1. A

    Lanvigator tyres?

    Here in the Southern Cape I can't get new Hankooks for the Tiguan. One tyre shop in George recommends Lanvigator tyres, a brand I've never heard of. What sort of quality are Lanvigator tyres? Junk or OKish? Any recommendations?
  2. L

    2020 VW OEM 17" Polo GTI Rims and Tyres

    Selling my set of 4 month old Polo GTI rims and tyres. Rims are 17", 7.5j. 5/100 pcd Michelin Primacy 3 tyres: 215/45/R17 that did 4500km. Rims are tyres are in excellent condition. Price: R10 000 Location: Northcliff Condition: Like new Age: 4 months Reason for selling: Fitted 18" rims...
  3. S

    Paperclip in tire

    Asking this on behalf of a friend. According to him, he drove over a nail like object that was about as thick as a paperclip but was quite hard to bend (probably steel), the item pierced the tyre tread approximately 1cm (maybe less) in the thread but from an angle, unfortunately he didn't pull...
  4. Mist4h20

    Car tyre dealers

    Just wondering if anyone can provide some input. Firstly looking for tyres, thinking of going for Goodyears as that's the best price for a brand that I am aware of. Please give me reasons not to if any? Secondly how can some standalone dealers be much cheaper than a dealer that would be on...
  5. P

    New tyres

    Need advice on selecting tyres for my car, Jetta 6 1.4tsi, 205/55/16 Phoned around for quotes and got excellent deals on Dunlop, Goodyear and Pirelli In fact the deals for all 3 of above mentioned brands were the same. Can anyone please provide sound advice that would assist me in my decision...
  6. O

    Used 185/55/R15 tyre in good condition

    Hi I am currently looking for tyre bargains, anyone selling 185/55/15? or 195/55/15? I need 2 or 4 in a good condition, YES I know most insurers want people to change tyre at certain thread hence I think someone out there have what I NEED. They're for Honda Jazz
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Tyre wars: Was tyre recycling scheme a money making racket?

    Johannesburg - South Africa’s controversial tyre recycling scheme may have plundered a tyre levy recycling fund, instead of creating jobs and improving the environment as it promised. The Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of SA (Redisa), the only approved waste tyre plan for the...
  8. B

    Hyundai i10 tyres

    Hey Guise, I have decided to tap into the wisdom of the Mybroadband forum members regarding new tyres. I have recently come to the conclusion that my i10 requires two new front tyres as the wheel alignment was out and the inside thread is at it's limit (outside is still fine :(), but I...
  9. Ivan Leon

    'Counterfeit' tires from China pose consumer risk

    What began as a routine tire test became a journey through a maze of deception, finger-pointing, and a lack of accountability that in itself could prove dangerous if the product should prove to be defective. When it comes to safety and performance, Consumer Reports has long said that you...
  10. chrisc

    4 x 16 inch steel rims with 205/55 16 tyres - Passat, Bora, Jetta, Golf, some BMW

    Taken off wife's car, 4 steel rims, undamaged (a bit dirty with brake dust) together with 4 x 205/55 16 inch tyres. The tyres have between 40% and 50% tread left on them Rims are from 2000 VW Jetta Tyres between 2 and 4 years old, done about 30 000km since fitting No packaging Selling...
  11. LazyLion

    Waste Tyre Plan back on Track

    Government's waste tyre recycling plan is back on track after a Supreme Court of Appeal ruling on Thursday. The court found in favour of the environment and water affairs minister in a matter against the Retail Motor Industry (RMI). The RMI brought a case against the minister and the...
  12. P

    Mercedes A-Class Tyres. Can I Use 205 55R16 Instead?

    Hi, I have an '07 A-Class and need to replace my tyres. The correct tyre to use is 195 55R16 but one of the tyre stores suggested using 205 55R16. The 205's are significantly cheaper, but what are the other differences? Is it okay to use the 205? Please help. Thank you :)
  13. F

    Need to buy new tyres - suggestions?

    The time has come for me to replace the tyres on my Golf. And since I have never had to buy tyres before, I would really appreciate some pointers. I don't have any aftermarket wheels or anything. Ignore the "ding", seems the only photos I have that show my wheels are from my accident last...

    Where to buy cheap 2nd hand tyres?

    I sold the code 3 Terios and bought a 1998 Ford Fiesta. I assume the car has 13" or 14" wheels. No sure. But the tyres are done. Where can I get good quality second hand tyres in PTA? I heard from some people that I can get tyres at R100 - R150 per tyre with 3/4 of the tread intact.
  15. akescpt

    Velocity Axe Tyres

    Hi, i need new tyres for my car and TWT has a nice set of TSW's with velocity axe tyres. Does anyone have any experience with these tyres? dont want to put duds on my car. :D
  16. P

    Tyres and Rims

    I have a 1991 Citi Golf with stock Rims . My friend has just taken his rims off his ford bantam and said I could use them... These are the rims: http://www.twt.co.za/live/media/images/wheels/tsw/ApexR-small.jpg As far as I know my rims are a 4x100PCD and the new rims are 4x108PCD, so I...
  17. M

    Tracmax tyres

    Supaquick wants to sell me 225/40 R18's for R900, but its a brand called Tracmax, which Google says is made by Shandong Yongsheng Rubber Group Co., Ltd. Does anyone have experience with this tyre brand because it seems to me unnaturally cheap and I don't wanna write off my car buying crap...
  18. CrzWaco


    My tazz for some reason eats front tyres. So anybody got recomdations for a hard waring tyre. Taking it in next week to see what they say.