1. M

    Naked ADSL Telkom - worth it?

    Does anyone have experience with Telkom's new "naked ADSL"? I would really appreciate any feedback. Is it worth it? Is the speed good, etc? (p.s. I would love to have fibre but that is not an option at the moment as I stay in a complex with an unaccommodating managing agent).
  2. Fjorko

    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    Had to be done. Let's go.
  3. P

    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    @PBCool Very glad to see you have joined us at Mybroadband, I just wanted to state that I have been using your service for approximately a week now and it has been fairly solid. I know in a previous posting you have stated that you guys don't throttle or shape your connections. I have...
  4. S

    A real conundrum! Lend me your ears!

    I think that this is a question for an electrician rather than a nerd, but with a bit of luck, someone out there is a bit of both and can help me with this extremely frustrating problem. Some background points to be aware of: 1.) I have 10mb ADSL and have had it for a few years now. 2.)...
  5. MDKza


    Hey Guys, Anyone used this before? Looking for some feedback on how the speeds are etc.
  6. S

    I need your help choosing

    Good... morning! So here's the deal. About a month ago I had a 2mbps Business Uncapped Bundle from Afrihost and it was great. I never has issues and my speed almost never dropped below 1.5mbps. I had to move to a new place where there was already internet so I then cancelled it. Now I'm...
  7. P

    Here's my after hours project. TravelGo

    Hey Guys. I'm busy making this accommodation site. I basically just need some feedback on the speeds, (it's locally hosted) responsive design, the design itself of course and the colours. I haven't really given any attention to the content or menus. I just need feedback on the design. It is...
  8. B

    New Cape Town Startup Looking For Feedback

    [Intro] New Cape Town Startup Looking For Feedback Aweh My name is Ruark and I'm one of the founders. We're a startup based out of Cape Town, South Africa who recently were accepted into the Google/Samsung backed 88MPH accelerator program. We're a mobile app that borrows a little...
  9. NeonNinja

    Afrihost Mobile Delivery Feedback Thread

    Well done to Afrihost for shaking the mobile broadband market in South Africa @ R29/GB. Posting of feedbacks in this thread.
  10. B Legit?

    Ahoy Anybody ever ordered from They don't seem to have any CC facilities but they have the cheapest price on what i want. Any feedback please.
  11. H

    Ask Sa - Website review

    Hey guys, I'd like to get some reviews on - aiming to establish a community for Q&A's from a south african perspective! Feedback on design, features and categories would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  12. E

    Draft Policy Directions - Please provide your feedback (new deadline: 22 Feb)

    This refers to the Draft Policy Directions on Radio Frequency Spectrum for Electronic Communications Services in High Demand Spectrum and on Exploiting the Digital Dividend, which you will find here. Mybroadband will submit your comments to the DoC. Please post your comments on the Draft...
  13. W

    Web Africa Home Uncapped Feedback

    In light of our Uncapped launch, we'd appreciate users who have signed up for the Uncapped products to post up their feedback, good or bad. I'd also like to take the time to clarify a few things, I hope this FAQ will help things out a bit Why do you have an AUP? Purely to keep things in line...
  14. jes

    DTI not interested in your B-BBEE feedback?

    DTI not interested in your B-BBEE feedback? The DTI's B-BBEE website provides a contact form which leads nowhere
  15. A

    Openweb 4MB/S Uncapped GOLD Feedback / query

    Hi all. Apologies in advance because I know that there's already some information about the GOLD accounts in the openweb feedback thread. However, it's hard to keep track of those posts specific to my interests because I find too many people commenting without stating their line speed /...
  16. H

    MWEB Uncapped Subscribers Feedback

    So, in the interest of keeping things a little sane around here; how about a thread on what peoples experiences have been so far with the Uncapped Service - I'm particularly interested in the CONNECT PACKAGE, but BUSINESS users are welcome too? NB: THIS THREAD IS NOT MONITORED BY THE M-WEB REP...
  17. A Anyone here ordered from them? Positive/negative experience? They have the laptop I want at a really good price, but I want to hear feedback before ordering from them.