1. K

    VW Polo 2019 performance air filter

    I’m looking to get a new air filter for my car and specifically a flat drop in replacement like the one from K&N, I’ve tried every shop in Cape Town but none of them have it, anyone know where I could get one?
  2. Jan

    New car shortage in South Africa - manufacturers respond

    Bad news for new car buyers in South Africa Many of South Africa's popular car brands are experiencing stock level problems due to a global shortage of semiconductors and other supply chain disruptions. Some modern vehicles now boast thousands of chips to monitor, manage, and control various...
  3. D

    Please help

    I have a VW polo vivo 1.4 2013 model 5 door. My AC compressor's bearings seized causing the serpentine belt to snap. I do not have money to replace the AC compressor right now so I was wondering if I can just get a shorter belt to bypass the AC compressor? I'll attach a photo for more clarity...
  4. Jan

    Volkswagen ID.Buzz electric microbus will launch this year

    Volkswagen unveils ID.Buzz electric microbus — with load-shedding backup power Volkswagen officially unveiled its much-anticipated ID.Buzz electric microbus on Wednesday, five years after teasing its concept version back at the Detroit Auto Show. The ID.Buzz generated enough excitement that...
  5. D

    Android auto radio for my Polo

    I have a 2013 Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion 1.2TDI Comfortline. It has one of these radios: I've purchased a setup with a car charger and a bluetooth adapter in my aux port, but it's very cumbersome. Also, I have to navigate on my phone and I can't skip songs with the buttons on my steering...
  6. Hanno Labuschagne

    Volkswagen and Bosch partner to make self-driving software

    Volkswagen and Bosch partner to make self-driving software Volkswagen AG is partnering with Robert Bosch GmbH to develop a common software platform to bring hands-free driving functions to the German carmaker’s entire fleet in a bid to catch up to Tesla Inc. The platform, announced by VW’s...
  7. Jan

    Volkswagen ID.4 electric SUV will be tested in South Africa during 2022

    Volkswagen's ID.4 electric SUV is coming to South Africa Volkswagen has announced it will test a fleet of its ID.4 electric SUVs in South Africa next year. TopAuto reports that following the tests, Volkswagen will begin selling the ID.4 in South Africa.
  8. Jan

    Why new and secondhand car prices in South Africa are shooting through the roof

    Car prices in South Africa going through the roof Have you been on AutoTrader lately? If not, you may be surprised to find that South Africa’s already stratospheric car prices are even higher. This phenomenon isn’t exclusive to South Africa, though. Across the world, car prices have soared due...
  9. F

    2007 VW Polo 9N3 1.9 TDI Sportline Engine Shudder

    I drive a 2007 VW Polo 9N3 1.9 TDI Sportline with 254,000 km on the clock. I've noticed recently that when turning the engine off, it either shuts off abruptly or shudders. Initially I thought it was the anti shudder valve (ASV), but a mechanic told me it's ok, and I can see it closes ok. The...
  10. Chris

    Audi’s new Q4 e-tron will go head-to-head with Tesla

    Audi’s new Q4 e-tron will go head-to-head with Tesla Audi’s new Q4 e-tron will go head-to-head with Tesla Inc. in the fast-growing market of compact crossover SUVs to help parent Volkswagen AG narrow its electric-car sales gap with the world leader. The model Audi unveiled Wednesday is among a...
  11. P

    How many litres of paint do I need to respray my VW Microbus?

    Hi Guys I need your help, how many litres of paint do I need for a complete respray of my Volkawagen Microbus 2.3? And what other materials will I need? Thank you
  12. Joseph matane

    GridCars electric vehicle charging station

    Hey Guys I could like to ask few questions anyone who has knowledge regarding EVs can respond Do government have regulations regarding how much can electric vehicle charging station charge client per Kwh? Because it seems GridCars and partners have increased prices recently based on their live...
  13. J

    Volkswagen launches WeConnect Go app in South Africa

    Volkswagen launches WeConnect Go app in South Africa Volkswagen has launched its WeConnect Go app, offering vehicle-related digital services and mobility offerings to Volkswagen owners in South Africa. The WeConnect Go app forms part of the "Volkswagen We" ecosystem and replaces the current...
  14. Neuk_

    2014 VW Touareg 3.0 V6 TDi R-Line

    I was never going to keep my 2015 VW Golf R indefinitely despite it being practical for myself as a daily drive and being so much fun to drive. I have been looking at various replacements for a while now, from Tiguan's to Q3's to Amarok's to Q5's to Q7's but have always been a fan of the MkII...
  15. Ivan Leon

    VW sold pre-production test vehicles for years rather than crush them

    'It's a gigantic mistake': Thousands sold to unwitting customers since 2006 Automotive industry practice has long dictated that test cars will not make their way into the hands of customers. Rather, pre-production cars, test mules and cars like that will be retained by the factory and...
  16. Z

    2013 VW POLO VIVO 1.6 TREND

  17. I

    i30 vs G6

    Hey guys:, Need advice deciding between a 2013 Hyundai i30 1.6 Premium and 2012 VW Golf 6 1.4tsi Comfortline/Highline. Price and mileage (+-120k with FSH) is similar for all 3 vehicles. G6 has a more premium feeling interior and drive. i30 looks better on the outside and should be cheaper...
  18. J

    VW mobility unit bets big on self-driving cars

    VW mobility unit bets big on self-driving cars Volkswagen AG’s fledgling Moia mobility unit is betting on the rise of self-driving cars to deliver on its plan to catch up with ride-hailing leaders like Uber Technologies Inc. without burning through piles of cash. Moia is focused on...
  19. R

    Mazda2 vs VW Polo vs any other hatchback?

    Don't know much about cars, and there are so many permutations out there that I'm feeling quite lost. But... I think I've narrowed it down to 2. The Mazda2 (Dynamic Auto) and the 2018 Polo (Comfortline Manual). Any advice would be much appreciated :) Primary Concern: In terms of safety the...
  20. T

    Your WARRANTY ends now what? dealer says 15k gets you a full comprehen 2yr warranty

    Hi, So my warranty comes to an end soon on my 2015 car. Dealer says 15k for a 2 year 100 000 km comprehensive warranty incl brakes etc . Just not tyres and wipers. Do I , don't I or is there a route I must consider. PS: this is the first new car I have had so new to this option.