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    384 line syncing at 4mb

    hey guys, quick question to see if anyone else is experiencing this. i have a 384 line, and I just downloaded a 30mb file from an international site and it downloaded at 100k/s. i was a bit confused because it wasn't a burst speed but constant so i checked my router and i saw i'm syncing at...
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    iBurst are a disgrace

    My 75+ yo mother phoned me the other day all excited telling me she had just signed up for a 24 month iburst contract. After picking my jaw up off the floor, I found out that she had been called by Atlantic (her isp) sold a bunch of BS about "lightning fast" internet by their sales reps and...
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    By 2040 you will be able to upload your brain...

    Source Continued in next post...
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    Bandwidth limiter...

    Hi.. I have serious bandwidth problems.. Its only the 14th and I've used up nearly 900Mb on a 1gig capp.. I need a program that can limit my download and uploads to an X amount of mb a day.. Eg: Say I want to set it only to download/upload 6MB a day.. I have found programs that limit the SPEED...
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    ADSL speed upgrade soon

    ADSL speed upgrade soon
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    ADSL upload speed to increase soon

    ADSL upload speed to increase soon