1. N

    Which ISP should i choose.

    I need some help choosing an isp. I recently applied for the telkom closer option 4 which has all the free minutes and includes line rental for adsl 384kbps. I've been looking at various option with regards to an isp. However i'm still clueless. I currently have an iburst account which...
  2. D

    Legal torrents

    Legal Torrents
  3. M

    Duke University to RIAA: "put up or shut up"

  4. LazyLion

    Bulgarian Music Industry Shuts down Torrent site! This story sounds familiar! :confused:
  5. LazyLion

    IsoHunt: Copyright Infringers Aren't Wrong the Law Is! Interesting coming on the back of our local drama! ;)
  6. rpm

    Torrent websites in South Africa

    Torrent websites in South Africa
  7. acidrain

    Torrent tracker needed!

    Hi guys, Im hoping someone here can help me with installing a torrent tracker server on my pc for use on our network. The pc specs are: OS: WinXP Webserver: WampServer currently running a webpage. I have googled and now have run out, or at least can't find trackers. The following trackers i...
  8. cozinsky

    p2p on Neotel

    I get conflicting views on the possibility of p2p on the Neotel network, therefore I decided to start a dedicated thread. I have an uncapped Neoconnect prime account. In my view, p2p is not possible on Neotel, period. Even though they may state that all their ports are open, it is not the...
  9. S

    BSA is Monitoring the IS Backbone for Illegal P2P Software Bownloads

    I've learned this morning while chatting to an isp with regards their unshaped business solutions that the Internet Solutions (IS) backbone is being monitored by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) for illegal p2p downloads. Be carefull.
  10. M

    TorrentSpy ordered to pay $111m

    TorrentSpy ordered to pay $111m
  11. LazyLion

    'Ono' - New Azureus Plugin Increases Download Speeds by 883%? Maybe we should all switch back to Torrents? :p