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Mar 3, 2015
Anyone else having issues with Twitch on MFN can't even stream 480p without buffering and at times it won't even load twitch. MTU is correct 1480, DNS tried CISP and both give the same issues. quite horrible was fine about a week ago.


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Oct 19, 2007
Thanks again for this. It shows that we don't have international issues.

It's funny dealing with Openserve is slow, but they do run a quality network.
Yeah Openserve's actual fibre network runs so well. No OLT congestion. Relatively fast installation. No packet loss. It's just a pity about IPC because it's expensive so 200Mbps is not very affordable compared to others and if an ISP's IPC is congested the internet sucks though.
Apr 3, 2010
What area in cape town if you don't mind me asking?

Here's my graph while watching twitch:
19th Twitch 822PM.jpg

Twitch really can't function with 200-250 KB/s. Its like this every night for me for months now.

Same problems here, also CT, any ideas why?
Crackpot theories sure :ROFL: Nothing to do with CISP though and not much evidence to back it up either. What I can tell you is that at the same time I have a Openserve 20mb VDSL line active with Telkom as the ISP and thats unable to stream twitch either.

I've got a good 5+ years of life story about me and trying to stream twitch here in Claremont if you want to hear it.
Apr 3, 2010

How the hell does the packet loss issue get sorted out?
Your guess is as good as mine. Been like this for months.

Therodent sent me a black box, gathered his intel on the loss on my line he had a conference with Octotel about it. Showed them the data and now apparently they're looking into my area. Heard nothing further from Octotel.

Its out of my hands, out of CISPs hands and I've just got to hope and pray that Octotel get their backside in gear.
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Dec 4, 2006
For me if I switch to Vox it streams perfectly, so I know this is a CISP issue.

@TheRoDent Seems to still be issues as my latency is all over the place when pinging overseas.

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That's one good thing about being on OpenServe, being able to dial into other accounts for testing... I still haven't cancelled my promotional 400GB Vox Fatpipe account that I used to use back when I had DSL last year. Should probably do that :whistling:

My twitch was buffering intermittently earlier too, but seems to have come right.
Mar 17, 2005
Metrofibre 50/50 Centurion (Phone, yeah I know. WIFI :p)

But PC directly connected

But in general happy with Cool Ideas. Don't stream twitch or Real Debrid. Kids also never complain about YouTube being slow.

But past month has had issues on Metrofibre with getting DHCP and DNS "injection" from MFN side after replacing my ONT.

First time was wrong FSAN loaded, but on Friday I suddenly again had (Huawei Mobile Device) giving me DHCP and DNS directly connected on my ONT..

Using my Mikrotik and setting "Use Peer DNS" on PPPoE also got Dynamic DNS server loaded together with the 2 CI servers.

@TheRoDent please have a look at case (it seems fine now, but worried going to happen again "soon")

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Mar 19, 2010
FNO needs to spend money.
Well, at the current rate the FNO is going to be jettisoned since I'm in the fortunate position now of having both Frogfoot (my new FNO) and Openserve infrastructure.

If I'm going to get 20:10 on a 100:100 Frogfoot that I'm paying 1K for, then I might as well 'downgrade' and get genuine 40:20 for a similar price via Openserve.