1. A

    Please help me out with my study

    Hi Guys! I am doing a study on working conditions and organisational commitment amongst South African workers. Please can you help me out by filling the following questionnaire It will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete and is anonymous. Thank you!
  2. A

    Study Tips and Guidance - UNISA BSc computing

    Hey mybb I am going to be studying at UNISA next year (BSc computing). I have a few queries: 1) I have the option to choose 2 of the 3 Elective Modules, however can you choose to study all 3 electives, as they all interest me? 2) There is a speak of a big Unisa forum on mybb, can anyone guide...
  3. J

    Bachelor of arts

    Is there any other institutions where you can study for a Bachelor's of arts long distance except for UNISA? Majoring in Psychology and English.
  4. J

    To become an English Teacher

    I just need some advise please. I want to study to become an English teacher, but I currently have a full time corporate job which makes the practical part of the B.Ed pretty much impossible. The alternative option would be another bachelors degree, followed by a Postgraduate Certificate in...
  5. H

    Information Technology

    Hi all , i have been working in the IT industry for about 3 years now as helpdesk support . As of now i have no qualifications , i would like to futher my skills & start studying . What would be the best recommended courses to Studying in IT to futher my skills ? Do i have to start off with...
  6. T

    IT Course with IT Academy

    Hi there, I am looking at doing this course with IT Academy: Can anyone vouch for them? Will the course be recognized with those companies looking for someone with a A+ N+ qualification?
  7. Daruk

    Student bursary / internship opportunities - websites

    I am currently looking out for opportunities for my two kids who are graduating at the end of next year. I decided to start this thread for anyone else who needs the same opportunities or has good material to contribute. The more the merrier, please send your sites / list of sites you...
  8. K

    Gaming/work laptop under 12k ish

    I’m going to study engineering next year (probably electronic or mechatronic) and i need to know a few things regarding laptops: - do i need (or is it recommended) a laptop to study engineering - Can i get a laptop for work use and personal/gaming use for 12k ish that will last 5 years...
  9. M

    Part-time Software development study advice

    Hi Gents, I don't normally post much so excuse me if I miss any lingo or accepted practices here; Obviously as per the title I'm interested in studying software development part-time. I work in what I'd consider(I'm a newbie so please forgive) a neighbouring field with networking and I'm...
  10. T

    Damelin Courses worth it?

    HI Guys I'm looking into studying through correspondence ,however my application to UNISA has been declined du to my maths mark. I see Damelin offers a Higher Diploma in HR and I'd like to if it's worth pursuing. I assume because its credit bearing. Please help
  11. Newsfeed

    A free internship can result in a salary penalty

    A free internship can result in a salary penalty Graduates who take up unpaid internships suffer a significant salary penalty compared to those going straight into paid work or further study.
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    Top 10 things which make programmers unhappy

    Top 10 things which make programmers unhappy A new study has revealed that being stuck in problem solving, time pressure, and bad code quality and coding practice are the main causes of unhappiness among programmers.
  13. Corvus

    Oracle University Venue

    Hey Hey Hey Quick one. Where is better to attend a course with Oracle, Midrand or Rivonia? I have the option of one or the other and would like to know which of the two would be better/ Travelling time is not an issue. Thanks!
  14. scienide

    UNISA - study questions

    Hi there all So i am trying to assist the wife. Bursaries is open by them and she wants to look at studying as all her peers are moving up and she feels stuck. At the moment she is a Senior Clerk. In her department they have GIS, Environmental affairs, safety and she can go HR way...
  15. D

    GED + SAT

    what universities or collages accept GED and SATS with foreign matric exemptions from HESA? If anyone could give me a list of some that consider you, that would be great :) also maybe what options i have to study at a university or collage thanks :D
  16. L

    Web Design - Pixel Craft

    Hi, Has anyone taken the Web Design course at Pixel craft? I want to know what they thought of the course? I see that they issue you with an Official Adobe® Certificates of Completion, does this offer any value?
  17. C

    Where to take IT short courses

    Hi guys, I'm from East London and want to do some Cisco and Microsoft courses online as I'm a full-time employee. Which online course provider should I enrol with? I want recognised qualifications.
  18. M

    Missed the admission of UNISA 2016, what now?

    I saw that the admission is closed at UNISA for 2016 and I really want to study for a Bachelor Degree in IT. Do you know of any other place to study with really good and legit qualifications? Or is there a loop-hole to still get a student number and get registered?
  19. M

    Baccalaureus Technologiae: Information Technology (BTINF) vs Comptia certificates

    I was wondering if you someone ever did the effort to compare this. If I did all the Comptia certificates, will it be better then UNISA's Baccalaureus Technologiae: Information Technology (BTINF)? The only difference that I think is you will not have done assignments.
  20. J

    Study supplements during exams

    Does anyone make use of study supplements or "Smart supplements" during exams or throughout the year? Due to exams closing in this winter, would like suggestions as o what people use and what actually works? -Nootropics -Naturals -Oils Replies will be greatly appreciated