1. Prawnapple

    New study sheds light on how drinking red wine in a wine bar affects consciousness

    More here, including the scientific study:
  2. PrimeSteak

    Need guidance in studying IT/CS at UNISA

    Hey guys, could you give me some tips/answers to the worries I have about studying at UNISA for an undergrad IT qualification (I'm going to study for a Diploma in IT, starting in 2022). The worries: 1. How many subjects should I take in my first year? While yes, I'm going to study full-time...
  3. Activelion

    Please help me out with my study

    Hi Guys! I am doing a study on working conditions and organisational commitment amongst South African workers. Please can you help me out by filling the following questionnaire It will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete and is anonymous. Thank you!
  4. A

    Study Tips and Guidance - UNISA BSc computing

    Hey mybb I am going to be studying at UNISA next year (BSc computing). I have a few queries: 1) I have the option to choose 2 of the 3 Elective Modules, however can you choose to study all 3 electives, as they all interest me? 2) There is a speak of a big Unisa forum on mybb, can anyone guide...
  5. J

    To become an English Teacher

    I just need some advise please. I want to study to become an English teacher, but I currently have a full time corporate job which makes the practical part of the B.Ed pretty much impossible. The alternative option would be another bachelors degree, followed by a Postgraduate Certificate in...
  6. M

    Part-time Software development study advice

    Hi Gents, I don't normally post much so excuse me if I miss any lingo or accepted practices here; Obviously as per the title I'm interested in studying software development part-time. I work in what I'd consider(I'm a newbie so please forgive) a neighbouring field with networking and I'm...
  7. Newsfeed

    A free internship can result in a salary penalty

    A free internship can result in a salary penalty Graduates who take up unpaid internships suffer a significant salary penalty compared to those going straight into paid work or further study.
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Top 10 things which make programmers unhappy

    Top 10 things which make programmers unhappy A new study has revealed that being stuck in problem solving, time pressure, and bad code quality and coding practice are the main causes of unhappiness among programmers.
  9. Corvus

    Oracle University Venue

    Hey Hey Hey Quick one. Where is better to attend a course with Oracle, Midrand or Rivonia? I have the option of one or the other and would like to know which of the two would be better/ Travelling time is not an issue. Thanks!
  10. C

    Where to take IT short courses

    Hi guys, I'm from East London and want to do some Cisco and Microsoft courses online as I'm a full-time employee. Which online course provider should I enrol with? I want recognised qualifications.
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Drivers text behind the wheel despite knowing dangers

    Drivers text behind the wheel despite knowing dangers Nearly everyone agrees that texting and driving is dangerous. Many people do it anyway
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    Google Glass texting while driving not safe: study

    Google Glass texting while driving not safe: study The first scientific study of driving while texting with Google Glass found that the hands-free eyewear is no safer to use on the road than a smartphone
  13. NeonNinja

    Hire me; why not? (I.T)

    Ok, I'm actually tired of being thrown about, and CV spraying isn't really doing me any good... Although I'm still young (22), I want to set good ground for my self. CV available on Google Docs, if anyone interested... Looking for any position in I.T or relevant thereof. Overview: Study...
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    Action TV shows make you eat more

    Action TV shows make you eat more Could action-packed TV fare make you fat? That’s the implication of a new study that found people snacked more watching fast-paced television than viewing a more leisurely-paced talk show
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    Apple Mac, Windows phone users watch the most porn

    Apple Mac, Windows phone users watch the most porn Pornography website Pornhub has released its Insight study into the porn viewing habits of PC, mobile, and tablet users who visit its site
  16. Aghori

    (Wanted) UNISA Book

    Item wanted: "The NEW Learning Revolution" by Dryden, G, Vos, J. First Edition (2005) Is packaging essential?: Yes Desired age and condition: Second Hand is fine. Condition does not matter. Location: Durban Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes, Post Office if possible. If you choose...
  17. F

    Java Certification is it useful?

    Hey guys, I am deciding to change careers next year by studying a BSC in Computer Science at Wits, now as I save up for it this year I thought it would be useful to start preparing my CV for after I graduate. This in the way of getting a Java Cert through Oracle systems. I have read on...
  18. D

    So you want to be a programmer...

    Ok, starting with little or no programming experience, how would you go about becoming a successful programmer that people want to employ? Where would you study? What would you study? Which languages? Which certifications would you do? Where would you look for your first job? How long would...
  19. LazyLion

    SA Doctor gets Boston Study Award

    The Discovery Foundation has awarded the first MGH Award to a South African doctor, enabling her to advance her specialist skills in liver transplants and disease. The foundation announced on Wednesday the award, worth R1.2 million, would go to Dr Neliswa Gogela, 35. She would study at the...
  20. D

    Career in telecommunications

    Hi guys I am currently in matric and would like to pursue a career in telecommunications. My question is, what job types are in demand within this field and offers good pay? I ask because I would like to know what degree I should study. My instinct is tending towards electrical...