1. W

    Audi A4 2011 2.0T Multitronic - INSANE OIL CONSUMPTION!

    Hi Everyone So I've bought a new car , Audi A4 2011 2.0T Multitronic (44k kms on clock) Since buying the car I discovered that it uses an insane amount of oil I don't even have the car two months and probably drove it just under 2000km or there about. After the first 2-3 weeks the oil...
  2. Ivan Leon

    Volkswagen Lost Thousands Of New Cars To The Chinese Fireball

    The chemical explosion in China left forty-four people dead and hundreds injured, not to mention the thousands of brand new Volkswagens that were waiting to be shipped from the port of Tianjin. This Chinese source claims the list of damaged vehicles includes: 1065 Touaregs 114 Golfs 391...
  3. Ivan Leon

    Researchers reveal electronic car lock hack after 2-year injunction by Volkswagen

    In 2012, researchers at Radboud University in the Netherlands discovered a security flaw in a common automotive security chip used in theft prevention by Volkswagen, Audi, Fiat, Honda, and Volvo vehicles. But after they disclosed their results to the auto manufacturers—a full nine months...
  4. D

    Condensation in Headlight (drivers side) - What to do?

    So i have a 2010 Polo 1.6 Comfortline. I washed it and noticed the next day the drivers side headlight had condensation in it. It never had before - even when taken to a car wash? I didnt wash the engine bay, just an external wash, and the only reason i opened the bonnet was to add a little...
  5. D

    Car cleaning & Detailing advice?

    In a Vinyl, plastic and rubber care spray for car cleaning (interior spray), can I use it on my soft touch (finish) plastic dash? Spray contains plasticizer? (is that a good/bad thing?) (safe to use on soft finish of polo 2010 dash?) Also is the Shield Cleaning product range good?
  6. D

    Does a 1.6 polo comfortline have ESP stock?

    Does the 2010 1.6 polo comfortline (6R) come with ESP (electronic Stability Programme)?
  7. D

    How much value is behind Low KM's on a used car?

    I ask this (How much value is behind Low KM's on a used car?) because Im about to buy a used car, 2010 Polo 1.6 comfort line, 96 000KM. Since my first car I have always ached and worried: "Oh, do I really need to drive my car today, it will just add on unneeded KM's, thus devaluing my car"...
  8. B

    VW Up!

    Man I'm really itching to hear more about the Up! I'm looking at a 130k ish car at the mo, so i'm holding out a bit longer until the supposed press release in a week or two. Anyone on the inside with some info?
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    BlackBerry offloads research department to VW

    BlackBerry sells research department to VW BlackBerry is selling its German research and development department to the automotive giant
  10. 0

    Hyundai i20 Owners

    Hi, I'm currently thinking of buying a Hyundai i20 (1.4) and would just like some information from owners of this vehicle. 1) Fuel consumption - If someone could tell me the actual l/100km they are getting with the new 1.4, or how many KMs you get from a full tank. It claims 6.1 l/100km...
  11. P

    Volkswagen Golf VI GTI

    Hi. I'm a huge Volkswagen Golf VI GTI fan and would like to get it one day. My only question is, is it the best option to start with if it's my first car or would it be expensive to maintain?? If it isn't then which is??
  12. D

    2001 VW Polo Classic - excessive fuel consumption

    I really have a very big problem. This polo is very heavy on fuel consumption. is there any way of reducing the fuel consumption. it is fuel injection so is there any way of hooking up the computer and lowering the amount of fuel used by this car? or what can i do?
  13. V

    VW Polo 1.9TDI (gearbox?) problems

    I drive a 2007 VW Polo 1.9TDI. Currently while driving, when I start to put my foot down (accelerator pedal halfway) the engine will rev as if it is in neutral. If I slack off slightly the revs drop back to normal and the car goes in gear again. Note: This is a manual gearbox, it shouldn't...

    VW Polo Classic Remote

    I have a late-2008 VW Polo Classic Trendline with a remote central locking receiver in the car but no remote as such. So to enter the car I manually unlock it with the key. I asked VW for a quote on a remote only and the total came down to R1600 for a remote with the syncing service. That...
  15. C

    VW Microbus 2.5

    My wife and I each have family sedans. I've decided to purchase a 3rd vehicle - 1994 Microbus, merely for weekend getaways/beach trips, etc. The guy I'm buying it from doesn't have the owner manual. I've done some net searching hoping to find a downloadable version, but with no success. Does...
  16. J

    So is it just VW who dont give floor mats with a new car?

    So is it just VW who dont give floor mats with a new car? And if you do want some VW floor mats, its R650, (which is a rip off so you'll probably end up buying some other brand for the floor mats) These are for vehicles between R150 000 and R200 000 - ripoff not?
  17. jes

    China TV consumer show shames Apple

    China TV consumer show shames Apple Technology giant Apple and car maker Volkswagen were singled out by state-run China Central Television (CCTV) in its annual corporate malpractice expose.
  18. Rouxenator

    Awesome places to chill when your car breaks down.

    1) Next to the traffic lights : Requirements : VW Jetta & Moerse Sub :D
  19. Rouxenator

    How to sport a VR sicks?

    Yes, its been a while since I took a cheap stab at a VAG so here - what do you do with a VR sicks : You give it a tow with a Corsa :p