1. J

    The top 10 torrent websites of 2020

    The top 10 torrent websites of 2020 Torrent websites remain incredibly popular, with millions of people downloading from these websites every day. While these websites are well-known for being a source of pirated content, they can also be used to share large files that are legally allowed to...
  2. J

    Why South Africans still use torrents

    Why South Africans still use torrents The growth of streaming services in South Africa has significantly reduced reliance on illegal copies of media, with many local viewers being happy to pay a small monthly fee for access to platforms like Netflix and Showmax. “Netflix definitely played a...
  3. Q

    Webafrica throttling torrents on RAIN

    I would strongly advise anyone against getting LTE-A through webafrica if you are planning to make use of p2p. Torrents are being throttled to +/- 100 kB/s, everything else seems to be working fine. It's kind of ridiculous if you take into consideration that you are on a *very* small...
  4. RedViking

    PureVPN Logs Helped FBI

    I am not sure if this has been posted yet: Im glad they caught the guy! He deserves it. Then there is this: "Don't use VPN services. -" So my questions are...
  5. ThreeThirds

    [WANTED] & invite codes

    Howdy folks. Anybody out there that could send me an invite code for and/or It would be greatly appreciated. Have an awesome day... I insist.
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Torrents search engine shuts down

    Torrents search engine shuts down, the meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines, has closed.
  7. T

    VPN - Which ones to use in SA?

    Hi guys, looking for some advice on whats a good VPN to use in SA? I use my laptop to download, browse the internet and online shopping so just looking for some added 'security' since VPN's are the way to go? Many thanks
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Most popular torrent websites among South African pirates

    Most popular torrent websites among South African pirates The 2016 South African Online Piracy Survey reveals the most popular torrent websites among the local online piracy community.
  9. J

    Torrenting sites on MWEB

    Anyone else having trouble getting onto kickass torrents and piratebay who are also with Mweb? I can't get onto the sites at all. The sites arent down cause they work fine on my phone tho, so it seems like its the network. Neighbors, also with Mweb, same issue. Mweb says they aren't blocking...
  10. A

    Google blocking KAT

    Looks like Google is blocking on all browsers. The site doesn't load at all, even if bookmarked. You have to search for it, click on it then accept the warnings. It really annoys me that Google has so much control over the Internet! :mad: Current status: Dangerous
  11. S

    Torrents and me

    Hi Everyone I've been watching and reading these forums for quite a while now. Never had any real issues that i couldn't find answers for here, so I never had to bother posting anything...until now I used to use Vuze as my download manager but that went miserably. So I went over to...
  12. DA-LION-619

    My Windows Phone Apps

    I'm consolidating everything into this one thread, which will make it easier for app updates. EyeWitness News Gumtree SA K53 Learners Encyclopedia K53 Learners Quiz Lotto SA Sicki-Pedia Telkom Mobile YTS
  13. A

    Perfect torrent speeds but all other downloads are dial-up :confused:

    Hi guys, For the past year I've had terrible internet, i haven't been able to stream, YouTube or download anything using a browser or the steam client. Although if i use P2P i get perfect speeds of both upload(50Kbps) and download(380kbps). If I download anything using the browser I get speeds...
  14. M

    Want to get a new ADSL Router / Modem (enterprise home setup)

    Ok, so its not quite enterprise, but at least I got your attention! Currently, I have a DGN2200 telkom modem serving 3 households. The main house, uses the DGN2200 for wifi access, while the 2nd home has a netgear wireless extender running off the wifi network. The 3rd house uses a Zyxel AP...
  15. T

    Torrent Alternatives For SOUTH AFRICANS!

    How About USING FTP I hope everybody feels the same about this. Okay here it goes. Is it just me that thinks torrents are only useful for something very very popular (because of seeding). So I had this major idea how about we just use a normal ftp server and allow people to add things. I...
  16. T

    axxess to change or not

    Hello all i'm no expert but i'm annoyed , I just started with torrent downloads this month, I have downloaded an amazing 10gb this month via torrents. and a total of 23 gb with youtube etc . so works out to around 2gb a day . So am I a abuser? my account is managed my torrents are at 5kbs per...
  17. NeonNinja

    Doesn't it irk you?

    Insert your Afrihost sim in your MiFi, connect to MiFi. Upon randomly checking 15 mins later; you're 763MB up. Darn being fast, and darn the resuming torrents...
  18. J

    Pirate Bay moves to cloud storage

    Pirate Bay heads to the cloud Pirate Bay moves into cloud storage for future-proofing
  19. J

    uTorrent app comes to Android in beta form

    uTorrent beta app hits Android A beta version of the uTorrent mobile app makes its way to Android
  20. jes

    Dowloading using torrents? You are being watched!

    Dowloading using torrents? You are being watched! New report reveals that copyright-enforcement authorities are actively monitoring and logging information about online pirates