPad pro next month. Apple products are insanely expensive here and I want to have one mailed from home. So I have a couple questions, if you don't mind helping. 1) can...
  19. C

    Post Office Delivery times to UK

    Hi all, Does anyone know, from experience, how long it will take for an "ordinary" parcel to reach the UK from Cape Town? Alternately, does anyone know another way of sending a parcel that won't break the bank? Thank you! :)
  20. S

    Questions about shipping from

    Good day guys, in November I ordered some stuff from, this is the first time ever I've ordered something internationally, and got some questions. According to the tracking service, the items arrived in South Africa end of November, but I didn't get a local tracking number, I thought I...