1. Supersoaker

    Client wants to retain me

    Good evening everybody A client of mine asked me if I would consider being paid a retainer instead of me invoicing them every time they request my services, he did not give me a figure yet, he just asked me to think about it. Please keep in mind I am still studying but I foresee majority of it...
  2. Jan0602

    Making the change from Fibre Optic Tech to Front-end Dev at 37

    Hi all, I have been working as a fibre optic and structured networking tech for the past 8+ years. I haven't had a decent income in the past year, and I am not getting any responses with online applications. It takes a lot out of a person to just not hear anything. I would like to make a...
  3. V

    CS Honours + Part time work?

    Hi all, I have just been accepted for doing honours in Computer Science at UCT next year, but have already started working this year. I can carry on working throughout next year, and have been really enjoying my job. My question, is it a good idea to study and work part time? I do not want to...
  4. X

    Fixed-term contract: How to deal with contract renewal and salary.

    In November 2017 I was hired at my current job on a one-year contract that expires in November 2018. I am not an independent contractor -- my company pays my PAYE and offers some benefits, time off, etc. About six months into my contract my employer indicated they were happy with my work and...
  5. F

    ladies, please complete my survey :)

    Hi there I work in retail and need to do some research about what lifestyle shoes ladies like to wear. Kindly complete my survey, it takes 2 minutes! Thanks a million
  6. M

    Nocturnal 'night owls' risk early death, study finds

    Nocturnal 'night owls' risk early death, study finds
  7. Newsfeed

    What really makes South African IT professionals happy

    What really makes South African IT professionals happy MyBroadband’s 2017 Salary Survey has revealed that growth potential and professional development are the most important factors in contributing to the happiness of IT professionals in South Africa.
  8. D

    What are sales intermediaries?

    Hi, guys I have a business related question that's from an assignment I'm doing. We're currently learning about intermediaries and one of the questions is "What could be considered a sales intermediary for a company such as Huawei?". I was hoping someone could help me answer this as I'm kinda...
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Do you think countries should institute a 4-day work week?

    According to a report by Forbes, the Green Party in the UK is calling for a three-day weekend (and a four-day work week). The move will "help alleviate ill health and rising mental health problems among stressed and exhausted" workers. Should countries institute a four-day work week?
  10. F

    How do you get a cinematography/photography job?

    There are a few people here on the forum that are into photography so I thought you would know where to get some work experience, mainly working with video, but stills would also be great. I'm a beginner, so something to get my foot in the door. I'm looking at getting a normal office job to get...
  11. NeonNinja

    Work opportunity (IT, web/graphics design)

    Hi, Looking for a work opportunity around the East London /KWT area. My expertise are: - IT (support, networking mainly) - Graphics design - Web development (backend/WordPress) - Photography/Photoshop CV available on request.
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    Has the standard of new employees dropped in recent years?

    Has the standard of new employees dropped in recent years? In your experience, has the standard of new employees/graduates/interns dropped in recent years, in terms of their ability to work and their capabilities?
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    How do you get people to work harder?

    What is the best way to get people to work hard or give tasks their best effort at work? Do you offer more money, give more responsibility, put strict rules in place at the office? If you are an employee or manager, share what works for you.
  14. K

    Server setup, Hosting and Web Designer/Developer and professional media available

    Job description: Web developer/designer, Server Setups and Hosting - Professional Media also available. Location or telecommuting: Durban Permanent or part-time: Freelance, Depends on your project and needs Junior, intermediary or senior: Experienced (Very) Availability: Full dedication...
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    Which company would you want to work for?

    If you had to pick any company in South Africa - tech or non-tech - to work for, which company would it be and why? If you've worked at a good company and received great benefits, tell us what the highlights were for you.
  16. S

    IT Consultant, my job discription at work. 18years of skill but no Qualifications.

    Good day my name is Will Barnard. I am working in the IT industry now for the last 18years of my life. Currently I live in Oudtshoorn the Western Cape for the last 10 years. I am married and have two beautiful children. My Wife is very happy at her work and would not easily leave Oudtshoorn. I...
  17. S

    Looking for good (Web App + Software + Design) companies / individuals for business.

    Hi there, I'm searching for good companies or individuals that I can Contract work out to for: (Web/Desktop/Mobile) Development, Design, Support & Maintenance. If you know of a company or individual that is good in any of the above areas, please recommend. Qualifying companies / individuals...
  18. X

    Online Data Entry Vacancies

    Looking at part-time work for matriculents via jobmail and Gumtree, I see a pattern of recurring data entry jobs that require you to work at home. Does anybody here have any relevant history with such a job? Can it be trusted, or will they take me for a ride and have me do free labour...
  19. B

    Work Abroad (Germany)

    Hi everyone. I was wondering what steps do one follow to find work in Europe, eg. Germany. I have a Computer Engineering degree (BEng) from the University of Pretoria, and 3 years of working experience various coding languages. I would like to go for a year or 2 and then come back to South...
  20. NeonNinja

    Hire me; why not? (I.T)

    Ok, I'm actually tired of being thrown about, and CV spraying isn't really doing me any good... Although I'm still young (22), I want to set good ground for my self. CV available on Google Docs, if anyone interested... Looking for any position in I.T or relevant thereof. Overview: Study...