1. Rouxenator

    The French and their love of smoking

    One would think people are starting to smoke less since the health risks of smoking are being shown more publicly over the last decade. Smokers have been consigned designated areas and some establishments do not even allow for smoking at all. Currently I am spending a week on Mauritius and the...
  2. marlin178

    Travelling to Maputo via Lebombo Border Crossing - please advise

    Hi all, The Mrs and I will be travelling in a small hatchback to Komatiepoort in December and we were planning on not just visiting the Kruger Park but rather venturing into Maputo, Mozambique for a quick stint (if this is possible) via the Lebombo Border Post. Other than the usual...
  3. J

    Travel budget

    Hello Asking for a friend here. Realistically speaking, how much would one have to save for a trip to places like Rome or Paris? He'll going alone(unless he gets a girlfriend in the coming months) So he's planning on staying there for 5-7 days. Stay at a decent, nothing fancy, hotel. No...
  4. S

    Best way to paying for things overseas

    Hi. I'll be travelling to Dubai soon for work for a few months. What's the cheapest and/or easiest way to pay for stuff abroad. I have a standard bank credit card but i heard the fees are high when swiping overseas. Are there any other international credit cards or payment facilities that would...
  5. Rouxenator

    Travelling to Mauritius - what booze/food can I take with?

    Total noob here when it comes to international travel... Our family of 3 has been given the chance to go to Mauritius for a week in November. We already sorted out passports and un-abridged birth certificate and our accommodation and transport that side is sorted out. However I have a few...
  6. N

    Sim Card for travel

    Hi! Just a bit of advice needed. I'm going to be travelling to Ireland in a few days but am still stuck deciding between roaming with a prepaid vodacom sim, or getting a sim card/data package when I land. Experienced travelers, what worked out best for you?
  7. E

    How to travel overseas with an engagement ring

    My girlfriend and I are going overseas with friends at the end of March. I plan on asking her to marry me. I have an engagement ring with a certificate and invoice. Do I have to declare the ring before going overseas or can I just leave it in my carry on luggage and take it without declaring...
  8. P

    New York Trip - Tips Please!

    Hi guys, I am traveling to New York in December and will be there for 7 days. I am hoping you can suggest some cool things to do, see or eat that isn't going to break the bank. While I do like the typical tourist stuff, like the Statue of Liberty, these can take up your whole day and...
  9. P

    International Travel - FNB

    Hi guys, End of this year I am travel to New York and was wondering what the easiest and most cost effective way to pay for things is. I have heard about the International Travel Card from FNB but a lot of people still recommend using your CC for ebucks. Any suggestions on what the best...
  10. D

    Best place to buy US dollars in South Africa?

    My mother is going on a trip and wants to buy some dollars for buying stuff on the street. I looked around and saw that American Express is offering the best rate now at 13.11 while the other local banks and Travelex is around 13.23. Some of her friends exchanged at Al Baraka bank but they dknt...
  11. T

    5 Day Cape Town itinerary

    Hi All, My girlfriend and I are planning to do a 5 day Cape Town trip (1st time) in November. I need some help. We will fly in on the morning of the 13th, pick up our rental car. Now, I want to do a typical tourist 5 days, seeing all the big attractions (table mountain, waterfront) but...
  12. F

    Backpacking in Europe - Visa Advice

    I have sort of made a spur of the moment decision to go backpacking in europe from the end of May/ beginning of June and need some advice in terms of the visa. I plan to go for about a month and don't want to tie myself down on any specific itinerary but for the Schengen visa application they...
  13. B

    KLM/Air France Boeing 777-200 Economy Seat Power Outlets

    I will be flying on KLM (outbound) and Air France (inbound) on a trip later this month, and three out of the four planes are 777-200s. The other is a 777-300 (which, as far as I know, is an older member of their fleet). Has anyone flown economy on these planes recently? Do you know if...
  14. B

    SA to EU plugs/cables for travelling

    Hi everyone! I'll be travelling later this month, and am looking for one of these: Does anyone know where to find one locally? I have already checked Cape Union, Takealot, and a bunch of travel stores. All the reps said they're hard to find because of EU/SABS regulations. Otherwise, can I...
  15. T

    UWCs surrounding areas

    Hi there :) I will be moving over from Wits to UWC in 2018. I have finished a degree and will be taking this year to settle in Cape Town. I would like to find out which areas I should look at to rent property that is safe (NB) and is fairly easy to get to to/from the university (20min...
  16. R

    Advice needed urgently re. traveling on SA passport set to expire in 4 months

    Hi all, My mom (nervous 70-year old first time traveler!) will be flying next week Friday (16th Dec) to the UK to visit my sister. She is a holder of both a SA and a UK passport (full citizens of both countries). This morning when she was double checking her documents she noticed that her SA...
  17. N

    Accessing WiFi or internet services

    How many of you actually pay for data when travelling abroad? What is your hack for low cost, reliable and regular access to mobile internet while overseas?
  18. V


    How often do you use a travel agent when making vacation plans?or do you plan and book by yourself?
  19. R

    Expat Visa for other countries

    So I was just wondering how do S.A expats get visas while living in other countries. For example, I move to Thailand to teach and still hold my SA passport, but i want to travel on holiday, to lets say the US. How do I go about getting a US visa while in Thailand? Or does one just have to...
  20. tsume

    Where to go for a budget international vacation

    I'm thinking of going on vacation in late October/November, but not 100% sure which location would be best for a solo trip lasting at least a week. Looking at some of travel packages available from travel agencies, I'm thinking of the following 3: - Zanzibar - Bali - Thailand Any other...