1. J

    International Holiday Dec/Jan

    Hi guys Just curious, how many of you have already booked an overseas vacation for Dec/Jan. IF you have, where are you going and how are you planning on managing all the COVID protocols across the globe, and specifically when you return as SA requires a PCR test? Also, do you have any concerns...
  2. J

    Leisure travel in the long weekend

    Hello! Since intra-provincial leisure travel is now allowed, how many will be hitting the roads this coming long weekend? I am planning for a road trip on the Garden Route up to Tsitsikamma. Do you folks think this is a good idea in terms of health safety and worthiness (considering some areas...
  3. RedViking

    Where are you? (Pick a place, anywhere)

    Where would you rather be right at this moment. I has to be a google map location with street view or 360 we can go experience. Anywhere. Glenorchy-Queenstown Rd, Mount Creighton, Otago...
  4. J

    [SALE] Petmate Dog Travel Kennels (used for relocation)

    For Sale Item name: 2 X Dog Travel Kennels (PetMate). They come with their treat and water dispensers. One is a Vari-Ultra Kennel, and the other a Sky Ultra Kennel, basically the same thing. Age and condition: 1 year, condition like new Do you include packaging: NA Warranty: Nope Reason for...
  5. A

    Question for seasoned travellers

    Hello A newbie in this forum and in travelling. So my best friend and I have been planning on travelling overseas next year, either to the UK or Italy. We currently work part-time and we've been saving, also both our parents have agreed to give us whichever amount we're short of for the trip...
  6. N

    Holiday destination recommendations

    Hello Like the title says. What are some good visa-free locations for a first time international traveler like myself to go to? The reason why I'm thinking of visa-free is because I want something hassle free, similar to local traveling, where I can just book flights, accommodation then pack...
  7. I

    Traveling on a budget.

    Hello. So I'm in my 20s and I feel like this is the perfect chance for me to get myself out there and explore the world a bit and have some cool stories for when I become an uncle one day(probably.) Anyway, I'm not really what you'd call a rich guy but I'm curious if it's possible to travel on...
  8. K

    Travel with Redmi 4A

    Hi Hoping this is the right place to post this. Have a Redmi 4A with dual Sim, presently using Vodacom prepaid. Am planning a trip to Madagascar and seems my phone is not currently supported/enabled for use there. (under Additional settings, Region tab, Madagascar not listed) My query is: Is...
  9. S

    Travelling to Thailand

    Hi guys, I am leaving for Thailand in 2 weeks, could you please advise which would be the cheapest option travelling abroad. I have an account with FNB and would like to know which route is the most affordable to use? I am considering Capitec bank as an option as well - Bidvest is a bit...
  10. Rouxenator

    The French and their love of smoking

    One would think people are starting to smoke less since the health risks of smoking are being shown more publicly over the last decade. Smokers have been consigned designated areas and some establishments do not even allow for smoking at all. Currently I am spending a week on Mauritius and the...
  11. S

    Best way to paying for things overseas

    Hi. I'll be travelling to Dubai soon for work for a few months. What's the cheapest and/or easiest way to pay for stuff abroad. I have a standard bank credit card but i heard the fees are high when swiping overseas. Are there any other international credit cards or payment facilities that would...
  12. Rouxenator

    Travelling to Mauritius - what booze/food can I take with?

    Total noob here when it comes to international travel... Our family of 3 has been given the chance to go to Mauritius for a week in November. We already sorted out passports and un-abridged birth certificate and our accommodation and transport that side is sorted out. However I have a few...
  13. N

    Sim Card for travel

    Hi! Just a bit of advice needed. I'm going to be travelling to Ireland in a few days but am still stuck deciding between roaming with a prepaid vodacom sim, or getting a sim card/data package when I land. Experienced travelers, what worked out best for you?
  14. Espee

    How to travel overseas with an engagement ring

    My girlfriend and I are going overseas with friends at the end of March. I plan on asking her to marry me. I have an engagement ring with a certificate and invoice. Do I have to declare the ring before going overseas or can I just leave it in my carry on luggage and take it without declaring...
  15. F

    Backpacking in Europe - Visa Advice

    I have sort of made a spur of the moment decision to go backpacking in europe from the end of May/ beginning of June and need some advice in terms of the visa. I plan to go for about a month and don't want to tie myself down on any specific itinerary but for the Schengen visa application they...
  16. V


    How often do you use a travel agent when making vacation plans?or do you plan and book by yourself?
  17. T

    International Roaming

    Hi there, I have a voice and Data package with Afrihost. Does this mean I am considered a Prepaid customer on the MTN Network? I am travelling to Saudi Arabia and according to their website there is no SMS Roaming option for Prepaid customers.
  18. D

    Air Travel with Pram/Stroller

    Hi MyBB's Does anyone know what the process is of taking a Pram/Stoller with when Air Travelling? We will be travelling locally to KZN, do we have to load the Pram/Stroller as luggage? Or do they take it like as you board the plane? Any other helpful tips/hints would be great! Thanks!
  19. Rouxenator

    Do you have a song that reminds you of your car?

    Just curious if anyone else has a song that reminds them of their car when they first got it. Perhaps you had something that was a favourite on your playlist at the time and you played it when you took delivery of your car? I have a couple of tunes that will always make me think back to when I...
  20. J

    Travel Off Road: Antenna To Improve 3G Data: Which Atenna To Use? Directional or Omni

    As background info: We travel off road and need to be connected to answer enquiries via email. We prefer to be connected most of the time but accept this is not possible all the time. (Satelite internet as not an option). As an example: The other day we stayed over in Franschhoek. 5 ks out...