1. Gravedigger


    Anyone heard of Quicktrade? Someone I knew has been recently employed by them, and for training, used me as their lab rat to ask questions, present me with numbers, etc. They want to sell to me that I should begin trading on my own, on their platform, linked to my bank account. Provided the...
  2. BamboozledAttorney

    Calls from telemarketers wanting to sell you a trading software.

    Yesterday I received a strange phone call which I realised was a scam/spam along the way. It involved this guy who somehow got my info (I know it happens a lot, but still) and saw I was trading on a trading website. Now I'll be honest, the phone call was annoying and loud, and the person was...
  3. B

    Options Trading

    Good Evening. Anyone here busy with options trading? What platform do you use because I can not seem to find anything in South Africa. I know about Robinhood but they are not available in our country and I am now looking at thinkorswim. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. R

    IQ Option IB Programme

    Hi All! Through this pandemic, we all need an extra income to supplement our existing streams. Have you taken a look at IQ Option IB Programme? Awesome benefits and commission awaits you! Become an Introducing broker and maximize your income potential with up to 45% commission in revenue...
  5. phly

    Altcoin Thread - 2019

    Thought this should be created to discuss all the alts that exist out there. Is it alt season yet or Bitcoin has not settled enough for the alt season to start? Some are popping up and others are at their lowest. Could it be a question of time before we see altcoins outpace bitcoins recent growth?
  6. carstensdj

    Local Forex Trading Platform to choose?

    Hey Forumites. I'll keep it short and simple... I'm looking at getting back into Forex and Commodity trading again. Please can you guys recommend a decent platform/broker to use, here in South Africa? Something that can work via MT4 would be nice. I'd also prefer to use a platform that supports...
  7. Crimson & Blue

    Binance to introduce FIAT trading pairs!

    This is pretty big news... Part of the issue with trading crypto is that you're trading one volatile asset against another (BTC/LTC, BTC/ETH etc.). Also, it's easy to fall into the trap of following a crypto asset's value against the dollar while you're in fact trading against BTC or ETH...
  8. S

    Is "Bitify SAs Next Generation Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Company" any good?

    Hi there As the title states, is any good? I came across this on Facebook's suggested posts and had a read, thought that the MyBB ppl might have a better understanding/feeling or info with regards to what seems like a decent product/idea? Would love some feedback, I am...
  9. D

    Cryptocurrency Trading

    I'm using Bitfinex at the moment which is quite involved. At the moment Neo is hitting 60% to BTC, quite something, How do you guys work out what price to buy and sell at? Could we use this thread to exchange ideas and hints how to trade cryptocurrencies? In this I picked the days start, the...
  10. A

    Exchange Funding (safer trading)

    This may help other amateur traders or financial risk adverse adventures. So I like to trade, but I also like to keep at least 40% of my capital in Fiat on the exchange. Currently I put a portion of that into funding. Sort of like passive income. I get about 2-3%/Month on Bitfinex. You offer...
  11. A

    EQ Trader or Future Equities any good?

    Hi Guys, Has anyone used or using EQ Trader of Future Trader of the platform, another arm of Easy Equities. Are they credible and as good as other platforms, your views/opinions would be apprecaited, Thanks,
  12. F

    Forex in South Africa

    The increase in forex trading ads and forex "success" stories in the country has put forex trading in the spotlight. Really want to be profitable? Let's talk, share ideas, strategies and quick tips. Real people, real information.
  13. bchip

    MyShares - Newsletter

    Latest blogs, tweets, trade alerts, etc New Trade Alert posted as well:
  14. bchip

    Myshares - new site

    Hi Welcome back from the holidays, hopefully you had a good rest. You might have noticed that the website has an exciting new look. Weve been hard at work during the holidays trying to get everything up and running. There are still some features we are working on but all round theres a...
  15. bchip

    ETC Club Meeting

    If anyone is still interested in joining tomorrow night please let me know - It starts at 18:30 with both a webinar and a social. The live session is held at 151 Katherine street, Vunani Offices All the details can be found on Topic: We go...
  16. bchip

    myShares Update

    Hi Latest newsletter from myshares Thought Id post it as theres quite a lot of updates. Some updates include: Twitter - I have joined the world of twits, so I can tweet like a twit. The Twitter handle is mySharesCoZA. Blogs - The first 2 in a series have...
  17. bchip

    ETC - Electronic Trading Club

    Hi Everyone We are getting closer to next months meeting. The topic is "Just Buy the Dip?", where we discuss, should equity index based systems include shorts? We look at some results of different systems and compare how longs and shorts did over the years. We discuss: - Short discussion...
  18. bchip

    ETC - Electronic Trading Club - Meeting Reminder

    Hi Everyone Just a reminder that the meeting takes place on Thursday (09 July @ 18h30) As mentioned before you are more than welcome to join us at Vunani (151 Katherine street, Sandton). Otherwise please make sure you have RSVPd for the webinar, as you will only receive the link if you...
  19. J

    Disney Infinity Figurine Exchange/Trading

    I wanted to know where I can Exchange/Trade my Disney Infinity Figurines or if anyone is interested in trading. (preferably in the Gauteng Area)
  20. bchip

    ETC - Electronic Trading Club

    Hi Everyone The date for the next meeting has been set for 09 July (Thursday). It will be the usual deal, so the time is from 18:30 to 20:00ish (I try and keep it to 19:30 but it is an open forum). The meeting will be both a social and a webinar again, hosted at Vunani. Vunani is located at 151...