1. PrimeSteak

    Need guidance in studying IT/CS at UNISA

    Hey guys, could you give me some tips/answers to the worries I have about studying at UNISA for an undergrad IT qualification (I'm going to study for a Diploma in IT, starting in 2022). The worries: 1. How many subjects should I take in my first year? While yes, I'm going to study full-time...
  2. PrimeSteak


    Hey guys, I want to make a web app for fun, that takes a UNISA course/module code as input and returns multiple links to booksellers (Takealot, Van Schaik, etc.) where you can buy the prescribed book/s for that specific course as well as a table filled with info about the prescribed book/s in...
  3. E

    Help with Unisa

    Hi Everyone This is probably a question that's been asked a very great many times at this point. So, 7 years ago, I completed my Matric NSC. Due to a mixture of living very far away, and my parent's unwillingness to make the hour and a half drive to take me to school, throughout my high...
  4. T

    UNISA year vs semester modules

    Hi guys I started to study via UNISA last year(2020). This year they have made the modules into year modules. I want to know what is the experience with year modules. If I normally select three modules per semester, would I select 6 per year?
  5. T

    BSC Computing vs BSC Maths and computer science

    Hi guys. I am currently studying BSC computing part time via UNISA. I started last year(2020) and finished 6, 1st year subjects. My aim is to be able to work in machine learning/AI fields. I am in the position to chose between continuing in BSC Computing or changing to BCS Maths and computer...
  6. L

    Is it a good idea to do modules for Non Degree Purposes (00035) with Unisa?

    Hi Guys, I need some advice from anyone who might have the information. Just a bit of background details before I ask my questions, I have a B Tech IT (Software Development) and I didn't do well in my final year. My average mark is 57%. Recently, I have applied for BSc Honours in Computing -...
  7. S

    Unisa Group B modules needed?

    There's two group of modules per level of the registered course. Group A modules are always mandatory and group B well I'm not sure. What I want to know is can you graduate and get your degree with some group B modules outstanding? See the image attached to see what I'm referring to. Link
  8. F

    Unisa Co-requisites

    Good day This might be a simple question but I'd like to get clarity on Unisa's co-requisite modules. Is it a MUST that you need to take co-req modules together or can you pass the co-req module in one semester and take the other module(requiring the previous module as a co-req) in the next...
  9. J

    Unisa postpones exams due to system crash

    Unisa postpones exams due to system crash Unisa has stated that its online systems have been taken offline, leaving students unable to complete and submit examinations. "We are still working tirelessly to get our systems back online," the university said.
  10. J

    Unisa online exams postponed due to overloaded servers

    Unisa online exams postponed due to overloaded servers Unisa has confirmed that a number of its exams have been postponed due to problems with its online examination system. Examinations are being conducted online due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the national lockdown implemented to curb the...
  11. R

    UNISA BS in Computer science

    Hey!!! I would love to study computer science at Unisa next year, but I'm struggling to figure out which one. I saw there's a BS in computing which seams like computer science when I look at the modules, but i really don't know. Can anybody help or give me advice on what to study? I want to...
  12. M

    When transferring credits to UNISA, do I first register for first year modules?

    I’ve done 2 years of a 3 year BSc Computer Science degree at another foreign institute (there are reasons I can’t finish it there). Do I register for first year/level modules first and when I’ve successfully applied for credit transfer, will I deregister the first level modules and move up to...
  13. M

    Are Unisa Bsc Computing face to face tutorials mandatory?

  14. A

    Study Tips and Guidance - UNISA BSc computing

    Hey mybb I am going to be studying at UNISA next year (BSc computing). I have a few queries: 1) I have the option to choose 2 of the 3 Elective Modules, however can you choose to study all 3 electives, as they all interest me? 2) There is a speak of a big Unisa forum on mybb, can anyone guide...
  15. W

    Mac vs Windows for programming, computer science degree at Unisa

    Good day, Apologies if this question has been asked before. I’ve been reading the forums but there are mixed reviews. I have completed some small Python projects using my girlfriends mac and have been accepted to study computer science through Unisa next year. I’d like to buy my own laptop...
  16. psradebe

    From BTech in Electrical Engineering to BSc in Computing

    I finally finished my BTech Degree with UNISA in Electrical Engineering. I have had a decent career from a Technician to being a Production Engineer over the years, but my love for Electrical Engineering has faded. Looking back, I have always loved Computers/Programming and I think I would have...
  17. Yirhu

    Information on Unisa's NDip in Electrical Engineering focusing on electronics

    Hi all I'm specifically looking for information on the NDip in EE focusing on electronics or electrical process instrumentation from people who've done or are currently busy with studies at Unisa. I work full time (trainee in electromechanical trade ) at a manufacturing company in SA. I'd like...
  18. W

    Unisa bsc general (98801-gen) astronomy and physics majors

    Good day all I would REALLY appreciate someone that can give me some guidance on the following : I want to change my UNISA qualification to the Bachelor of Science – General (98801-GEN) during the second semester. My majors would be Astronomy and Physics. However, reading through the...
  19. M

    Bsc Informatics (Cape Town)

    My son is interested in applying for Bsc Informatics for next year 2020. Which institutions of study in would be recommended in Cape Town? Would it be recommended to study this course at Unisa if you are fresh out of school? And is this course at Unisa only distance learning?
  20. D

    Distance learning - Computer Science Degree

    Hey guys I have been a software developer for the past 6 odd years and only have a couple certificates to my name. I'm thinking about doing a CS degree through Unisa or similar and am just seeking some advice from other developers who have done the same. - Is Unisa a reputable university...