1. L

    Best Uncapped ADSL ISP offering for Downloading?

    Hello community. I am looking to get ADSL installed in my home and wanted to ask which ISP is best for my needs? I do a lot of downloading (over HTTP and torrent protocols), and would like to know which ISP is best suited for this kind of activity on an UNCAPPED account? Do ISP's throttle...
  2. jes

    The most popular torrents in South Africa: March 2012 edition

    The most popular torrents in South Africa: March 2012 edition TorLock and TorrentFunk revealed the most popular torrent files among South African downloaders on their sites
  3. V

    Openweb Gold vs Cybersmart for torrents

    Hi everyone. I am trying to decide between 4 packages for downloading torrents and would appreciate some advice on which to choose. 1st up is OW Gold 384 unshaped uncapped. ISP R499 + Telkom R152 ADSL line + R139 landline making it R790 for about 95 gigs downloading 24/7 however adding R294...
  4. N

    Torrents vs. NZB

    I'm thinking of going the nzb route. I'm on uncapped. I currently use downstorm which is a paid torrent download service (R50 - 6GB). So I get torrents at full line speed. Old stuff is also available - like some b&w movie from the 50's. With NZB the way I understand it, only the latest...
  5. C

    Can you recommend any Free Torrent / P2P services to use?

    Hello everyone, i'm new to MyBroadband and just got Telkom to come and install their Free 1024k Uncapped promotion (it should be on Thursday) so I guess I am in a way new to Broadband aswell... I have a question, I'll be using my ADSL for the occasional download from Torrents or P2P for some...
  6. P

    Best ISP for 384k torrent account??

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying a new uncapped account but all the different packages are a bit confusing. I have a 384kbs line and will use the internet mostly for torrents and downloads. I would like to know with which package I will be able to download the most GBs per month. I'm...
  7. G

    Best uncapped isp for gaming & torrents/ftp/http downloads?

    What is the best uncapped isp for gaming & torrents/ftp/http downloads? I want to be able to make big downloads plus it must be good for gaming.I dont want lag. I want a cheap one like a 348k line one. What would you reccomend?
  8. rpm

    Private and unshaped P2P downloads with Downstorm

    Private and unshaped P2P with Downstorm South Africa's own torrent downloading service gets reviewed
  9. G

    What happened to the torrent site by nomnom?

    This The people that donated and controbuted are probley are angry
  10. G

    SLOW mweb p2p news servers ect. speeds 4096k !!

    H I have been getting speeds from 100 - 210 KBps on torrents and news server ( * astraweb ) I usually got between 360 - 408 KBps on torrents and news server ( * astraweb ) ... .. . Ar they doing what afrihost is doing like i f you use x ammount throtteld to x speed??? thes slow speeds ar...
  11. T

    Broadband wars will threaten DSTV Pay TV

    If I had to choose between the Internet and DSTV for my future entertainment it would be no contest: Internet all the way. Broadband wars will threaten DSTV Pay TV
  12. NomNom


    DigiNova is a local open torrent site whose sole purpose is to help the South African community by providing a service to use all that local cap you get every month. The website url is anyone and everyone is welcome to join! Our philosophy is: Elitism is beneath Us...
  13. cemt

    Torrent speeds on 4M Adsl

    Hey guys I'm thinking of getting adsl. I just cancelled my dstv and decided to download all the stuff to watch instead. Which is the best solution for downloading torrents. Also IS or Telkom bandwidth? Is P2P throttled? I want an uncapped solution that doesnt have any thresholds. Thanks :D
  14. D

    Internet connection for the beginner

    Hi,:wtf: I have come to the conclusion that after hours of reading the forums I am stuck with no answer, and I am to ask of you please help me decide on what ISP to use. Brake it down for me and everyone who do not understand what ping means and and all this Hi-tech talk. I wish I could...
  15. Tpex

    The Thread

    This is a thread so all the people interested in talking and asking questions about can do so without any problems No Anti-Piracy BS allowed
  16. G

    Packet Loss (BitTorrent Protocol)

    Recently i have discovered that i might be experiencing packet loss on my iburst router, i was lagging in a local game 45 ping in mid day no rain no wind then as my mom went on skype i stopped lagging, straight as she got off i started lagging again :erm: i just want to know am i high ? if...
  17. Lycanthrope

    Slow International Torrents?

    Anyone else having ridiculous speeds with international torrents on SAIX? It's insane. Downloading a 6MB file at 53B/s when there are 20 frikkin' seeders and 0 leechers (other than myself). And it's the same with pretty much every torrent I've tried regardless of tracker.
  18. LazyLion

    Google hosts Free Web App to Access BitTorrent Trackers You can get the tracker software which is featured in the Google App Engine from here... :D
  19. LazyLion

    Welcome to Pirate Google! Click here to try Pirate Google! Please note: as the article says, the point of the site is not to promote piracy, but to make a point that simply indexing files is not illegal. The users are responsible for the piracy, not...
  20. LazyLion

    Another Torrent site goes to court - isoHunt & CRIA These cases are going to be the defining moment for the Torrent technology. If the rulings go against the sites, I predict that the technology will start to die out. But I also predict that another technology will arise...